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  1. Hope the baby will be ok! Hope Rach doesn't hurt the baby. Can't wait to read more! xx
  2. I'm glad Charlie stopped Jack. I really hope she doesn't cave and take him back. Can't wait to read more!! xx
  3. Great few updates!! Hope Tony and Rach can continue to work everything out. Hmm I wonder who stops Jack Can't wait to read more! xx
  4. Great couple of updates! Poor Rach and Tony hope he stops blaming himself. I hope Jack does the right thing. Hopefully they'll find out the truth soon. Cant wait to read more! xx
  5. Great couple of updates! Ohh Angelo what are you doing. Charlie better not get the blame for this. Glad Lucas is happy with things now. Can't wait to read more! xx
  6. Wallet, beanie and sunglasses. And each of them is either shiny or sparkly. I'm a magpie. xx
  7. Aww so glad Tony was happy about the baby and Rachel was so sweet and protective. Tony is really super dad for forgiving Angelo. I don't think he deserves it though.. 'I didn't think anyone would ever find out' lame excuse Angelo. It's not obvious I don't trust him is it. Can't wait to read more! xx
  8. Closer to the Edge - 30 Seconds to Mars xx
  9. Fantastic 2 updates! I pretty much had tears in my eyes cos I was smiling so much. I'm so glad Tony woke up and remembered her and wasn't angry at her. I love how you write, everything is so amazingly emotional great job! Ohh I don't think I like the sound of that. Can't wait to read more! xx
  10. Ohh I've just discovered this fic. Love it so far! Can't wait for more. xx
  11. A silver pair of Converses, ugg boots and Maccas. xx
  12. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own - U2 Live from Chicago. <3 Best you can do is to fake it. xx
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