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  1. Oranges and Sunshine. Emily Watson and Hugo Weaving were superb.
  2. It's been AGES since I've checked out your artwork. It's all stunning, as usual. I really love the Dex/Casey stuff from a few posts back. Totally ship them, too. I love the colouring on them all!
  3. ~Zoe~

    happy birthday andrew :)

  4. Welcome I hope you get/got lots of cool stuff :)

  5. Happy Birthday Have a great day.

  6. I really loved the ending Jen. It was so optimistic and sweet. And as I said earlier, this is perhaps the most awesome fic I have ever read. I really enjoyed this fic, and I hope (well... can't wait until... ) you write more Dex/Casey.
  7. Again, wonderful chapter. I love drunk!Dex. I could just picture it. Am I allowed to use the word 'brilliant' again? Because that's what this chapter was. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  8. Just caught up again. I loved the last chapter. I could actually picture that happening in the actual show. I cannot wait to see what happens next. (You see, normally I would have said this chapter was brilliant, amazing or incredible, but I find that every time I comment on this fic I use those words, and was trying to be a little different this time )
  9. Witness for the Prosecution, the 1957 film with Marlene Dietrich.
  10. Thanks for adding me as a friend. I've added back, hope that's alright :)

  11. Read the last two chapters. Both brilliant, as usual. And I guess there's not much left for me to say but mirror everybody else's comments. Also, another Harry Potter reference! What are you trying to do, turn this into the most awesome fic that I've ever read .
  12. You have no idea how much this update has cheered me up. Again, so well written. I love how the story's advancing. Also... Harry Potter reference FTW! (However, I must be one of the few who finds Hermione's know-it-allness cute and endearing, not annoying...)
  13. Thanks Catherine . They were my favourite group too.
  14. Just caught up. Amazing. Yeah, I think that's the only way to describe this. And intense. Part five, especially. I'd give you a detailed rundown, like you did for my fic, but for some reason, all I can see is Dex applying hair gel to Casey. Funny, that. The characterisation of both Dex and Casey is nothing short of fantastic, by the way.
  15. Miranda's kind of summed up my feelings. It's just pure and utter brilliance. So well written and the characterisation of Dex was just so fantastic. I loved it. So much. Also, yay for more slash in the fandom .
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