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Are you unsure ?

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I am unsure of something.

I thought there was a rule about abusing other members of the forum? Because it seems to me that a certain admin *coughDanFcough* is breaking his own rules with the last sentence of his signature.

:o Ban him!

Signing off... Musie, a pain in BTTB's arse for almost a decade :P xx

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Sorry for asking what (probably) is an annoying question,though I hope not of course,but is it possible to go back over all of my posting history myself? I've been trying to find a post I made (a few years ago now...) in another section of the forum and have tried different words to search under but nothing...Just wondering if there was another way,please?

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It's something I've just tried tinkering with but still not much joy, it was set to only show posts from the past year which I've now extended, but it's still only coming up with the latest 1000. Can't seem to get back any further at the moment but will try looking into it more.

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