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Miss 321

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I have a question about reporting posts. If we see a post somewhere other than the spoiler section, that contains a spoiler, are we able to alert a mod by using the report button? I'm confused because I know that the report button is usually left for offensive or SPAM posts.

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I just posted a thread in the What Do You Think forum and I noticed my thread didnt post because it has to be reviewed by a moderator. Its been a while since Ive regularly visited the forum, but I dont recall this being done in every forum I've posted in. Is this only for certain forums?

Most Forums don't require Mod preview. I have PMed a Mod on your behalf as I am not able to deal with this as a Forum Mod

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Hi Guys,

What are the rules regarding Avatars? Are they still at UK pace or are they at Australian pace now?

Thanks and merry Christmas.

Hello Slade

Avatars are based on "Home & Away" at UK pace. Any episodes that have been shown on Australian tv and not in the UK are known as spoilers, so therefore can't be used until after it has been shown in the UK episodes.

Merry Christmas!

I hope that this answers your question. :)

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Thanks for getting back to me QA. I watch at UK pace and for the most part purposely avoid the Character Discussion or Australian episode forums as I don't want to know what's going to happen in the episode until I've seen it. There was an Avatar which I came across (in neither of the forums I've just mentioned) which had a major spoiler if your watching at UK pace which is unfortunate as it appears to be something I wouldn't have predicted but at least it's been removed now which is something I suppose.

Cheers. :D

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