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  1. I don't wanna know - New Found Glory
  2. Shoot Belle Save Ruby Sid and Tony?
  3. Just The Girl - The Click Five
  4. Shoot Martha Save Leah Roo and Marilyn?
  5. Shoot April Save Bianca Lucas and Robbie?
  6. Shoot April Save Xavier Henry/Max?
  7. Shoot Roman Save Miles Tasha and Josie?
  8. Save Casey Shoot Xavier Indi and Kit?
  9. Save Indi Shoot Ruby Nicole/Rachel?
  10. Save Casey Shoot Brax Joey Collins/Kirsty?
  11. Shoot Gypsy 10,000 times. Save Lilly Axel and Jai?
  12. How old was the character Rachel Armstrong? I was thinking earlier today. I expected her to be around Sally's age, late 20s, but I was just thinking about the two major male characters she was paired with. Kim was a teenager when he arrived and Tony being a father of two teenagers, had to be at the youngest, 35. I don't think she really fit in either age group of the partners she was paired with, but I could be wrong.
  13. Save Carly Shoot Bobby Colleen and Max?
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