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  1. Thanks MatildaHunterFan! I see it was your birthday recently too - I hope you had a fabulous day :)

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes Barbara, I had an awesome day :)

  3. Thanks Dingo x, I had a wonderful day! :)

  4. Happy birthday Stephanie! :D I hope you had/are having a great day! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great day (: x

  6. Yay for Apex icons! They are all beautiful but I really love the b&w ones.
  7. I got another reply from Rhiannon Fish yesterday. I sent her a card after I received her fan card and letter, thanking her for taking the time to read and reply to my letter, and wishing her a Merry Christmas, and she sent back another signed fancard wishing me a Merry Christmas, which I received yesterday. I wasn't expecting a response so I thought that was very kind of her.
  8. Stunning update Jen. I love the colouring and cropping
  9. Gorgeous update. Loooove April/ Dex! Beautiful colouring
  10. Fabulous update Jen. The Dex and Dex/April ones are my faves. You capture him so well! I love the colouring.
  11. Gorgeous banners. I love the Indiana Evans one
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