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Can I ask,please,why doesn't the "Like This" button work? It seems odd to have it on every post when it does nothing other than say you can't use it when you try. It's bugged me for ages , so thought it was time to ask :innocent:

I finally discovered the problem last night (a hidden away setting in a completely different section to the rest), but we're just weighing up the pros and cons - won't be long :wink:

Excellent stuff Dan :)

I'm just wondering what's your list of pros and cons for enabling the 'like' feature on this forum?

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I've now enabled it, there's a maximum of 10 likes per day at the moment, so use it wisely :wink:

The main concern is with the increased popularity of Like buttons on places such as Facebook etc, it does have a side effect of sometimes making people lazier with conversations, not bothering to properly reply to someone.

Hopefully that won't happen here but we'll see how it goes!

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I have found two Inside Soap articles - about (unsurprisingly enough) Adam Willits whom played Steven Matheson. Would the articles be any help please somewhere on the board? One was from Steven's return in 1997 and the other announced his return in 2000.

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Hey I have a question...

When I was re-editing my signature, I noticed these words above the signature box...

Does it meant that we can add images into our signatures or whatever...? Just wondering that's all. :unsure:

Edit Signature
Your signature may contain:
  • • Any number images
  • • Images of any size
  • • Any number of URLs
  • • Any number of lines

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