So here we are at last with the winners. Who topped the poll?

  • 1. Sally Fletcher (83 Points)

    Played by Kate Ritchie

    Well, no surprise here: Sally’s fourteen points clear of her nearest rival, the same gap as that between Ailsa Stewart and Freya Duric. Sally’s in danger of slipping down the record appearances list, eight and a half years after her last appearance as a regular, but doesn’t seem to have lost the affection of BTTB pollees. Currently on 7TWO, cementing her place as one of the famous mid-90s teen group.

  • 2. Irene Roberts (69 points)

    Played by Jacqy Phillips & Lynne McGranger

    Up from number four, we have Irene, the winner of this poll twelve years ago. Another character currently doing double time on 7TWO, where she’s already taking in waifs and strays at the beach house and working in the Diner, Irene’s last two years saw her have flashbacks of childhood abuse and gain a long lost son who kidnapped her.

  • 3. Donald Fisher (62 points)

    Played by Norman Coburn

    Holding his own at number three, we have the definitive Summer Bay High principal, a role he held on and off for fifteen years. This despite the fact that the current 7TWO episodes are the closest he’s gone to going back to being an antagonist. Don managed to take in a few waifs and strays himself over the years while having three different houses pretty much to himself.

  • 4. Marilyn Chambers/Fisher (60 points)

    Played by Emily Symons

    Marilyn rises up from number seven last time round. After a year or two being treated as a background character, getting involved with John and Jett and having amnesia for a few weeks has brought her to the forefront again despite Emily Symons’ maternity leave. Also getting double exposure, as 7TWO has now hit her previous stint as a regular.

  • 5. Alf Stewart (59 points)

    Played by Ray Meagher

    Falling down from number two, we have the erstwhile Mr Stewart. Alf’s been on the show since the pilot, so if you watch any era of the show’s history he’s probably there. Since the last poll, he seems to have got rid of a few of his rougher edges and gone back to being a grandfather figure, learning he has another grandson via Duncan and rather randomly adopting Leah as his surrogate daughter.

So that’s all the popular characters but who exactly didn’t manage to get any votes? Stay tuned!