And so here we are in the Top 30, as we begin to separate the Alf Stewarts from the Rob Storeys. That said, the highest character to disappear between polls was in this section last time. Will all of these survive in 2018?

  • 23. Shannon Reed (17 points)

    Played by Isla Fisher

    The last of that mid-90s teen group to appear in this poll (well, apart from Sally…). Shannon’s been getting some heavy stuff on 7TWO recently, after a slow start where she didn’t seem to do much except argue with Alf, and managed to retain people’s sympathy despite trying to break up Shane and Angel. Also got a week of repeats to herself courtesy of Channel 5 last year!

  • 24. Charlie Buckton (16 points)

    Played by Esther Anderson

    It’s five years now since Charlie proved to be not as adept as her then-boyfriend at being able to survive being shot at point blank range. Charlie was another police officer who didn’t quite seem to know whether to arrest criminals or sneak off to a motel room with them. But hey, she solved the year-long mystery! Then got hit on the head.

  • 25. Ailsa Hogan/Stewart (15 points)

    Played by Judy Nunn

    And it’s a whopping sixteen years since another season ended with Ailsa doing a Marlon-Brando-from-Godfather in the Diner. Repeats of Ailsa tend to tarnish the memory as you remember how often she spent going mad and being inconsiderate towards Alf. But then she did go through a level of trauma to rival Sally’s 2005 run of luck.

  • 25= Hunter King (15 points)

    Played by Scott Lee

    Having burnt down one of the show’s longest-serving sets, and nearly killing about seven people, you’d think Hunter wouldn’t be very popular. But here he is, showing that anything can be forgiven if you’re in a popular relationship and have a decent enough excuse for being messed up. Er, hang on, what was his excuse again?

  • 25= John Palmer (15 points)

    Played by Shane Withington

    John has the grumpy but lovable thing down to an art-form, even if the foster parent angle seems to have been abandoned after he took in Wotsit and Thingumajig this year. Instead, John’s left running the surf club in a yellow suit and rolling his eyes at Marilyn a lot. But then we’ve all done that.

  • 25= Oscar MacGuire (15 points)

    Played by Jake Speer

    A big surge for Oscar, who was down on two points last time round. He was a bit free with his fists at times, but essentially Oscar was the token nice guy in the recent teen group, which meant he was the guy who was constantly passed over or dumped for the bad boys. And then got killed in a way that seemed more than a little mean-spirited.

  • 29. Martha MacKenzie (14 points)

    Played by Jodi Gordon

    The second child born in the show (who remembers poor Chris Fletcher?), Martha was a relative of Alf Stewart who returned about a decade and a half later played by a different actress… who is now in Neighbours as a relative of Susan Kennedy who returned about a decade and a half later played by a different actress. It’s a career…

  • 29= Matilda Hunter (14 points)

    Played by Indiana Evans

    One of the youngest and longest-serving Hunters, Matilda started off a bit annoying and still seemed unpopular until well into 2006, but managed to pick herself up and mature to become something of a fan favourite. Right up until the end, there seemed to be people lobbying for her to get back with Lucas, but instead she got a sunset ending with long-term boyfriend Ric.

  • 29= Nate Cooper (14 points)

    Played by Kyle Pryor

    A rather high debut showing for one of the current doctors. Nate has managed to survive being in the Braxton fans’ bad books and being a bit of a love rat to claw his way into the upper echelons of this poll. Maybe it’s the cultured British accent…or maybe it’s because he was nice to Chris. You can get away with a lot if you’re nice to Chris.

  • 29= Robbie Hunter (14 points)

    Played by Jason Smith

    As was pointed out when Skye spontaneously acquired 20/20 vision earlier this year, Robbie must be the only regular to make it through his stint wearing glasses. And he even managed to end up with a hot wife and be best friends with a future movie star so it obviously wasn’t a handicap. On the same number of points as another Hunter. Will we see any more?

  • 29= Ruby Buckton (14 points)

    Played by Rebecca Breeds

    Ruby continues to show surprisingly highly given that a lot of the forum weren’t very complimentary about her when she was around. Ruby managed to lose four parents, find out her sister was her mother and get kidnapped by a Braxton nemesis yet still came out the other side with her marbles present if not entirely correct. Was last heard of living with Morag, although Morag doesn’t seem to remember that.