Update number two means those with two points!

  • 102. Andy Barrett (2 points)

    Played by Tai Hara

    Andy started off his tenure by trying to kill two main characters, and ended it by actually killing two main characters. Despite this pedigree, he’s made it into the lower fringes of this poll, demonstrating that having big soulful eyes and being nice to your brother (eventually) can get you a long way.

  • 102= Damian Roberts (2 points)

    Played by Matt Doran

    Irene’s youngest has retained his two points from last time round. No longer a regular on 7TWO, although he continued to make occasional appearances through to 1996, Damian was the guy so pure he couldn’t get a date—at least until one of his return visits earned him a one night stand with Selina.

  • 102= Joey Collins (2 points)

    Played by Kate Bell

    Having polled highly back in 2010, the first year she was eligible, Joey vanished from the next two polls but is now back with…well, two points. After befriending Aden and then getting raped, Joey ended up in a relationship with Charlie that pushed boundaries…and then slowly reinstated them as she went on a three month boat trip and never came back.

  • 102= Johnny Cooper (2 points)

    Played by Callan Mulvey

    Kind of ironic that Andy’s less sympathetic predecessor ended up on the same number of points as him. Johnny was the career criminal with the younger brother he refused to let go straight, pressuring him into stabbing Sally and then getting him killed. He later came back to stab Sally himself, and then got himself killed.

  • 102= Maddy Osborne (2 points)

    Played by Kassandra Clementi

    Last time round Maddy was in the first update with one point, but after being revitalised by a long-running cancer storyline, and a short-running storyline about losing an arm that saw her win over a few more fans, she’s, um, in the second update with two points. But she’s probably very happy.

  • 102= Natalie Davison (2 points)

    Played by Catherine Mack

    Now here’s a name I never expected to see, having failed to gain any votes up till now. Natalie seemed like a good idea at the time, a regular school counsellor character, but quickly got reduced to Brax’s rather bland girlfriend. It wasn’t long before someone remembered her back story about being abandoned by her mother, and used it to write her out.

  • 102= Amber "Rabbit" Copeland (2 points)

    Played by Mitzi Ruhlmann

    A pleasant surprise for another debut. Rabbit was a character shrouded in mystery. Was she really the ghost of Miles’ daughter? A figment of his imagination? Some sort of guardian angel? It didn’t really matter, as the audience got to enjoy their sub-Quantum Leap double act.

  • 102= Rocco Cooper (2 points)

    Played by Ian Meadows

    And increasing the irony we have the other Cooper brother, also on two points. Rocco tried to choose Sally and the Summer Bay crowd, over the brother who had raised him but couldn’t go straight for, yet found himself constantly dragged back into the criminal world. In the end, he sacrificed everything to put his brother in jail and got killed for his troubles. Then Johnny escaped.

  • 102= Xavier Austin (2 points)

    Played by David Jones-Roberts

    A pleasing reappearance for one of the most successful bad-boys-turned-good of recent years. Xavier started off more than a little annoying but slowly matured, managed to keep a smile on his face while being constantly dumped by every girl in the Bay, and quietly made the transition from drug dealer to police officer without anyone really noticing.

  • 102= Zac MacGuire (2 points)

    Played by Charlie Clausen

    Since the last poll, Zac has been upgraded from Leah’s boyfriend to the even more perilous role of Leah’s husband, taking on the stepfather role to VJ and having storylines ranging from a long lost child to a stint in jail for something he didn’t do. So long as he stays away from cliff edges.