And so here we have the bottom half of the Top 10. Which characters have made the grade?

  • 6. Darryl Braxton (49 points)

    Played by Stephen Peacocke

    Brax slips out of the Top 5 but continues to place highly. He’s been a bit in and out of the show over the last two years, spending much of it in jail or on the run, but ultimately achieved a happy ending as he drove off into the sunset with his on-off girlfriend and their son. Assuming that actually was his last episode. He seems to have had at least three so it’s hard to be sure.

  • 6= Morag Bellingham (49 points)

    Played by Cornelia Frances

    Morag clings on to 6th place but is now having to share it, the highest placed example of two characters having the same number of points. After an absence of some years, Morag returned in the first half of 2016 and even managed to win a case. Well, sort of. Before that she was known in turn as Alf’s acerbic sister, Bobby’s estranged mother, a kind of snobby neighbour and, mostly, the Bay’s curmudgeonly legal expert.

  • 8. Aden Jefferies (46 points)

    Played by Todd Lasance

    A return to the Top 10 for Aden, one half of the golden couple of the late 00s. After a short guest stint as Cassie’s boyfriend, Aden reappeared as a bully but was slowly reformed (er, sort of) after being taken in by Roman and Morag and ended up in a tumultuous relationship and brief marriage with Belle. His subsequent romance with Nicole was cut short when his brother broke them up and took Aden off to the city.

  • 9. Casey Braxton (40 points)

    Played by Lincoln Younes

    Casey continues to feature highly despite it being a couple of years since he expired in his older brother’s arms. He was supposed to be the nice one of the Braxtons originally, but everyone with a grudge against Brax seemed to end up going after him, so in the end he gave up and ended up charging around town with a gang of heavies.

  • 10. Dexter Walker (39 points)

    Played by Tom Green & Charles Cottier

    Another character who’s made it back into the Top 10. Dexter was the lovable geek of the early 10s, who became slightly less lovable for some when his rather odd romance with the rather bland April kicked in. Still, despite brain damage from a car accident and a fair number of break-ups, they ended up with a happy ending together and he’s apparently now wandering around Paris wondering how he got there.