We’re reaching the point where the number of people on each total starts to reduce, so here are those on seven, eight and nine points!

  • 49. Evelyn MacGuire (9 points)

    Played by Philippa Northeast

    Evelyn’s debut appearance in the poll, after the last three years have seen her develop into a Doom Magnet to rival Sally, Leah and Ruby. Evelyn has managed to have both her parents, both her siblings and her aunt die on her, so that’s two reasons for Zac to check his life insurance. Opinion is divided on whether this excuses her for being a bit annoying.

  • 49= Gypsy Nash (9 points)

    Played by Kimberley Cooper

    Gypsy spent four years on the show growing from a self-centred teenage tearaway into a caring social worker and responsible wife and mother. Shame no-one told the people responsible for her 2011 stint, who decided to throw away several years’ character development and write her as a mouthy teenager who just happened to have a kid now. Mind you, she still came across better than April and Bianca…

  • 49= Martin Ashford (9 points)

    Played by George Mason

    Another debut, and this one has the excuse of not having been around at the time of the last poll. Ash came in as Brax’s old cellmate who just wanted to settle down with his sister and go straight, although after a year of money laundering, murder cover-ups and drug deals, it would appear he’s not very good at it.

  • 49= Phoebe Nicholson (9 points)

    Played by Isabella Giovinazzo

    Does Phoebe know when the BTTB poll is? It seems as though she spends months being annoying and self-absorbed and having most of the forum members hate her, then suddenly, just before voting, she starts being uncharacteristically likable and ends up fairly high up. Has managed to survive the departure of the Braxtons by making instant friends with the Morgans.

  • 49= Sasha Bezmel (9 points)

    Played by Demi Harman

    Sasha’s gained a few points on last time, possibly because, without her on-screen, viewers can forget about that weird last year where she moved in with Irene for no real reason and dated random boys—and instead remember the time when she was a valuable addition to the Walker family, with a good sparky relationship with her siblings.

  • 49= Steven Matheson (9 points)

    Played by Adam Willits

    Another of Tom and Pippa’s original foster kids, Steven recently began his second stint on the show on 7TWO. Something of an outsider in the original line-up, Steven seemed to spend most of his time hanging out with guest characters until the show finally introduced some more teens his age. Judging by his later appearances, seems to have ended up as some sort of business mogul.

  • 55. Blake Dean (8 points)

    Played by Les Hill

    Blake kind of epitomises the early 90s for some people, with his fondly remembered if rather short romance with Sophie through to his tragic relationship with Meg from a few updates back. Had a good father/son relationship with Alf and picked up a succession of sidekicks.

  • 55= Denny Miller (8 points)

    Played by Jessica Grace Smith

    A lot of characters seem to have gained in popularity since leaving: last time round, Denny was in the first update. The late arrival half-sibling of the MacGuire family, Denny seemed to start off well but ended up spending most of her stint mourning Casey, a guy she dated for about a month. And then dying herself.

  • 55= Jett James/Palmer (8 points)

    Played by Will McDonald

    Jett didn’t have the most promising start, bullying VJ and mugging Marilyn, but being fostered by John and Gina seemed to sort him out and he soon developed a good double-act with John. After being adopted by John and Marilyn, he left to join the army. He also gave us Skye. Which was a good thing. Right?

  • 55= Kirsty Sutherland/Phillips (8 points)

    Played by Christie Hayes

    The second Sutherland to appear in the poll…and see how long it takes me to mention that she married her sister’s rapist. Oh. Whoops. Kirsty seemed to be the Sutherland girl most inclined to go off the rails but her return stint saw that she’d turned into a mostly responsible parent…even though she was written out by running off to the city.

  • 59. Angel Brooks/Parrish (7 points)

    Played by Melissa George

    Angel’s relatively low showing is perhaps not surprising, as viewers of 7TWO seem to be getting a bit fed up with her nagging an increasingly likeable Shane. Still, they remain the show’s ultimate golden couple over twenty years after we last saw them on screen, and this poll wouldn’t be the same without her. Watch her getting out of her wheelchair on her wedding day again today!

  • 59= Hannah Wilson (7 points)

    Played by Cassie Howarth

    Another character to make their debut in the poll after leaving the show. After a fairly decent start as a caring aunt to the MacGuire twins, Hannah seemed to get a bit bored and hooked up with the local drug dealer for a laugh. It was only towards the end of her stint, with her relationship with Chris and BRCA storyline, that she began to gain some fans. Then she dropped dead.

  • 59= Hayley Smith/Lawson (7 points)

    Played by Rebecca Cartwright & Ella Scott-Lynch

    One of Irene’s longest-serving foster children, Hayley managed to outlast the rest of the Smith family and her high school contemporaries by several years and carve out a niche as a young adult character, even being Leah’s housemate for a while. She also turned into a completely different person for her last three months.

  • 59= Sid Walker (7 points)

    Played by Robert Mammone

    A bit of a climb for Sid, who looked in danger of slipping off the table last time round. After an initial guest stint left him estranged from his family, Sid turned into one of the show’s firm but fair father figures, despite never quite losing his taste for womanising. Hooking up with his son’s physiotherapist was an… interesting choice.