A double treat as we have those on five and six points. Six points marks the start of characters who definitely had at least two people vote for them, so we should be entering the popular area.

  • 63= Curtis Reed (6 points)

    Played by Shane Ammann

    Last time round, Curtis seemed to be the forgotten man of the mid-90s teen group, but his arrival on 7TWO seems to have jogged a few people’s memories. Curtis dated pretty much every girl on the show, one of whom liked it so much that she came back as a doppelgänger after dying, before he left to be a professional surfer.

  • 63= Edward Dunglass (6 points)

    Played by Stephen James King

    Peta’s husband (sort of) has actually managed to gain a couple more points than her this time round, despite being on the show for several months less. Debate rages about whether he was the best friend of Duncan’s from school with Huntington’s recently mentioned on the show. I’d vote nay, since he wasn’t Duncan’s best friend from school.

  • 63= Jack Wilson (6 points)

    Played by Daniel Amalm

    Curtis’ best mate from school shares the same number of points as him. Jack had his own turn on the relationship merry-go-round of the mid-90s and was probably one of the more consistently troublesome of Michael and Pippa’s crowd, a kind of junior lovable rogue, before finally giving it all up to join the navy.

  • 63= Nicole Franklin (6 points)

    Played by Tessa James

    A bit of a resurgence for Nicole, who was languishing down in the first update last time round. Coming in as Roman’s hell-raising daughter, Nicole ended up as one of Miles’ foster children before having a baby and leaving. One of the biggest points of contention was whether she should end up with Aden or Geoff… so naturally she ended up with Angelo.

  • 63= Ricky Sharpe (6 points)

    Played by Bonnie Sveen

    And a slight dip for Ricky, who last time round was in the Top 20 as the highest new entry. Since then, the fact that her long-running on-off relationship with Brax was interrupted by her marrying Nate for five minutes has possibly contributed to a dip in popularity, even though she still got used for Brax’s sunset ending.

  • 63= Romeo Smith (6 points)

    Played by Luke Mitchell

    While he was on the show, Romeo consistently received one point. Now that people don’t have to watch him on screen two or three times a week, and get frustrated at him skipping back and forth between Indi and Ruby every six months, he’s six times as popular!

  • 63= Sophie Simpson (6 points)

    Played by Rebekah Elmaloglou

    Sophie is starting to fade from the memories of 7TWO viewers, having just finished her stint as a regular at the time of the last poll. Introduced as Bobby’s troubled adoptive sister stuck with an abusive parent, she’s probably best remembered for her teen mother storyline, which may explain why she was top of Sally’s list when looking for a surrogate mother a decade or so later.

  • 70. Duncan Stewart (5 points)

    Played by Allana Ellis, Lewis Devaney, Brendan McKensy & Benedict Wall

    The third child born on the show, a year ago Duncan was a barely remembered character last seen back in 2005 as a sort-of-reformed teenage tearaway. Fast forward twelve months and he’s turned up again with an ex-wife, a son and yet another new face to give Alf some much-needed family.

  • 70= Harry Reynolds (5 points)

    Played by Justin Melvey

    The precursor of the Morgans, Harry was a research scientist who ended up in witness protection, which for some reason involved him working as a teacher at Summer Bay High. He stuck around once that storyline was over but ended up leaving under a bit of a cloud when his romance with one-time student Gypsy imploded.

  • 70= Jazz Curtis (5 points)

    Played by Rachel Gordon

    Jazz seems to be a few people’s favourite soap bitch turned slightly-less-of-a-bitch, as despite trying to cheat son Drew out of his inheritance and spiking Rachel’s drink with laxatives, she did manage to have a bit of depth to her as a lonely woman who got slightly obsessive in her desire for company. And ended up trading barbs with Amanda.

  • 70= Paris Burnett (5 points)

    Played by Rhett Giles

    One of the more obscure Summer Bay High principals but hey, it’s not like anyone still votes for Martin Bartlett. Firm but fair, one of Paris’ biggest impacts was to install Sally as a rather young deputy principal as well as romancing Irene.

  • 70= Roman Harris (5 points)

    Played by Conrad Coleby

    This time round, Roman ranks slightly below his daughter, but remains well-remembered despite a relatively short stint on the show. Roman was evidence that, on this show, being noble doesn’t seem to get you anywhere, as confessing to a rather big skeleton in his closet saw him get led away in handcuffs never to be seen again.

  • 70= Tamara Kingsley (5 points)

    Played by Kelly Paterniti

    Tamara’s another one who’s still hanging in there despite a fairly short time on the show. At last count, Tamara remains the only person to have slept with both Casey and Kyle Braxton. At the time, her exit after being told that a recent accident could send her blind seemed a bit depressing. These days it seems positively cheerful. And anyway, we were told that “the operation went well” in passing.

  • 70= Tori Morgan (5 points)

    Played by Penny McNamee

    The first of the Morgan siblings to appear on screen, Tori makes it into the lower half of this poll. She’s got a decent bedside manner and has had some nice scenes with her family, but her taste in men is a bit curious at times. Tori is basically… nice. Not that that’s a bad thing but there’s a reason Natalie Davison is where she is.

  • 70= VJ Patterson (5 points)

    Played by Various Babies, Cooper Scott, Felix Dean & Matt Little

    At the time of the last poll, we were in the middle of Recastgate, but VJ’s made it past that and the ill-timed period of being in a permanent bad mood, turning into a decent young man who’s built a good relationship with Leah and Zac and stood by Billie in difficult circumstances. All of which has earned him… oh… the same number of points he got last time.