Lily Smith

Lily Smith (2001-2002; 2003)
Harriet Tapley; Simone Medici; Carlo Teodorowych; Marcus Spinetti, Geoffrey Fois; Tahlia Thorpe; Ciara Sowden; Jasmine Sowden; Claudia Jenkins; Olivia Jenkins
Episodes: 3190-3215; 3358; 3453

Parents: Will Smith and Gypsy Nash
Siblings: Rachel McGregor (fostered)

Considering that she was conceived in a car, it perhaps wasn’t a surprise that Lily was born by the side of the road.

Conceived whilst Will and Gypsy were going through an “on” phase off their on/off relationship, Gypsy initially kept the real fathers identity a secret. She initially said it was Andrew’s, a college lecturer, but Tom and Sally soon found out. Will then worked it out, just as he was about to leave for England. Leaving a message for Gypsy, so that he could speak to her, Will unwittingly let Dani know. With Dani and Will’s relaitonship dead, Will and Gypsy gave their relationship another go and after delivering the baby, Will proposed to Gypsy.

Lily moved with Gypsy and Will to live in Queensland, so that Gypsy could be closer to her parents. Lily has since been seen when Jesse and Nick have visited Queensland.