Dennis Scott

Dennis Scott (2000-2001)
Alistair Barnes
Episodes: 2958, 2973, 2980

Occupation: Development company owner

The director of Surescape Holdings, Dennis Scott approached Irene about buying her house, since he planned to turn the area into a resort and had already made deals with her neighbours. Irene considered the offer but ultimately decided she didn’t want to sell. Dennis seemed fine with this, saying that he could build around the house.

However, Dennis’ affability didn’t last long, as he spread the word among the other home owners that since Irene hadn’t agreed to the deal, he was withdrawing all offers. This resulted in Irene’s neighbours turning on her and trying to get her to change her mind. When she still didn’t budge, Dennis turned up at her house in an agitated state and tried to force his way in. He also sent thugs round to intimidate her but Jude and Noah helped see them off.

In the end, a town meeting was called to discuss the issue. Dennis initially seemed to hold sway with his talk of improving the area, until Alf stood up and said that he could see nothing wrong with Irene wanting to keep the house as a safe home for her family. At this, Dennis lost his temper, talking bitterly of small town short-sightedness, and lost support.

The following day, it was revealed that Dennis had been found dead in his car, having committed suicide: The failure of the development meant he was bankrupt.

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