Alana Bentley

Alana Bentley (2019)
Erin Clare
Episodes: 72477248, 72637264

Spouse: Kurt Bentley

Occupation: Race car driver

While at her pit crew internship, Ziggy Astoni met Alana, the driver of the car she was working on. After the first day, Alana told Ziggy that she wasn’t fantastic when she started, and that she was now driving six years later. The next day, Ziggy found out that Alana was married to Kurt, the team leader. Alana made it clear that they, and she, should keep their work and relationship separate, because those involved in racing will take any reason to put women in racing back in their box.

After Ziggy accepted the job and began work on the pit crew team, Kurt and Alana took her along to a party. Alana watched on jealously as Kurt offered Ziggy a tequila shot. After finishing the bottle, Alana warned Ziggy against sleeping with Kurt, leaving her dumbfounded.

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