Kurt Bentley

Kurt Bentley (2019)
Dylan Hare
Episodes: 72477248, 72637264

Spouse: Alana Bentley

Occupation: Lead mechanic

Kurt was Ziggy Astoni’s strict boss when she began her internship as a mechanic for a race team, for whom the driver was his wife Alana. Feeling generous, he gave her ten seconds to be able to change the tyre and came down hard as her times began to get worse. The next day, after a night of practice, Kurt was impressed that Ziggy was able to change the tyre in ten seconds, putting her on par with professionals.

The following week, Kurt contacted Ziggy to inform her they offered the job to someone else. However, he contacted her later on in the day and offered her a position. He emailed through her contract, which was the catalyst for Dean finding out that Ziggy had accepted the job.

When Ben and Maggie came to visit Ziggy, she introduced Kurt to her parents as ‘Big Dog’. He invited Ziggy along to a party that the pit crew team was going to and offered Ziggy a tequila shot as Alana watched on jealously. Kurt and Alana had a huge fight after this, which Ziggy witnessed. Kurt tried to reassure Ziggy that she had done nothing wrong, that it was down to Alana’s competitiveness, and to pretend it had never happened.

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