Home and Away Spoilers – Cash Newman finds himself in a dark place

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Cash finds himself in a dark place even after Felicity’s attacker is put behind bars. Will he go too far to ‘fix things’?

Whilst there should be a sense of relief for the Newmans following last week’s dramatic scenes, it’s Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) who is struggling the most in the aftermath of Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) attacker finally being put behind bars.

After receiving yet another blackmail demand from the man who assaulted her, Flick took matters into her own hands. Dropping off a bag full of scrap paper, instead of the $20k that had been demanded, Flick lay in wait to catch sight of the perpetrator.

Her brave decision proved successful when she was able to photograph both Jeremy Holding (James Dyke) and his licence plate, and provide the photos to Cash.

Up until this point Cash had no idea that Flick was being blackmailed, only finding out when Flick’s husband Tane (Ethan Browne) voiced his concerns that Flick had disappeared.

With little time to process what had happened, Cash channelled all of his energy into interviewing Jeremy, and was remarkably able to keep his composure at all times. With the damning evidence on Jeremy’s phone showing that Flick wasn’t his only victim, and with Jeremy’s DNA now on file, it seems to be an open-and-shut case.

As the week came to a close, Cash felt that the police had failed all the women that Jeremy had attacked over the space of six years. Still in his uniform, Cash went to Salt and ordered a whisky. Opening up to Mackenzie (Emily Weir), Cash admitted that he felt he wanted to kill the guy, and asked what sort of cop that made him?

Next week, Cash is still in Salt when girlfriend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) arrives to take him home, having been tipped off by Xander (Luke Van Os) that Cash will be in serious trouble if he’s caught drinking whilst in uniform.

Back at Eden’s place, Cash hides his pain by taking a long shower, putting on a brave and cheeky face when Eden comes in to check on him.

The bravado can’t last for long though, and when Eden suggests they talk about what he’s going through, Cash bluntly tells her to forget it.

Her concern growing, Eden gently assures Cash that he can open up to her, but he isn’t ready.

Cash instead opts to call it a night, telling Eden that he’ll talk to her in the morning.

The next day though, Cash leaves the house before Eden wakes up. She eventually finds him down on the beach where he tells her everything about Flick’s blackmail ordeal. Cash is on the verge of tears as he asks why, as a cop, his own sister didn’t feel she could trust him.

Cash wonders whether he should resign from the force, but later agrees to simply take some leave to head away with Eden for a few days. Hitting the road with no plans on where they’re heading, Eden hopes that some time out with her support may bring Cash through this.

Later in the week, it’s clear that Flick is beginning to feel like her normal self after the trauma of the past few weeks, as she gets ready to return to work. As Cash and Eden return from their trip, Cash immediately retires to his room, the trip having not made much difference to his mental state.

The pair have an evening of beer and pizza with Remi (Adam Rowland) and Bree (Juliet Godwin), but it’s clear Cash’s heart isn’t in it.

When Eden finds him up in the middle of the night, unable to switch off all the things racing around inside his head, she gently tells him that he can’t go on like this. “You can’t save everyone all the time,” she states, as she assures him that he’s a good cop and brother.

The next morning, Cash announces that he’s heading down to the police station to talk to sarge.

Eden worries that Cash could be rushing into whatever decision he’s made and asks if he’d like to talk things through first, but Cash explains he doesn’t have time before leaving.

Remi and Bree notice that Cash is in his own little world as he walks past them, and after asking Eden if everything’s okay, she admits that Cash is not in a good place. He’s not sleeping and he’s barely eating.

I keep catching him in these moments where he is so in his own head, and I just can’t reach him,” Eden tearfully explains.

But when Cash returns home from Yabbie Creek, he’s a man on a mission, as he explains to Flick that he’s spoken with his boss about starting up a campaign to prevent sexual assault, and is planning to get both Mangrove River and Reefton Lakes involved in order to cover all venues in the area.

Flick asks Cash to slow down but he’s determined that he needs to get the ball rolling and talk with both her and Mac now. When Flick points out that she’s already briefed the staff on being more vigilant, Cash dismisses her attempts by stating that it needs to be a formal campaign working alongside the police, not some ‘amateur attempt’.

Blindsided by his apparently manic approach, Flick reminds Cash that it’s her and Mac’s business which only riles him up further. Cash’s guilt is clearly pushing him too far in his attempt to ‘fix things’, as he storms out to go and talk to Mac instead.

Concerned, Flick heads across the road to talk to Eden, who doesn’t seem at all surprised by Cash’s attitude as she admits that he’s not been himself lately.

Okay…. what is going on with my brother?” Felicity asks.

Will anyone be able to get through to Cash before he loses it completely?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 18th September (Episode 8086)

Rose meets Mali’s mother. Eden supports a broken Cash. Can Marilyn convince Alf to get help?

Tuesday 19th September (Episode 8087)

Mali needs to make up ground with his mum. Theo’s humiliation is compounded. Marilyn tries to voice her concerns to Alf.

Wednesday 20th September (Episode 8088)

Alf is AWOL after Marilyn’s ambush. Theo’s insecurity spawns jealousy. Kirby gets a call that could change everything.

Thursday 21st September (Episode 8089)

Kirby flirts with a potential solo career. Eden worries for Cash’s state of mind.

Friday 22nd September (Episode 8090)

Cash and Felicity clear the air. Alf asks Bree for help. Justin drops a bombshell.