Home and Away Spoilers – Can Cash prove Detective Madden is corrupt?

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Cash lies to Detective Madden about Dana’s whereabouts, but is the corrupt detective about to catch him out?

Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) risky attempt to protect newcomer Dana (Ally Harris) continues this week, as he and Harper (Jessica Redmayne) lie to Detective Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky) about her whereabouts.

Yet Dana’s continued attachment to her ex is set to jeopardise their plan.

Harper turned up in Summer Bay a couple of weeks ago and quickly moved into the Beach House, after responding to Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) ad for a lodger.

Unbeknownst to Irene, Harper wasn’t her only new house guest. As soon as she was alone, Harper opened the bedroom window to sneak in Dana, her sister and a hospital nurse, who was on the run after being falsely accused of stealing drugs from her workplace.

The drugs were found in the apartment that Dana shared with her boyfriend Olly, and it appears that Olly put all the blame onto Dana.

Harper and Dana Matheson

The pair had arrived in Summer Bay hoping that Cash, an old friend of Harper’s, would be able to help prove Dana’s innocence. Harper explained the complicated situation to Cash and asked him to look into it, but claimed that Dana had disappeared and that she had no idea where she was.

Then, last week saw the arrival of Detective Will Madden, who made the trip to Yabbie Creek police station after discovering that Cash had requested a copy of Dana’s case files. He was suspicious of Cash’s motives, and wanted to know why he had such a keen interest in the case.

Cash explained that it simply seemed like an interesting case, and that he believed Dana had run because she was scared, not because she was guilty.

When Cash left, Madden made a call, asking a contact for “all the information you can get on Senior Constable Cash Newman.” Soon after, he called Cash back to the station, where he revealed that he’d discovered the real reason for his interest in the case – that Cash and Harper used to work together.

He ordered Cash to stop his digging – “before you get yourself into some real trouble” – and also revealed that Dana had drug priors, something which Cash had no idea about.

“And that’s why she’s on the run, because that’s what guilty people do.”

Cash returned to the Beach House to update Harper on the latest developments, but, having turned up unannounced, he bumped into Dana in Irene’s living room, and Harper was forced to confess that she’d been hiding her sister there the whole time.

Cash was furious with the pair, knowing that all three of them could end up in prison if anyone discovered that he was assisting a fugitive.

The siblings were stunned when Cash announced that he had no choice but to take Dana to the police station, explaining that the best way for Dana to prove her innocence was by fighting the charges.

He told Dana to pack a bag and grab a jacket, before escorting her out of the Beach House to his police car.

Dana continued to plead with him that he was feeding her to the wolves by handing her over to Detective Madden, who she believed was corrupt.

When she explained her backstory, and how she’d battled a drug problem but was now completely clean and loved working as a nurse, Cash eventually had a change of heart and walked her back to the Beach House.

This week, Cash puts his career on the line as he lies to Madden about Dana’s whereabouts, while Dana’s own actions could see the trio caught out.

A new promo for this week’s episodes shows Cash continuing to look into the case, making notes at the police station despite Madden’s warnings to back off.

Dana is also on her own mission to prove her innocence, as a shot shows her flicking through her case file.

“This Madden guy’s as dodgy as they come,” she says.

Cash appears to think the same: “I need to prove Madden’s corrupt, that’s the key to getting you out of this.”

“We’ve gotta play this smart,” Cash says, but Harper adds: “It’s too dangerous.”

TV Week reveals that this week will see a breakthrough when Dana reveals an alibi – she was having lunch with Harper at the time the drugs were taken. Cash is surprised this key piece of information wasn’t on her statement, but he tells her that the restaurant will likely have CCTV footage which could be key to proving her innocence.

It’s exactly what they need. Unfortunately, Dana, believing she’s about to be proven innocent, brags about the development to her ex-boyfriend Olly.

“Dana is impulsive,” Ally Harris tells TV Week. “She loved her ex and maybe ignored some warning signs. She ended up losing a lot of trust in her own instincts and perhaps put too much dependence and faith in others even if they haven’t earned it.”

When Cash tries to get hold of the CCTV from the restaurant, it appears Madden has already got there first – it’s looking more and more likely that the detective is corrupt, and working directly with Dana’s ex.

Upcoming episodes will see Madden bring Harper in for questioning, and Cash, in plain clothes, accompanies her.

“Where’s your sister?” Madden asks, but Harper sticks to her story, replying: “I don’t know where she is.”

Then, the corrupt cop issues them both with a warning.

“I know you’re both lying to me,” Madden tells them. “And when I prove it, things are going to get very messy for you.”

It’s clear that he’s onto them, but can Cash prove that Madden is working with Ollie before it’s too late?

The new promo also shows Detective Madden arriving at the Parata/Newman house, presumably hoping to find a clue to where Dana is hiding.

Will Cash be able to outsmart him?

Also this week, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) finally learns that Forrest (Elijah Williams) has rescinded the copyright of the songs she wrote for Lyrik, meaning the band are unable to play their biggest hits or launch their album.

Last week saw Remi (Adam Rowland) ignore Forrest’s demands for them not to play anything that Kirby wrote. Busking outside Salt, he started playing Someone Like You, much to Eden’s (Stephanie Panozzo) concern.

Eden tried to warn him against it, but Remi retorted that “[Kirby] wrote the song for Lyrik, and we’re Lyrik.”

“I am done tiptoeing around,” he insisted. “I’m gonna play what I want, when I want.”

However, as we return to the action this week, Remi is stopped in his tracks as music mogul Forrest walks by and hears what he’s playing.

“Pull this stunt again and I’ll be seeing you in court,” Forrest warns.

When Remi and Eden head home, they’re hit with another surprise. As a result of the unauthorised busking, Forrest has gone ahead and made the announcement that Kirby has left Lyrik.

Eden and Remi are dumbfounded as they read the headline: “Lyrik’s Kirby Aramoana leaves band to launch major solo career.”

Later, the pair, along with Bree (Juliet Godwin) bump into Kirby and Forrest in Salt, and while Bree is keen for them to go over and congratulate Kirby, Eden is adamant that she can’t.

“But she’s your friend, that’s what’s supposed to come first, isn’t it?” Bree asks.

“She didn’t think so,” Eden replies.

Later, an irate Eden finally confronts her former friend in the Lyrik-ish house: “Pulling copyright on Lyrik material was a slap in the face.”

However, Kirby has no idea that Forrest pulled the copyright, and as the former Lyrik members have been giving her a wide birth, it’s taken until now for the news to come out.

“There has been some sort of mistake,” Kirby insists, but Eden isn’t in the mood to listen, telling her: “Save it, we’re out of here.”

In Tuesday’s episode, Kirby is set for a clash with Forrest as she confronts him on his actions – is she ready to put her friends over her burgeoning solo career?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 28th August (Episode 8107)

Tane feels iced out of his marriage. Eden and Remi mourn Lyrik. Kirby confronts Forrest.

Tuesday 29th August (Episode 8108)

Kirby clashes with Forrest. Cash steps up for Harper and Dana. Alf wants Roo back in the Bay.

Wednesday 30th August (Episode 8109)

Has Dana sabotaged her own case? Samuel re-enters Rose’s orbit. John sets out to impress Alf.

Thursday 31st August (Episode 8110-8112)

Xander is a thorn in Rose’s side. Rose makes a tough decision. Marilyn struggles with her guilt.

Leah worries for Theo. Mali is caught in the middle of Rose and Xander’s feud. John’s big night is in Mackenzie’s hands.

John has bigger problems than a hangover. Theo chooses study over music. Marilyn’s on thin ice with Roo.

Rose sends Samuel away

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Rose falls out with Mali and sends her father packing just a week after they first met.

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