Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity’s attacker demands money in cruel plot

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Felicity gets a text from her attacker threatening to release a video of her assault if she doesn’t hand over $1000.

Just as Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is starting to come to terms with her assault, the attacker comes back to haunt her in a most sickening fashion.

It’s only over the past week that things have started to improve for Flick. After both she and her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) failed to identify any clues whilst scouring through hours of video footage from the Battle of the Bands, Flick had to face the fact that many crimes of this nature remain unsolved and the perpetrator may never be brought to justice.

Since then, Flick has attended further counselling sessions. As she’s begun to understand their real purpose, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

For husband Tane (Ethan Browne) however, the news that Flick’s attacker may never be caught has only worsened his state of mind. He’d tried to hide this from Flick, but in doing so had inadvertently become distant from her.

Eventually opening up to Flick, after he spent all night in the gym taking his frustrations out on a punch bag, Tane explained that he was struggling to know what she needed from him—he felt so useless. Flick reminded him that they were a team, and that she just needed him to be her husband.

Next week, with things back on track between the pair, Tane takes things to the other extreme as he plays the devoted husband. After cancelling the first morning gym session in order to walk Flick to walk—despite the fact they work in the same building—Tane decides to come up to Salt with Flick to pick up a coffee.

When Tane then opts to stick around for some food, having just eaten breakfast at home, Flick calls him out—why is he being so clingy?

Tane is forced to admit his reluctance to leave Flick on her own so soon after the assault, but she assures him that she’ll be fine at work, before gently explaining that they both need to return to some sort of normality.

Promising to come downstairs if she needs him, Flick eventually convinces Tane to open up the gym.

Yet later that day, Flick receives a text message which makes her blood run cold.

It’s from her attacker, who is threatening to release a video he took of the assault unless Felicity pays him $1000!

Flick rushes home to show the sickening message to Tane, who immediately wants to call Cash. Flick refuses though; it was bad enough having to tell her brother about the assault in the first place, let alone risk him having to see a video of it.

Flick wonders whether it could simply be a scam, but Tane finds it unlikely considering there aren’t many people who know what happened to her.

When Cash comes home, he can see that both Tane and Flick are on edge, but they both insist everything is fine.

Uncomfortable with keeping it a secret from Cash, Tane suggests Flick talk to Rose instead. Flick is adamant, she’s not going to do anything.

There’s further tension when Xander (Luke Van Os) lets the cat out of the bag to Cash that Flick had rushed home from Salt, after receiving what seemed to be a distressing text message.

As Cash confronts Flick at home, she tells him that it was just a delivery that she had to take care of, and offers up her phone to him as proof.


As Flick anticipated, Cash declines to look through her phone, and she storms out.

Tane follows, and it’s not long before things escalate further as Flick then receives a second message from the attacker.

With a photo attached, showing Flick unconscious after the drink spiking, the blackmailer threatens her to pay up if she doesn’t want everyone to see the rest.

Flick and Tane are horrified, the sender is clearly not bluffing!

The next morning Tane makes another plea for Flick to tell the cops, but she tells him that once any photos are out there, they are out there forever. There’s no way she can risk that, even if there is a chance that reporting the messages to the police could somehow lead to an arrest.

At that moment, Flick receives a third message with bank details for where to deposit the money, and it seems her mind is made up.

Flick enters the details into her laptop, as Tane warns her that there’s no guarantee this will put an end to things. Once she’s paid up, the blackmailer could come back for more.

Flick knows that, but feels she has no other option. She can see that the decision is killing Tane, but he won’t stand in her way, which she’s appreciative of.

I know how hard this has been on you too,” Flick tells him. “Knowing you’ve got my back means everything.

Always,” Tane replies.

As Flick hovers over the ‘Pay Now’ button, will she really go through with paying money to her attacker?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 28th August (Episode 8071)

Rose and Mali come to an agreement. Irene and John turn heads. Felicity’s nightmare is not over.

Tuesday 29th August (Episode 8072)

Tane and Felicity don’t see eye to eye. Cash vows to find out what’s bugging Felicity. Marilyn suffers as a result of Irene’s prank.

Wednesday 30th August (Episode 8073)

Will Mercedes leave Lyrik in the lurch? John comes clean. Is Justin losing Andrew to Tegan?

Thursday 31st August (Episode 8074)

Remi lets Mercedes down gently. Bree overhears a shocking secret. Andrew is torn between Justin and Tegan.

Friday 1st September (Episode 8075)

Justin finds a way to let Andrew go. Bree confronts Remi over his lies. Rose has romance on the mind with Mali.