Home and Away Spoilers – Mercedes kisses Remi as Bree’s fears confirmed!

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bree’s fears over Mercedes are confirmed, while John and Irene find themselves at the centre of small-town gossip.

Lyrik finally have something to celebrate this week, as they head into the studio to record their first album. But it’s not without its drama when Mercedes (Amali Golden) decides to take the opportunity to make a move on Remi (Adam Rowland)!

After pulling out of Battle of the Bands following friend Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) assault, the band were left wondering how they would find the funds to finance the production of their planned album. With Remi’s old friend and violinist Mercedes brought in to add a little something extra for the performance, it was decided she would stay on to record the album with them.

Mercedes and Remi go back a long way, having gone to boarding school together, and it’s become all too clear that she holds a torch for him.

This hasn’t been lost on Remi’s girlfriend Bree (Juliet Godwin), who warned Mercedes to back off last week. Mercedes made no attempt to deny it, as she struggled to fathom why Remi would even be in a relationship with Bree when they’ve got absolutely nothing in common.

After Mercedes pointed out that Bree was getting antsy over the tiniest threat, Bree assured Mercedes that she didn’t see her as a threat—just as a spoiled rich girl with a pathetic crush.

Amongst all this, Mercedes managed to schmooze the PA of a well-known record producer, and miraculously managed to secure the group three overnight studio sessions for free to record their album.

Next week, Bree is concerned about Remi spending time in the city with Mercedes, despite his assurances that she’s got nothing to worry about, and plans to join them at the recording session—she’ll even bring snacks.

Admitting to Xander (Luke Van Os) that her imagination will be running wild if she’s not there with Remi, Bree is warned by Xander that she can’t keep doing this to herself, she needs to nip things in the bud before it causes problems.

Remi is frustrated when Bree admits that she’s still not comfortable with the idea of him hanging around with Mercedes; he thought this was all sorted.

Bree assures him that she’s not going to let Mercedes get to her anymore, but he’s now not sure he can believe her. Bree decides to prove it by saying that she’ll stay in Summer Bay, out of the way of the band.

When the group head to the studio the next evening, their first session isn’t without its teething problems, with ex-couple Theo (Matt Evans) and Kirby’s (Angelina Thomson) constant bickering.

Remi tries to calm Kirby down as he and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) remind her that they’re all feeling the pressure tonight. It’s going to be a big undertaking to record a whole album in three sessions.

Meanwhile, Mercedes is taking care of things in the control room when she sees Remi’s phone going off—it’s Bree. Rather than tell Remi about it, Mercedes decides to reject the call.

Lyrik finally get started on recording the first of several songs.

As we’re treated to a montage of the session, Mercedes can’t keep her eyes off Remi.

The session goes much better than they had expected, and they’re thrilled to have their first song laid down with time to spare.

As the pumped group decide to take the party back home, Mercedes decides to stick around to re-record her last take. She asks Remi if he’s up for that, and he agrees to stay there with her whilst the others head back to Summer Bay.

When Remi later checks over the recording, he thinks it sounds great. Neither of them can believe that they’ve finally got to this stage.

As Remi gets up to leave though, Mercedes suddenly makes her move and plants a kiss on him!

Shocked, Remi pushes Mercedes away—”What the hell?

Remi tells Mercedes that whatever she was thinking, she’s got it wrong, and she makes a hasty exit.

Remi is stunned, it would seem Bree was right all along!

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, John (Shane Withington) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) unexpectedly find themselves at the centre of small-town gossip, as they continue to enjoy being housemates.

Irene opened up her home to John after he was released from hospital, not wanting one of her besties to be on his own during his recuperation. She soon began to wonder whether she’d bitten off more than she could chew when John insisted on accompanying her to work at the coffee cart and pulled up a chair so he could carry on chatting to her throughout the day.

John, you’re driving me up the flippin’ wall,” Irene admitted after a long morning of listening to him.

I’ve got a job to do, I can’t babysit you!” she added, which was enough to convince John to go back to the house and rest like he was supposed to.

Irene was dreading returning home later that day, but all her worries were forgotten when she walked in to find John had laid on a roast dinner for her.

Revealing that he had missed being able to cook for someone (particularly a non-vegetarian), John also wanted to show his heartfelt gratitude to Irene for looking out for him.

Irene was chuffed to bits; it’s been ages since someone has cooked for her.

Next week, John plans another special meal for Irene, but remains coy when asked what he’s planning to cook up.

Irene can see right through John though, pointing out that he’s simply waiting to see what’s on offer in the shops.

I feel like I should be offended by that,” John replies…”On the other hand, it’s great to be with someone who understands me perfectly!

Theo’s ears prick up as he sits nearby, with a look on his face akin to him overhearing one of Leah and Justin’s bedroom sessions.

Unfortunately, after all his preparation, John’s plans are thwarted when he finds the shops are already closed. No matter though, as he can treat Irene to a slap-up meal at Salt instead.

Alf (Ray Meagher) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) are also dining in that evening, and as they watch the pair in amusement, Alf is surprised that Irene isn’t sick of the sight of Palmer already.

Marilyn almost seems a little perturbed, as she comments that they seem to look very cosy…

Later in the week, Irene helps John pick up a suit for son Jett’s (Will McDonald) upcoming wedding, and he enthuses about her bartering skills as they return to the coffee cart. Uncomfortable with the conversation, Marilyn makes herself scarce.

Commenting to Xander (Luke Van Os) that Irene will now be his shopping partner for eternity, John admits that he hasn’t even thought about going home after Xander points out that living at Irene’s is obviously doing him some good.

Soon after, Xander sets the rumour mill fully in motion when he reports to Mackenzie (Emily Weir) that John and Irene are dating.

Mac refuses to believe it, but as they work together to subtly squeeze more info out of John and Irene, it only serves to reinforce Xander’s suspicions.

In the meantime Marilyn has started to begin thinking the same, being distinctly unimpressed when she learns that Irene is meeting John at the surf club so they can enjoy the walk home together. (You’re not going to get any sympathy from us Maz, you had your chance with JP!)

At the surf club, Irene and John both question why everyone seems to have been asking about the pair of them throughout the day, and it’s at that point that Mali (Kyle Shilling) overhears and informs them that everyone believes they’re dating.

John and Irene are gobsmacked, and whilst John thinks they need to clarify the situation as quickly as possible, Irene doesn’t think it’s anyone’s business either way.

However, when Marilyn begins not-too-subtly quizzing Irene the next morning, a frustrated Irene decides it’s time to take a different course of action…

Stopping John before he can blurt out the truth to Marilyn, Irene slyly suggests they could really give everyone something to talk about…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 21st August (Episode 8066)

Bree struggles to trust Remi. Andrew’s sister comes to town. Marilyn is offered a juicy deal.

Tuesday 22nd August (Episode 8067)

Alf takes centre stage. Andrew connects with Tegan. Theo drops the ball. John plans a special dinner.

Wednesday 23rd August (Episode 8068)

Lyrik swoop into the recording studio. Mercedes makes her move. Tane is not himself.

Thursday 24th August (Episode 8069)

Mali refuses help. Remi finds himself on a slippery slope. Tane opens up.

Friday 25th August (Episode 8070)

Irene and John are the talk of the town. Mali’s in financial turmoil. Marilyn closes a traumatic chapter of her life.

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