Home and Away Spoilers – Alf goes to war in Roo’s honour

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Stunning Organics’ empire finally looks set to crumble, and it’s all thanks to flamin’ Alf Stewart!

With Stunning Organics’ former CEO having been charged with the recent bomb attack—which was intended for Marilyn (Emily Symons) but ended up injuring Roo (Georgie Parker), John (Shane Withington) and Mali (Kyle Shilling)—both Alf (Ray Meagher) and Marilyn had hoped that the dodgy skincare company was done for.

But the pair were disgusted when a story in the Coastal News revealed that newly appointed CEO Carey Fielding (Eloise Snape) was distancing the company from the actions of their disgruntled former head, assuring that it would be business as usual for all their brand ambassadors.

The whole reason Marilyn had fought against the company was to seek justice for those brand ambassadors, and everything she and her loved ones have been through now amounted to nothing.

Next week, Marilyn admits to Alf that she’s been receiving a number of emails and messages from Carey, who is keen to have Marilyn appear at a press conference they’re holding at their HQ in the hope of putting all the recent nasty business behind them.

Alf is fuming that they would expect Marilyn to pretend everything is fine now whilst Roo still lies comatose in a hospital bed in the city.

With Marilyn ignoring the messages, Carey then makes her a tempting offer to try and sweeten the deal—a whopping $25,000. Given it was the wish to raise money for son Jett’s (Will McDonald) wedding that caused Marilyn to become a brand ambassador in the first place, the offer could answer all of her problems, but she’s not about to be taken in.

Alf points out that it’s nothing more than a bribe as Marilyn readies herself to phone up Carey and tell her where to stick it.

But Alf then suggests that Marilyn shouldn’t be so hasty in turning Carey down… Formulating a plan, Alf wonders if they could perhaps get Stunning Organics to hold the press conference on their own turf.

In a matter of hours, Alf and Marilyn arrive at the surf club which is all set up for the press junket.

Turning nervously to Alf, she asks if he’s ready before stating that they’re doing this for Roo…

Having received a text from Marilyn, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) arrives at the surf club where Marilyn doesn’t have time to explain, but asks her to support them.

Carey starts off proceedings by heralding a new beginning for the company, and gladly introduces Marilyn to the press as the person that helped them see the way forward.

But as Marilyn takes to the microphone, she immediately stands aside stating that there’s someone far more important that they need to hear from… Alf!

Carey has no idea what’s about to hit her as Alf takes centre stage and reveals some before and after photos of Roo.

This is my daughter, Roo,” Alf announces to the stunned press. “She is in a coma thanks to Stunning Organics.

Carey quickly tries to take control, but Alf is not going to be fobbed off, as he explains that this goes deeper than the actions of the former CEO—the whole company is rotten to the core.

Carey attempts some damage control by stating that today marks the beginning of a fresh, ethical start for Stunning Organics, but that is quickly derailed when Marilyn asks why, in that case, was she bribed to be there today?

The press are onto Marilyn’s allegation like a shot as they ask Carey for a response, but she and her entourage decide to make a hasty exit.

Alf isn’t standing for that though, and he follows the CEO outside yelling that she can’t just walk away from him. He angrily shows her the photo of Roo again, demanding she tell him her name—was she even listening to what he said?

Carey denies any responsibility for what happened but as Alf’s temper erupts, Carey finally loses it, ripping the boards out of Alf’s hands.

I don’t care!” she exclaims. “We don’t care about your daughter!

Little does Carey realise however that Marilyn, Kirby and the press have followed them outside… and they’ve heard everything.

With Kirby live-streaming the event, Marilyn proudly announces that they’ve finally got to hear the truth about the company.

Is this the end for Stunning Organics?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 21st August (Episode 8066)

Bree struggles to trust Remi. Andrew’s sister comes to town. Marilyn is offered a juicy deal.

Tuesday 22nd August (Episode 8067)

Alf takes centre stage. Andrew connects with Tegan. Theo drops the ball. John plans a special dinner.

Wednesday 23rd August (Episode 8068)

Lyrik swoop into the recording studio. Mercedes makes her move. Tane is not himself.

Thursday 24th August (Episode 8069)

Mali refuses help. Remi finds himself on a slippery slope. Tane opens up.

Friday 25th August (Episode 8070)

Irene and John are the talk of the town. Mali’s in financial turmoil. Marilyn closes a traumatic chapter of her life.

Also next week, Andrew’s sister Tegan arrives

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