Home and Away Spoilers – Romance for Remi as he gets a taste of Hollywood

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Stevie finds a distraction as she sets her sights on Remi, while Kirby reveals all to Justin about Theo’s risky new habit.

Last week, Cash brought Stevie back to his and Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) humble Saxon Avenue abode after it became apparent that her stalker had discovered which hotel she was staying at in the city.

The plan was for Stevie to move on to another hotel, but once one secure enough had been found, Stevie instead asked if she could stay on at the Newman house, explaining that she felt safe there and would enjoy the company.

Stevie finds something else to enjoy about the place next week, after she spots neighbour Remi (Adam Rowland) returning home on his motorbike whilst having her morning coffee in the front garden.

Stevie briefly met Remi last week when he came to the house seeking Eden (Stephanie Panozzo). Whilst Stevie took an immediate shine to him and introduced herself, Remi was too worked up in his annoyance at Eden to take much notice of the global superstar, other than to casually say that he loved the soundtrack to her last movie Death Throes.

Stevie commented to Cash as Remi left that she could think of something that would take her mind off her stalker, with Cash quickly retorting “Don’t even think about it.

Back in the front garden, Stevie’s busy admiring the view until Cash breaks her out of her reverie, scolding her for being out in the open where anyone could see her. She should stick to the backyard where it’s safer.

Stevie soon gets news that she’s scored an audition for a movie she’s been hoping to get—she wants to branch out and show people that she can do more than horror flicks, and this one is for a romantic comedy.

She explains that the audition is at a city casting agency but Cash is quick to shut down the idea of going there, it’s too risky. Thankfully Stevie later receives confirmation that they’ll accept a self-taped audition.

Stevie will need a scene partner for it though. Cash quickly rules himself out, and whilst Flick is eager to help, Stevie points out that it’s a love story and she needs a man to work with.

So it’s lucky that Remi just happens to be there, using Cash and Flick’s pool for his physio, and after overhearing Stevie going through the scene several times over he’s already familiar with the script.

Stevie not too subtly points out that it would be so much easier with a scene partner and Remi takes the hint, saying that she can ask him if she wants to.

The pair head over to Remi’s where they run through the scene a few times, both noticing a spark between them, before cracking open a beer.

As they do one more rehearsal, Remi points out that the end of the scene has them kissing, and it seems he’s only too happy to oblige.

The pair decide to improvise the next scene, and up the age rating, by heading to Remi’s bedroom.

Meanwhile, across the road, Cash panics when he returns home and Stevie is nowhere to be found. Flick and Eden also have no idea where she’s gone, nor Remi who must have used the side gate to leave. Cash is furious, and Eden’s attempts to get through to Remi’s phone aren’t successful.

Back at No. 55, Cash’s concerns are the last thing on Stevie’s mind as she lies in bed with Remi.

As they joke around with their pillow talk, Stevie decides to take a selfie of the pair of them, and then proceeds to post it on her socials.

As Cash continues to frantically leave messages for Stevie, his phone pings with a notification for Stevie’s socials. Cash’s face immediately falls… “You’re kidding.

Frustrated, Cash shows his phone to Flick and Edenyes that’s Stevie in Remi’s bed, for the whole world to see.

Stevie and Remi are getting ready to head into round two when they’re interrupted by a knock on the door.

What are you doing?” a frustrated Cash asks Stevie.

Do I really need to spell it out?” she replies.

Cash orders Stevie back home and she reluctantly obliges, leaving Eden to pass comment at Remi.

Stevie is unrepentant as Cash berates her for breaking the very rules he’d put in place to protect her life. “It was worth it,” she casually replies.

As Stevie asks Flick how she puts up with Cash, Flick reminds her that he’s just thinking of her safety.

If you don’t want him to do his job, then fire him,” Flick tells her.

As she weighs up her options, will Stevie swallow her pride and heed Cash’s warnings?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, final preparations are underway for Justin (James Stewart) and Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) wedding, but Justin faces a hurdle when he learns some shocking news about his best man.

Unbeknownst to Justin, new housemate Valerie (Courtney Clarke) has managed to convince Theo (Matt Evans) to pop pills with her, though the issue of paying for them is now becoming a problem.

With the pills being Valerie’s way of coping with her mental health, she desperately calls her dealer asking if they can come to some arrangement, but unsurprisingly he’s unwilling to let her have any on credit.

When Theo goes to Justin to talk about Lyrik playing at the wedding, Justin confirms that it’s a paid gig and Theo and Valerie give a knowing glance at each other.

Theo later remembers that Justin usually pays the band via a bank transfer to Remi. Thinking on his feet, Theo tells Justin that the band don’t want to be paid, but there’s some great equipment that they’d like to hire if he’d be able to provide them with some cash.

Theo gleefully tells Valerie that he nailed it, as she swiftly calls her dealer Morrison (Jake Bonning).

When it comes to parting with the cash however, Theo’s conscience finally catches up with him as he realises he’s stolen from family to partake in their little habit.

Nevertheless, after a push from Valerie he hands the cash over to Morrison.

When Justin mentions the money he gave Theo to Kirby, Kirby’s quickly onto them, as she confronts Theo and asks whether he used the money to buy pills.

He explains that he intends to pay it back, but Kirby points out that not only is he stealing from Justin, but he’s got the band caught up in it now too. This is a new low.

After Theo admits to Valerie that Kirby knows, she storms over to the share house, asking where she gets off with her interference in their lives.

Kirby reveals that she knows what happened to Valerie’s brother and just wants to help, drug addiction isn’t the answer.

With Valerie unwilling to compromise, Kirby feels she has no other option, as she goes to find Justin.

Asking to speak with him privately, Kirby reveals everything that Theo and Valerie have been up to over the past few weeks.

With only three days to go until the wedding, how will Justin react to this bombshell?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 20th May (Episode 8231)

Eden orchestrates an awkward reunion. Tane lashes out. Mackenzie plays with fire.

Tuesday 21st May (Episode 8232)

Cash blisters at Stevie’s defiance. Mackenzie is wracked with guilt.

Wednesday 22nd May (Episode 8233)

Cash struggles to wrangle Stevie. Bree tries to smile through her pain. Theo and Valerie betray Justin.

Thursday 23rd May (Episode 8234)

Bree makes a move she’ll regret. Kirby is onto Theo. Leah’s desperate for details of her wedding.

Friday 24th May (Episode 8235)

Justin and Kirby try to track down Theo. Dana bends the rules to help a friend. Tane makes a dangerous decision.