This Week’s Coronation Street Spoilers – 7th to 11th November

Next week on Coronation Street, Bernie meets Fern’s ex-husband, Stu’s court hearing arrives, Nick’s nightmare with Harvey continues, while Tyrone and Fiz fail to stop the John Stape book from being published.

Bernie’s plan to catch Fern backfires


It’s been just a few weeks since Fern (Gabrielle Glaister) posed as her doppelganger Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove), donning her clothes and bagging herself a cleaning job in a jewelers, where she proceeded to steel a number of expensive items.


Bernie was soon arrested for the robbery, with the police certain she was to blame thanks to the CCTV evidence, which showed a woman who looked exactly like her, and wearing her clothes.

Of course, Bernie knows Fern was behind the robbery, but proving it is easier said than done… especially as Fern’s phone has been disconnected.

Next week, in the episode airing Wednesday 9th November, the saga continues as Bernie receives a letter with the date for her plea hearing.

With still no sign of Fern, she’s in trouble. She decides to do some investigating of her own, telling Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) that she’s going to track down her criminal lookalike herself.


Now assuming Fern’s identity, Bernie pulls up outside a country club, where she tries to dupe the receptionist into revealing Fern’s address. She doesn’t have any luck, so checks herself into the club anyway… why not have a relaxing time while she’s there?

When the receptionist isn’t looking, Fern sneaks onto her computer to try and find the info herself, but it’s at that point she’s approached by a man called Howard (Gordon Peaston), another club member, wondering who on earth she is.


Explaining that she’s Fern Lindon, she’s in for a shock when Howard explains that he’s Fern’s ex-husband. Busted!


However, luck may be on her side. When she explains to Bernard that Fern has framed her for a robbery, he’s not surprised, revealing that Fern’s a con-artist.

Fern realises that he could be just what she needs, and she begs him to help her.


Will Howard be the key to tracking down Fern?

Griff gives Max an ‘education’

It was recently revealed that Coronation Street would be starting a hard-hitting new storyline surrounding the grooming of disenfranchised and impressionable young men.

Max (Paddy Bever), who has recently become increasingly lonely and vulnerable after being bullied and expelled from school, is targeted by a gang of extremists, and in the months to come will put his life and that of his friends and family in danger.

The story has recently begun, with Griff threatening Max’s bullies as a way of befriending him, and the manipulation continues next week. In next Monday’s episode, Max and Daryan both start their new jobs as waiters at Speed Daal, after Alya (Sair Khan) decided to hire both of them.

Soon into the shift, Max bumps into Daryan, causing him to drop a pile of cutlery. As Max later tells Lauren, with whom he’s completely smitten, about his first shift at Speed Daal, Lauren suggests they’re showing favouritism towards Daryan.

Is Lauren trying to turn Max against his new friend, and sway him towards an extremist ideology?

Next Friday 11th, Max calls at Griff’s flat. There, Griff orders Max to watch a film, which he tells him will “properly educate” him.

Griff then offers Max £200 to promote a not-so-nice talk he’s giving at the community centre. How will Max feel?

Stu’s day in court arrives

Also next week, the day of Stu’s (Bill Fellows) court hearing finally arrives as he tries to get his murder conviction overturned.

His daughter Bridget (Beth Vyse) eventually admitted that she committed the crime, for which Stu spent time in prison. However, until his conviction is officially quashed, Stu’s granddaughter Eliza isn’t able to live with him, and faces going into care.

On the episode airing Friday 11th November, Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) comes to collect Stu, and when he returns home exhausted a few hours later, he tells Yasmeen (Shelley King) that his conviction has been overturned!


Fantastic news. However, there’s still a problem. If Eliza is to come live with him, Stu will have to move out, as Eliza needs her own room!

Can they fit one more into 6 Coronation Street?

The John Stape book is published

Despite Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and Tyrone’s (Alan Halsall) best efforts to stop it, the John Stape book is published next week.


It wasn’t even meant to be so soon, but a rogue move by Tyrone causes the publishers to bring the publication date forward.

In next Monday’s episode (7th November), Tyrone discovers that a local hotel is hosting a Q&A session with the journalist, and he heads along.


There, he’s angered when he hears the journalist suggest that Fiz may have been complicit in her ex-husband’s crimes. Seeing red for the second time in a fortnight, he marches up to the front and slaps the journo across the face!


This is just a week after he punches Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) for stopping Sam (Jude Riordan) from seeing Hope (Isabella Flanagan). The emotional stress of the whole situation is really hitting the usually placid Tyrone hard.

While Fiz manages to convince the journalist not to press charges, he’s not willing to let the pair off the hook that easily, and the publishers decide to bring the launch of the book forward to the end of the week.



When the day of the publication arrives next Friday 11th November, Tyrone heads out and buys every single copy from the local bookstore, along with a cardboard cutout of John Stape that they were using to promote it.

While it may have temporarily stopped local residents from getting hold of a copy, his move may be about to make things worse for poor Hope.


She kicks open the outhouse in anger, where she finds a huge cardboard cutout of her dad, and a whole load of books about his life.

Read more…

Sam wants to visit Harvey in prison

Recently, as the one-year anniversary of Natasha’s (Rachel Leskovac) death approached, it was revealed that Sam wanted to speak to her killer, Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor), who is in jail for the crime.

Soon after, when Leanne (Jane Danson) visited Harvey in prison, he told her that Sam has been writing to him multiple times a week. Harvey asked Leanne to get Sam to stop, with the letters making him a laughing stock with the other inmates.


Nick also tore strips off his son when he realised what he’d been up to, but it’s not made a difference – next week, Sam reveals to Roy (David Neilson) that he’s been reading up about restorative justice and isn’t ready to let the matter drop. He wants Roy to go with him to visit Harvey in prison.


Roy is forced to tell Nick what Sam has asked. While Nick is again furious that the saga is continuing, Leanne pleads with him that maybe letting Sam visit Harvey might not be such a bad idea – it could finally give Sam some closure.


Will Nick agree?

Summer gets caught out


Finally, Summer (Harriet Bibby) and Aaron (James Craven) move into the builders’ yard flat next week.

Their own space also gives them more freedom to focus on their secret plan – Summer is going ahead with her pregnancy, and plans to give her baby up to Mike (Tom Lorcan) and Esther (Vanessa Hehir), in exchange for a fair chunk of cash.

The pair have already given Summer a £10,000 downpayment, allowing Aaron to send his dad to rehab.


In next Friday’s episode (11th November), Esther and Mike pay the pair a visit at their new flat. While the foursome catch up, it’s not long until the buzzer goes – it’s Billy (Daniel Brocklebank)! He’s downstairs and wants to come up.

Is it game over for their secret plan?

Here are next week’s Coronation Street Spoilers:

Monday 7th November (Episode 10789-10790)

Tyrone hits out at the journalist behind the John Stape book.

Sam wants to visit Harvey in prison having read about restorative justice.

Billy fears that he’s pushed Summer away as she prepares to move out.

Tracy begs Amy not to move out, but her mind is made up.

Wednesday 9th November (Episode 10791-10792)

Fiz and Tyrone fail to stop the publication of the book.

Tyrone is arrested on suspicion of assault.

Bernie comes face to face with Fern’s ex-husband.

Friday 11th November (Episode 10793-10794)

Tyrone buys up all of the John Stape books from the local bookshop – will it be enough?

Summer admits to keeping Billy in the dark.

Stu’s court hearing arrives.