Home and Away Spoilers – Cash’s aggression lands him in trouble

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bree shocks Remi with a bombshell, while Cash’s new personality is unleashed on Summer Bay.

As two of Summer Bay’s newest residents, Remi (Adam Rowland) and Bree (Juliet Godwin) have been getting along like a house on fire.

Whilst Bree has been thankful to have a new friend, Remi’s made no secret of the fact that he’d like there to be something more between them, with his constant pick-up lines and requests for a date. Bree isn’t looking for anything more, and has brushed Remi aside with good humour up to now.

But when Remi ends up as a patient of Bree’s in A&E, it results in a dent in his pride as well as the one in his head.

The end of this week’s episodes sees Remi busking outside the surf club, much to the annoyance of club manager John Palmer (Shane Withington) who reminds Remi about his need for a permit. Remi’s just had another crack at Bree, who was unusually brusque with him as she coldly said he should take the hint, so Remi is in no mood for John’s moaning.

But whilst Remi is distracted, a dodgy character named Pete (Gabriel Stoltz) comes along and steals Remi’s takings!

Remi gives chase, only for Pete to viciously whack Remi over the head with his own guitar case. Knocked out cold, Remi falls backwards and hits his head on the concrete.

As we return to the action next week, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is on his first shift with Rose (Kirsty Marillier) since before the shooting, so things are a little awkward between the pair. Cash’s sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is in the firm belief that Cash has returned to work too soon, so asks Rose to keep an eye on him.

The pair get a call over the radio to attend the assault at the surf club, and they arrive to find a dazed Remi being tended to by John and Xander (Luke Van Os).

It’s perhaps just as well Cash isn’t the paramedic, as his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired when he immediately starts interrogating Remi, who’s in no fit state to answer his questions about the suspect.

As Xander asks him to back off, an indifferent Cash tells Rose that he’s simply trying to do his job.

After moving his abrupt questioning onto John, growing frustrated with the constant interruptions, Cash manages to get a vague description of the culprit and storms out of the surf club, as a shocked Flick looks on.

When Rose and Cash then spot Pete in the park, Cash jumps out of the car and gives chase, vaulting himself off a picnic bench to tackle him.


As Cash aggressively pins Pete to the ground and yanks his arm behind his back, Rose reminds him to be careful.

I’m fine,” Cash snaps, fed up of the constant worrying over his health.

No,” she swiftly replies. “I mean of him!

As Cash continues to aggressively reprimand Pete, Rose decides enough is enough and tells Cash that she will handle things from here.

Back at the station, Pete is convinced that Cash has dislocated his shoulder. Whilst Cash sneers at the crim, Rose has no choice but to take his concerns seriously, telling Cash that from where she stood, it looked like excessive force.

A trip to the hospital reveals nothing more than bruising, but when word reaches Flick that her brother has injured a suspect, she confronts Cash for not answering her calls. Flick explains that she just wants her brother back, wondering what has happened to him…

Maybe I just finally figured out that nice guys finish last,” Cash cryptically replies.

Are the days of ‘Fun Cash’ gone for good?

Meanwhile, having been taken to the hospital, Remi finds himself face to face with Bree once again, who wonders whether his assault was the result of a bad pick-up line. When he comments that he’d do anything to have dinner with her, she notes that he’s obviously confused but hasn’t lost his charm.

The fun is soon over however when Remi starts having a seizure.

Remi eventually comes round and Bree tells him he’s going to be fine, but will have to stay overnight for observation. In the meantime, John comes to visit Remi to return his guitar, having been entrusted with it when Remi gave chase.

As Remi starts playing in the hospital that evening, Bree watches from afar thoughtfully. It’s clear that there’s a connection there, but she quickly brings herself out of her reverie and gets back to work.

The next morning Bree starts becoming tired of Remi’s flirting again, and when she turns down another dinner invite, Remi finally gives up.

Why won’t you just give me a shot?” he asks in frustration.

Remi is shocked to the core by Bree’s reply…

Because I’m married!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 24th October (Episode 7881)

Cash decides nice guys finish last. Roo accuses Marilyn of online bullying. Bree puts Remi in his place.

Tuesday 25th October (Episode 7882)

Remi gets his mojo back. Eden gets a bitter taste of the new Cash. Marilyn and Heather stop pretending.

Wednesday 26th October (Episode 7883)

Lyrik scores an unlikely band manager. An old flame reignites. Will Heather give Marilyn a second chance?

Thursday 27th October (Episode 7884)

Ziggy struggles to hide her pregnancy. Will band manager Justin fail before he begins? Tane wants to call it quits.

Friday 28th October (Episode 7885)

Xander’s resilience is tested. Ziggy is warmed by Dean’s fatherly devotion. Justin’s newfound confidence backfires.