Home and Away Spoilers – Marilyn confesses her most shameful secret

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Marilyn confesses her most shameful secret as Heather continues to torment her.

Marilyn’s mysterious baby storyline has taken another step forward in today’s Australian episode of Home and Away, as Maz was spooked by Heather’s supposed back story, before finding a sinister envelope containing a photo of a baby.

Two new promos show that Heather (Sofia Nolan) will torment Marilyn (Emily Simons) in upcoming scenes, breaking into Summer Bay House, before Maz finally confesses her big secret.

New character Heather has certainly made an impression in her weeks in Summer Bay. She arrived as one of Roo’s private tuition students, claiming she needed help to get her into law school, but it soon became clear there was more to her story.

She made a good impression on Nikau (Kawakwa Fox-Reo) and the pair embarked on some no-strings-attached fun, which was just what Nik needed after his recent breakup.

However, she made less of a good impression on Marilyn, who she seemed to take great interest in. Heather took a subtle photo of Maz behind the counter at the diner, and has thrown her a constant stream of awkward glances, which have made Maz feel increasingly uncomfortable.

In recent episodes, she spooked Marilyn by asking her if they’ve met before, telling her, “You’re just so familiar, I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

Heather put down roots in Summer Bay as she rented a van at the caravan park, but she was forced to ask Roo to sub her the first few days as she’d supposedly spent all of her remaining funds on tuition.

In today’s Australian episode, the storyline took some major steps forward, as it became increasingly clear that Heather is in Summer Bay with an ulterior motive.

First off, Nikau was surprised that Heather hadn’t followed up on taking a job at Salt – unusual considering she claimed she needed the money.

Then, she had another session with Roo at the diner, where it was obvious that she hasn’t been concentrating on her studies. She claimed that she’s just been too busy trying to find a job and moving, and that she’s been trying not to let it get her down. This was despite the pending Salt offer, and it became clear to viewers that she wasn’t actually all that interested in studying or in working in Summer Bay.

She continued to give Marilyn strange looks, and when Maz made a snide remark about her lack of focus, there was a clear tension between the pair.

When she first arrived, Heather told Roo that she had previously had an affair with a married man when travelling in the outback, and that she fell pregnant. The man and his wife forced her to hand over the baby, which they went on to adopt and raise as their own.

When Roo later explained the story to Maz, as a way to try to make Marilyn ease up on Heather, it was clear from Marilyn’s shocked look that the story sounded just a little bit too familiar.

Could Heather’s story actually be Marilyn’s?

Later, as Maz walked to Summer Bay House, she found an envelope with her name on outside the front door.

When she opened it, she was stunned to discover a picture of a baby inside, with a hand-written note on the back: “Guess who?”

In Tuesday’s episode, Marilyn instantly assumes that the note is from Heather. She heads to the caravan park to confront her, but when she opens the door, she finds herself awkwardly interrupting Heather and Nikau’s casual fun.

A promo for Tuesday’s episode shows Heather tell Marilyn, “I wondered when you’d show up,” before an emotional Marilyn asks her, “why are you doing this to me?”

“You work it out!” Heather responds angrily, before Nikau emerges from the caravan, and Roo arrives to help break up the awkward encounter.

How will Maz get to the bottom of what Heather wants from her?

Talking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Emily Simons explains, “I think deep down she knows it’s really serious, and there is a reason why Heather is behaving that way, and it taps into something that happened in her past.”

An extended promo which aired after Monday’s episode, and which you can view in this article, shows Heather continue to torment Marilyn.

We see Heather in her caravan, clutching a small teddy bear with an annoyed look on her face.

We also see Marilyn sit down with Roo, getting increasingly animated as she tells her friend, “I’ve said it before, I’ve said it all along, something is going on with her.”

In a shot from a scene set to air on Wednesday, we see Heather sneaking in through the front door of Summer Bay House as Maz sleeps on the sofa.

Then, what we assume is the following morning, she sinisterly asks Marilyn, “have a nice sleep?”

Another shot, this time during the day, sees Heather sneaking around the gardens of Summer Bay House. She’s clearly trying to gather more dirt on Maz.

Roo still isn’t convinced that the newcomer has any ulterior motive, telling Marilyn that “from everything I’ve seen, she is a polite and friendly young woman.”

Yet it’s Leah who looks set to become Maz’s confidant. As Leah asks “what could she possibly want from you?” Maz tells her, “I have something to confess.”

It seems that in Thursday’s episode, we’re set to discover one of Marilyn’s deepest, darkest secrets.

UPDATED – One of our theories, which we speculated upon in an earlier article, was that Marilyn had at some point given birth to another child during one of her many departures from Summer Bay. It seems that theory is correct, and Marilyn is indeed Heather’s mum, though the timelines weren’t quite what we were expecting.

Marilyn first appeared in Summer Bay in 1989 as the girlfriend of Lance Smart (Peter Vroom). She had a three-month break from Summer Bay in 1989 after turning down Lance’s marriage proposal – definitely not enough time to give birth to a secret child – and didn’t leave the bay again until her exit with fiancé Phil Bryant (Vince Martin) in 1992.

Marilyn and Lance / Marilyn departs with Phil and Toni in 1992

She returned in 1995, having left Phil as soon as she discovered he had been cheating on her, and broke down in Alf’s storeroom as she explained that Phil was in love with someone else.

However, it now appears that she had a child during this time.

In the promo for Tuesday’s episode, Heather opens a box and retrieves her birth certificate. It reveals that she was born in Broken Hill, NSW, on 27th April 1995, to Marilyn Chambers, a housekeeper, and Timothy Frazer, a grazier.

Marilyn returned to Summer Bay in June 1995, just over a month later, and her secret child has remained a secret ever since – until now!

A secret child for a long-established character isn’t something that’s unusual to Home and Away. Alf (Ray Meagher) has had two of his own (Quinn and Owen) come to light over the past 34 years, with his wife Ailsa (Judy Nunn) also revealing that she’d had a daughter, Shauna (Kylie Watson), whilst in prison in the 1970s.

Even in more recent years, Summer Bay stalwart Irene (Lynne McGranger) confessed that she had a long-lost child, eventually revealed to be Mick Jennings (Kristian Schmid), who she’d been forced to give up after being abused by her uncle in her teens.

While we don’t believe that Heather will be sticking around as a long-term character, the newcomer is set to have a big storyline with Cash near the end of the year.

In a chat with CelebTime earlier this year, Nicholas Cartwright first revealed Sofia’s character name as Heather, whilst also confirming that “[Cash is] going to film a big storyline with her soon.”

Will the storyline be related to the ongoing mystery surrounding her and Marilyn?

UK viewers will see this storyline from late September.

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Tuesday 6th September (Episode 7874)

Heather is not who she claims. Cash packs his bags. Rose’s bikie bust isn’t over.

Wednesday 7th September (Episode 7875)

Marilyn digs up dirt on Heather. Leah and Roo stage an intervention. Cash learns what his life is worth.

Thursday 8th September (Episode 7876-7878)

Nikau is sleeping with a stranger. Marilyn has a midnight visitor. Rose refuses the praise she doesn’t deserve.

Rose gets more than Cash’s blessing. Marilyn confesses her most shameful secret.

Cash can’t escape his drunken mistake. Kirby and Theo pull off a publicity stunt. Has Rose lost her only friend?

Monday 12th September (Episode 7879)

Remi and Eden miss destiny’s call. Is Ziggy ready to be a mum? Theo and Kirby are the internet’s hottest duo.