Home and Away Spoilers – Alf announces he’s leaving Summer Bay

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Lyrik’s return presents Theo with a huge opportunity, as Alf announces that he’s leaving Summer Bay.

Summer Bay’s in danger of losing it’s most famous resident this week, as Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) has to decide whether to leave town in the name of love.

Since Alf remarried ‘no-longer-dead’ first wife Martha (Belinda Giblin) just over two years ago, the couple have split their time between Summer Bay and Martha’s country retreat outside Merimbula.

Martha initially struggled with being in Summer Bay, having lived a largely reclusive existence over the past 30 years as she suffered with borderline personality disorder, but has since embraced being part of a family again whilst always having a safe space to return to if needed.

Martha returned to Merimbula, along with Alf and daughter-cum-donor Roo (Georgie Parker), following her recent kidney transplant, where they were both looked after by Martha’s son Kieran (Rick Donald) who has lived in the property since last year.

Roo returned to Summer Bay a couple of weeks ago, followed by Alf last week who seemed to be in a particularly grumpy mood.

When Roo made enquiries with Martha, she discovered some news which shocked her to the core—Martha had apparently decided to stay in Merimbula permanently, and wouldn’t be coming back to Summer Bay!

Alf’s bad mood suddenly made sense, as Roo realised that he would have to decide whether to move to be with his wife, or remain in the town he’s lived in all his life.

It certainly seemed Alf wasn’t in any state of mind to make a decision just yet

The woman you love is never coming back to Summer Bay, ever!” Roo exclaimed. “What does that mean for you?

Rather than discuss it, Alf swiftly left the diner to go and deal with some surf club business, saying he’ll make a decision later.

Roo continues to push a reluctant Alf to make a decision this week, but she only ends up annoying him further—it doesn’t seem he’ll be able to win either way.

Eventually Alf makes the decision that he can’t lose Martha again, and back in the diner he utters the words no-one ever thought they’d hear.

I’m leaving Summer Bay.

Is this really going to be goodbye to Alf Stewart?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, after their triumphant gig at Salt’s relaunch two weeks ago, Lyrik are back in town.

Although initially against a live music night, suggested by the restaurant’s new co-owner Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), Mackenzie (Emily Weir) has been keen to get the band back after the evening spurred on a surge in takings.

Little did Mac realise the amount of trouble Flick had in convincing her old friends to play the gig in the first place though.

Although Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), Remi (Adam Rowland) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) seemed all for it, lead singer Bob (Rob Mallett) flat out refused to lower themselves to playing in a bar, believing that the band were better than that.

It was only when Bob was outvoted, with girlfriend Kirby also voting against him, that he reluctantly agree to do the gig as a favour to Flick, who had helped them gain recognition when starting out several years ago.

Although realising it’d be a tall order to get them back, Flick has been leaving several messages for Eden, and Flick was surprised when the band pulled up in their van alongside her at the end of last week.

Flick explains that she has the offer of a weekly gig for them at Salt, meaning a regular wage, but Bob once again turns it down, stating that they “don’t play in hick towns“.

Whilst Eden and Remi are all for staying on, Bob feels that the two are holding them back.

As tensions rise, things all come to a head when Bob decides to leave town, and asks Kirby to come with him.

Open your eyes Kirbs,” he states. “You’ll never get anywhere with those losers“.

He gives Kirby one final chance to join him as he finishes packing up the van, but it seems Kirby has finally had enough of bowing down to Bob’s demands, forcing to Bob leave town on his own!

With Eden, Remi and Kirby now having made the decision to stay in Summer Bay permanently, they have the small issue of finding a new band member…. but who could fit the bill….?

As it happens, Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) is in awe of Lyrik, having seen them play at Salt. Whilst Theo has recently revealed his own hidden musical talents, he shoots down a suggestion from girlfriend Chloe (Sam Barrett) that he should pursue it—he’d never be good enough.

Theo’s self-confidence had been shattered by his father Dimitri (Salvatore Coco), who smashed his guitar when Theo was a teen. When Theo borrowed Justin’s (James Stewart) guitar to serenade Chloe on a picnic, he and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) were upset to learn of what Dimitri had done, and Justin gifted him another guitar that he had in storage, vowing that music would always be welcome in their house.

With Lyrik in a pickle, could Theo be about to find a huge opportunity on his doorstep… and will he be brave enough to take it?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 18th July (Episode 7839)

Chloe catches Nikau’s paranoia. Will Bob’s ambition destroy the band? Alf must decide between Martha and Summer Bay.

Tuesday 19th July (Episode 7840)

Mackenzie glams up for a new guy. Is Alf leaving Summer Bay for good? Lyrik wins a gig, but loses a star.

Wednesday 20th July (Episode 7841)

A Summer Bay star is born. Ziggy and Justin clash over Theo’s dreams. Felicity brings her boss-woman game to Salt.

Thursday 21st July (Episodes 7842-7844)

The bikies refuse to negotiate. Tane rescues an endangered Chloe. Theo gets a life-changing call.

Rose gets suspicious of Tex. Tane protects his family. Nikau breaks Bella’s heart.

Rose investigates Tex. Irene’s family dinner blows up in her face. Xander admits he has a problem.