Neighbours Spoilers – Amy’s daughter Zara arrives on Ramsay Street

Amy Greenwood gets a shock in new Neighbours spoilers for the UK and Australia, as her daughter Zara makes an unexpected arrival on Ramsay Street.

Neighbours returns to UK and Aussie screens on Monday 3rd January, after a three-week Christmas break and a cliffhanger which saw Terese clinging desperately to the Lassiters roof.

When the show returns, as one half of Ramsay Street deals with the fallout from Terese’s predicament, the other half will be coming to terms with a new arrival – Amy’s daughter, Zara.

Zara will arrive to find her mum in bed with two guys

As we previewed in our Neighbours 2022 Spoilers roundup, Zara’s arrival is set to take Amy by surprise, when the youngster arrives at her mum’s Lassiters apartment to find her in bed with both Levi (Richie Morris) and Ned (Ben Hall)!

It’s a turnup for the books, considering we ended 2021 with the polyamorous relationship on the brink of collapse.

After being the one to originally suggest the unconventional relationship, Ned eventually decided that he wanted Amy all to himself, and used new arrival Felicity (Isabella Giovinazzo) to try to drive a wedge between her and Levi.

Felicity’s arrival eventually brought Levi and Amy closer

His plan backfired, with it only bringing Amy and Levi even closer together, and he finally gave Amy an ultimatum – he wanted her to himself, and wasn’t willing to continue with their polyamory any longer.

He was left disappointed in the final episodes of the season, when Amy decided that she wouldn’t leave Levi. What’s more, if Ned wanted out of their agreement, she would continue to date Levi as a conventional couple.

As we start the new year, while Terese is busy dangling off the Lassiters roof, things are looking more positive a few stories down in Amy’s apartment. Ned decides to put his concerns behind him, as he tells Amy that he’s all in – this time, for good. The polyamorous relationship is well and truly back on track!

Things are doubly on the up when Amy tells the boys about a dream she had, in which all three of them ended up in bed together. A threesome was never the plan when they began their v-shaped relationship, but now it’s all Amy can think about.

Ned joins Amy and Levi back at the apartment, and it seems like Amy may just get her wish. The next morning, only a day into the new season, and Zara enters to find the three in bed together – has Amy’s dream come true?

New spoilers for next year now reveal that Amy manages to talk her way out of the awkward situation, explaining to Zara that the trio are just friends.

However, she soon comes to her senses, realising that, with Levi’s workmates and busybody Sheila (Colette Mann) always just around the corner, it won’t be long until someone blurts out the truth.

When Amy reveals the truth to her daughter, her reaction isn’t what she expected.

Amy has grown used to the judgemental looks from passers-by and expects her daughter to be equally disappointed by her unconventional relationship, but it turns out Zara isn’t phased by the polyamory itself – it’s 2022 after all!

Instead, she’s concerned that her mum having two boyfriends means that she won’t have any time left to spend with her.

Amy does her best to convince Zara that she has all the time in the world for her, but it seems her past experiences have left her sceptical of how much her family cares.

Dialogue from an audition video for the new character shows that Zara has mainly been raised by her dad and his new boyfriend, but that the “double dad show” got too much for her. She needs her mum, but is worried that her two “hot mates” are going to be too much of a distraction.

It looks like Amy takes her daughter’s words on board. In a promo released for the year ahead, we hear Amy tell someone that “right now, it just needs to be Zara and me.”

The teaser trailer also sees Levi tell Amy, “I think we should break up,” before a shot of Amy crying in Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) arms.

Will Zara’s arrival end Ned, Amy and Levi’s relationship just as it’s back on track?

Freya Van Dyke as Zara Selwyn

New arrival Zara is played by Freya Van Dyke, and will make her debut on Tuesday 4th January.

Neighbours airs Monday to Friday at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5 in the UK, and Monday to Thursday at 6:30pm on 10 Peach in Australia.

From Friday 7th January, new episodes of the show will air in the UK before they air in Australia. Read more.

Here’s the full spoilers for the first week of Neighbours in 2022:

8752 – Monday 3rd January (UK / Aus)

Ned decides he’s all in with Amy once and for all, and the poly relationship is back on track.

Roxy’s theory that Harlow is developing psychopathic tendencies like her dad is at the front of both David and Paul’s mind, as Harlow continues to show no sympathy for Terese.

8753 – Tuesday 4th January (UK / Aus)

Kyle has unwittingly hired Mick Allsop as the wedding planner, and Sheila and Roxy are horrified, but he makes a bid to keep the job.

Amy’s thrilled to see Zara, and is willing to do anything to get a second chance with her daughter, but is embarrassed at what she walked into.

8754 – Wednesday 5th January (UK / Aus)

When Amy realises there is a good chance Zara will find out about her polyamorous relationship from someone else anyway, she decides she needs to come clean with her.

Harlow is furious that Glen is acting as Terese’s guard dog and is determined to find dirt on him.

8755 – Thursday 6th January (UK / Aus)

Harlow’s still on Glen’s back about what he’s hiding in his safe.

Roxy has yet to secure her bridesmaids, and she’s disheartened when she finds no success with asking Terese or Harlow.

Terese has a support network committed to helping her, but she’s tired of being babysat.

8756 – Friday 7th January (UK) / Monday 10th January (Aus)

Terese expects judgement and backlash from Glen after he catches her in a moment of weakness.

David asks Paul over for dinner, but the evening starts off badly, with Paul constantly turning the conversation to Terese.

Roxy is ecstatic to have her mother back in town ahead of the wedding.

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