Home and Away Spoilers – Jai’s back, but can Ziggy win him over?

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, Dean agrees to let Jai come visit him, but how will he react to the news that his dad can’t surf, and is back with Ziggy?

It’s been two months since Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) nearly died in a horror car crash, and whilst his loved ones have rallied round to support him as he’s struggled with his rehab, there’s been one absent visitor—his six year old son Jai Simmons (River Jarvis).

Dean only learnt about Jai’s existence last year, when his paths crossed with old Mangrove River friend Amber (Maddy Jevic), and Jai has come to idolise his father.

Although Dean and Amber attempted to rekindle their brief romance and moved in together, it wasn’t long before Amber realised that Dean was still in love with his ex, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), and she made the difficult decision to end their relationship and leave Summer Bay.

Jai struggled to understand why his mum and dad couldn’t continue living together, but Dean has stepped up and continued to be a regular presence in his son’s life. That is, until the accident.

Although the two have spoken on the phone, Dean has been reluctant to have Jai come visit him during his recovery.

This week, Dean talks again with Jai, and he’s keen to know when he can come and visit. Dean says that maybe he can do so in a few weeks, but Ziggy wants to know why he can’t come sooner. Dean explains that Jai probably wouldn’t like the fact that he’s now living at the farmhouse, given its distance from the beach, but Ziggy points out that they go to the beach every day anyway so it shouldn’t make much difference!

Later on, Dean and Ziggy are going through the rest of Dean’s belongings that Mackenzie (Emily Weir) has brought over from the apartment. Among them are a number of Jai’s drawings, which Ziggy wants to put up on the fridge. Dean is once again reluctant and Ziggy figures it’s time to pull him up on it—why doesn’t he want Jai to visit? When he can’t answer, Ziggy worries that it’s because of her.

As he looks at Jai’s drawings spread over the kitchen table, Dean eventually opens up. In every one of the pictures, Dean is either surfing or playing footy. It’s clear that Dean is Jai’s hero, and Dean worries that he won’t meet his son’s expectations whilst he’s in his current state, on crutches and barely able to walk.

Ziggy tries to reassure him—Jai loves him because he’s his dad, not because of his ability to kick a football around!

Dean finally comes around and the next day he rings Amber to arrange Jai’s visit, but Ziggy’s flustered when Dean announces that Jai will be with them later that day! Although she was successful in allaying Dean’s fears, Ziggy is still worried whether Jai will accept her being in a relationship with his dad…

As Jai arrives, it soon becomes clear that Amber hasn’t filled him in on the latest developments in Dean’s love life or his new living situation.

When Ziggy returns to the house having picked up groceries, Jai initially refuses to talk to her, and not even his favourite pizza seems to be winning him round.

As she gives the two some space, Ziggy soon overhears Dean asking Jai what’s wrong, and she’s mortified when she hears Jai ask “Does she HAVE to be here dad?“.

It seems Ziggy had reason to be worried!

She puts on a brave face as she continues to try her best with Jai, but it’s clearly difficult, knowing how he feels about her being around.

Dean apologises and explains that Amber hadn’t told Jai about her, so it’s all very new for him, and she decides to make herself scarce to give the pair time to reconnect.

WIth father and son alone, Dean explains to Jai that he’s going to have to get used to Ziggy being around. Jai’s unenthusiastic, but Dean tells him that he loves Ziggy, and hopefully in time, Jai will come to love her too.

Later that evening, Ziggy tries again with Jai. She comments on his colouring books and says how bad she is at colouring in. Jai replies that she’s just the same as his dad, and Ziggy suggests that maybe Jai could teach them both.

Jai’s eyes light up when she suggests they could play a game later on—”Do you know how to play Snap?!“—and it seems the ice has finally been broken.

As Dean listens from the hallway, Jai asks Ziggy whether she really loves his dad. Ziggy replies that she really does, and it seems that’s enough for him to warm to her.

As a result, Ziggy is given the task of helping Jai colour in the water in his book… but only if she doesn’t go outside the lines!

Later on, after Jai’s gone to bed, it seems that everything is finally right in the world. After the wonderful evening they’ve had, Dean is feeling the best he’s felt in ages.

Has he finally turned a huge corner in his recovery?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 15th November 2021 (Episode 7665)

The online auction raises much needed funds. Logan makes a decision. Ryder’s surprise party is almost foiled.

Tuesday 16th November 2021 (Episode 7666)

Ryder’s jealousy gets the better of him. Chloe’s birthday surprise is foiled. Ari feels like a fish out of water.

Wednesday 17th November 2021 (Episode 7667)

Tane’s attempt to stand his ground backfires. Ryder puts his foot in it with Chloe. Ari and Mia get the results of their adoption application.

Thursday 18th November 2021 (Episode 7668)

Dean has a special visitor. Mackenzie wants to be everything Logan wants. Leah finally sees Justin’s grief.

Friday 19th November 2021 (Episode 7669)

Ziggy doesn’t know if she can win over Jai. Cash tries to ignore his better judgement. Final arrangements of the event come together.

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