Neighbours Spoilers – Melanie’s secret affair is uncovered!

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, a secret from Melanie’s past emerges and threatens her relationship with Toadie, while Ned has a startling proposition.

These episodes will air from Monday 23rd August.

Poor Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) has been stuck in a rut for a few weeks now, and it’s clear that not working full time is starting to catch up with her.

The plan was for her to only work for Toadie part time so that they could begin to separate their work and personal lives, but despite her years of experience, she’s been struggling to find a replacement job.

After a lunch with Toadie (Ryan Moloney), Hendrix (Benny Turland) and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) at Harold’s, she tries to divide the bill up, rather than split it four ways. Each item on the bill is scrutinised as she tries to ensure that she doesn’t pay a penny more than she needs to.

Realising she’s in the throes of a financial hardship, Toadie offers to cover the whole bill. Mackenzie, meanwhile, asks to look over her CV, wanting to help her secure a stable job. Melanie is a capable, confident PA; she really should have found something by now.

However, when Melanie pulls out her CV and it’s only one page long, they realise that there is work to be done.

As the pair work together, Mackenzie wonders why Melanie has left off quite a few of her past jobs. The main one that springs to mind is when she was the executive assistant to Justin Buke – the owner of one of Melbourne’s most renowned legal practices.

While Melanie is hesitant about its inclusion, Mackenzie is adamant – a year in that role is something that potential employees have to know about! No potential employee would turn down that kind of experience.

Later, Melanie heads to her job interview, and is quickly caught up with by Toadie who hands her the bulked-up CV that Mackenzie created for her. Acting as though she had forgotten it, Melanie plays dumb, but when he moves on, his girlfriend screws it up and throws it in the bin.

What is she hiding?

Meanwhile, Mackenzie struggles to understand why Melanie wouldn’t want to be screaming her experience with the barrister from the rooftops. Mentioning this to Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne), she’s surprised to learn that they know of Justin.

His wife Anna (Fiona Macleod) is a consulting neurologist at Eden Hills Private and had been at an MS information session they went to once a few years back.

Intrigued by the connection, Karl does some digging. What he comes across is something that neither he nor Susan expected! It’s certainly not something Toadie knows about.

A few years earlier, Anna and Justin were having marital issues after it was discovered he was having an affair with a colleague.

And the colleague in question? You guessed it… Melanie!

Will they tell Toadie? Do we even need to ask…

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) has been vying for the affections of two men.

The first was Ned (Ben Hall), who she hired at the Flamingo Bar and has shared a kiss with. The second was Levi (Richie Morris); she got drunk with him around a fire and the pair shared a one night stand.

For the last few weeks, the pair have been trying to woo her in various ways. Whilst the competition has remained fairly healthy, it’s clear that there is a hint of animosity – both have fallen hard for Amy, and neither wants to lose her.

Unfortunately for Levi, he’s copping it from his grandmother Sheila (Colette Mann) who not only believes he’s making a mistake, but also questions Amy as a person.

Poor little delicate floozy of a flower,” is how Sheila refers to her next week, which infuriates Levi.

On the other hand, Ned struggles with the thought that Levi’s date may have been more creative and interesting than his plans. Realising he needs something to sweep her off her feet (literally!), Ned makes plans to take Amy to an indoor skydiving facility. She was a flight attendant once, after all!

However, after a muck up with one of the café’s suppliers, Ned is forced to haul Amy with him to pick up some produce.

He’s disappointed to bring her on such a boring date, but it turns out that this was the best thing that Ned could’ve done. Amy loves seeing a man dedicated to his job, and, as tension builds, and with the idea of doing something crazy in mind, Ned closes the café and he and Amy get it on in the back room.

Afterwards, with ruffled hair, the pair escape the café and are caught by Levi. When he questions what was going on, Ned reveals all, expecting a jealous response from his love rival. He’s surprised when Levi brushes it off as if it was nothing.

The fact that Levi isn’t the jealous type is food for thought for Ned, who calls the pair together with a proposition…

He thinks they should dabble in polyamory – a ‘v’ relationship where they both date Amy.

They would be committed to each other; it’s far from an open relationship, it simply means Amy has two boyfriends – Ned and Levi, as equals.

Stunned, it’s something that neither Amy or Levi had considered.

However, they’re more than willing to listen.

How will they react to the idea?

Also this week… Aaron gives David some tough love

With Nicolette missing, David struggles to cope. Determined to find her, he lashes out at both Nic’s obstetrician, putting his career on the line. Meanwhile, Terese struggles to forgive Jesse after his deceit.

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 23rd August (8672)

David is increasingly overwhelmed by the stress of it all as the search for Nicolette continues.

Seeing Jesse still stirs up too much pain about Josh for Terese, so Harlow accepts she can’t pursue the friendship.

Tuesday 24th August (8673)

Following David’s outburst at Nicolette’s obstetrician, Karl suggests he take a leave of absence.

Mackenzie discovers that Melanie didn’t include some of the big, fancy law firms she worked for in her CV, leaving her and Toadie to wonder what she’s is hiding.

Wednesday 25th August (8674)

Karl reveals to Susan that Melanie once had a very messy affair with her boss, and the news quickly travels to Hendrix and Sheila.

Ned plans his own adventurous day out with Amy, but it quickly falls apart when he’s forced to deal with a work issue.

Thursday 26th August (8675)

Susan digs further into Melanie’s past by meeting up with Dr. Anna Buke, and things aren’t looking great.

Ned calls for a catch-up between himself, Levi and Amy and proposes an option no one saw coming.

Friday 27th August (8676)

David refused to acknowledge Leo, meanwhile Aaron reaches out to Chloe to rebuild their relationship.

Everybody is gobsmacked by Ned’s proposal that Amy officially date him and Levi, and the guys are taking idea of polyamory more seriously.

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