Neighbours Spoilers – Aaron gives David some tough love

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, David’s destructive behaviour is cause for concern. Meanwhile, Terese asks herself whether she will be able to forgive Jesse.

These episodes will air from Monday 23rd August.

As the fallout continues from the explosive mess that Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) has left in her absence, it seems that the two people she was trying to help are the two that have been hurt the most.


It’s no secret that Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) were desperate for a child.

Their experience with the fostering system was eye-opening. They had double the sadness when Emmett (Ezra Justin) returned to his mother, and his older brother Brent (Texas Watterston) left Erinsborough to serve in the military, but the dream of having their own child kept the pair afloat.

A drunken proposition from Nicolette brought them one step closer to that dream.

However, after building months of building tensions and insecurities, the mother of their unborn baby left Erinsborough after discovering that Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) had spent the night with Leo (Tim Kano), with no recollection of whether they’d slept together.

It was obvious last week that the pressure of trying to track down her and their unborn child was taking a toll on David, with him lashing out at his brother Leo.

This week, it’s husband vs husband as Aaron and David come to blows.

With the search for the fiery red head heating up, it’s clear that David is struggling to cope.

When Paul’s private investigator fails to come up with anything, David is livid. They’re getting nowhere, and he feels like he’s the only one who really cares. Aaron tries to soothe the situation, but it just infuriates him further.

The real clanger is when Jane reveals that she’s been in contact with her Queenslander cousin Toby (Ben Guerens), who told her that Nic had been in contact with him. Unfortunately, when Toby explained to Nicolette that he would have to inform Jane of her whereabouts, she hung up. Another dead end.

The growing uncertainty of the entire fiasco sends David into a flap. Without thinking, he voices his opinion to Aaron, Jane, Clive (Geoff Paine) and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly).

Having a baby with Nicolette is the worst decision of my life,” he blurts out to a shocked audience.

Storming out, David’s distraught. He can’t believe that things have unfolded the way they have.

Later, Aaron tracks his husband down. He explains Jane’s plan to visit Toby and see whether she can track down her daughter. David thinks that they should head to Queensland as well, but Aaron isn’t as convinced.

With more and more pushback, David grows increasingly more agitated. In his mind, he’s the only person that is actively doing anything to track down their surrogate.

Suddenly, he has an idea. Heading to the hospital, the usually level-leaded doctor confronts Nicolette’s midwife Stevie (Jazz Bell). He wants to know whether she’s had any contact with Nic, and whether she’s been referred to another midwife.

When Stevie refuses to help, but David doesn’t take no for an answer. Instead, he pushes the point so far that she questions whether his behaviour is on the cusp of harassment!

Luckily Aaron arrives in time to pull David away before he can do any real damage. However, it’s clear he isn’t thinking straight and is putting his career and reputation on the line.

Later in the day, Aaron asks Karl (Alan Fletcher) for advice. Coming around to speak to his colleague and friend, Karl suggests to David that he take some leave from the hospital; if not for him, then just for the dust to settle.

However, it’s clear to Aaron that David still isn’t heeding anyone’s guidance about his destructive behaviour, so he lets loose.

You running yourself into the ground is a waste of time,” Aaron tells his husband, before ordering him to go and get some rest.

The look on David’s face says it all, as he processes what Aaron has just told him.

Will he take his husband’s advice and step back, or is he about to throw everything away in his search for Nicolette?

Meanwhile, Jesse Porter (Cameron Robbie) can’t help but feel awful about the situation he’s put Lassiters in.

After the shock revelation that he was the son of criminal hotelier Julie Quill (Gail Easdale), Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) banished him from the company, and their lives.

The move devastated him, as he realised he actually felt a stronger alliance to Terese, Paul and Harlow (Jemma Donovan) than he does to his own family.

With his tail between his legs, he returned to inform his dear friend Harlow of his double dealings – he has flipped the switch and is now playing for Team Lassiters.

As the pair debrief, Harlow is fearful about what the Quills may do to their step-brother when they find out that he betrayed them.

Jesse assures her that it isn’t her problem. In the past he only relied on his step-family because he had no one else. But, while in Erinsborough, he has made some great connections and believes that he will be more than able to move forward.

This time, without their support.

However, there’s one thing that would really cement his future in town.

I’d still really like us to be friends,” he tells Harlow.

She’s hesitant, knowing what Terese would say about the situation. After all, it was Jesse’s mother who was responsible for her son Josh’s (Harley Bonner) death. She believes that Terese will always see him and associate him with Josh’s death.

Knowing it’s the right thing to do, Harlow reveals all to Terese and Paul (Stefan Dennis). Surprisingly, they agree to meet with Jesse to hear him out.

It’s clear that Jesse’s gratitude towards the Lassiters management duo is endless, especially after they took him under their wing. It seems they’ve seen something in him as well, and are clearly considering forgiving him.

However, when Terese returns to the hotel, it becomes clear that the memory of Josh is weighing heavily on her mind.

Taking a moment at his remembrance plaque, Terese is forced to question whether she will allow Jesse back into her life…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 23rd August (8672)

David is increasingly overwhelmed by the stress of it all as the search for Nicolette continues.

Seeing Jesse still stirs up too much pain about Josh for Terese, so Harlow accepts she can’t pursue the friendship.

Tuesday 24th August (8673)

Following David’s outburst at Nicolette’s obstetrician, Karl suggests he take a leave of absence.

Mackenzie discovers that Melanie didn’t include some of the big, fancy law firms she worked for in her CV, leaving her and Toadie to wonder what she’s is hiding.

Wednesday 25th August (8674)

Karl reveals to Susan that Melanie once had a very messy affair with her boss, and the news quickly travels to Hendrix and Sheila.

Ned plans his own adventurous day out with Amy, but it quickly falls apart when he’s forced to deal with a work issue.

Thursday 26th August (8675)

Susan digs further into Melanie’s past by meeting up with Dr. Anna Buke, and things aren’t looking great.

Ned calls for a catch-up between himself, Levi and Amy and proposes an option no one saw coming.

Friday 27th August (8676)

David refused to acknowledge Leo, meanwhile Aaron reaches out to Chloe to rebuild their relationship.

Everybody is gobsmacked by Ned’s proposal that Amy officially date him and Levi, and the guys are taking idea of polyamory more seriously.

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