Neighbours Spoilers – David punches Leo after Nic’s disappearence

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, David can’t contain his anger during an argument with Leo, while Harlow begins to question Jesse’s motives.

These episodes will air from Monday 16th August.

As we wrote in this week’s other Neighbours spoiler article, the Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) situation hits boiling point next week, as she leaves Ramsay Street behind.

While she’s hurting after Chloe’s (April Rose Pengilly) betrayal, Nicolette is far from the only one affected, as David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson) are forced to come to terms with the fact their baby’s mother has possibly abandoned them for good.

Following the fallout, poor David struggles to hold his emotions together.

After her sudden departure, with not even a note to say where she’s going, it’s safe to say that David is feeling deeply anxious. As the days go by without word from Nicolette, he finds himself unable to sleep or even think clearly.

He even finds himself in a verbal altercation with Sergeant Rodwell (Lloyd Will), chastising him for not doing enough to track down the mother of his baby. It’s very un-David-like behaviour, and it’s only an intervention by his brother Leo (Tim Kano) that stops Rodwell from hauling David into the station.

However, it turns out David is even more annoyed at Leo. After all, if it wasn’t for him and Chloe getting drunk and spending the night together, the events of the past few days would never have happened.

Fuming, the doctor lets rip at his brother, telling him he knows the only reason he got close to Chloe was to get into her pants and nothing more.

In his eyes, it’s all Leo’s fault.

But Leo has a completely different story. He hired Chloe to protect her from Nicolette. He had an inkling that she was bad news, and the stories he heard from Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Pierce (Don Hany) only helped to cement his suspicions.

As their loved ones watch on, the argument between the pair turns nasty. Finally, Leo can’t hold his tongue and spits venom.

You picked the wrong person to have your baby,” Leo says to his brother. What he says next makes David see red.

Unable to contain his anger, David lashes out and punches Leo in the mouth.

Is the bond between the brothers broken for good?

Elsewhere, the unfolding Nicolette situation proves to be an unexpected hurdle for Levi (Richie Morris) and Amy’s (Jacinta Stapleton) love life.

It’s no secret that he and Ned (Ben Hall) have both been vying for the attention of Amy for the past few weeks.

With Amy torn between the pair, they decided to both go on separate dates with her.

Firstly, Amy goes to the Waterhole with Ned and the date is a success. Ned quickly discusses the possibility of a second one, but Levi arrives just at the perfect (or imperfect, for Ned!) time.

I always like to quit while I’m ahead,” Ned says as he excuses himself, leaving Levi to fish for clues as to the success or failure of Amy’s first date.

She’s quiet in terms of how it went, but excited for theirs the following day. Levi assures he has something special planned…. she’s going to get wet with a wild animal!

However, when Levi finds himself caught up in the Nicolette saga the follow day, he’s forced to cancel his date at the last minute.

Amy’s left deflated and disappointed – especially when he cancels via a text message!

After revealing what happened to Kyle (Chris Milligan), Amy storms off, heels in hand. She’d put on her most uncomfortable shoes for nothing.

Later, Amy runs into Ned, still furious that she got all dressed up for nothing.

It should be the perfect opportunity for Ned to swoop in… but he can’t stand by and let Levi cop the blame for something that isn’t his fault. After all, they’re still friends, even if they are now love rivals.

He explains the details of the Nicolette situation, and Amy realises there was a good reason behind Levi bailing.

It’s clear that Ned wants the best for Amy and Levi. Will he step aside to allow the pair their chance to shine?

Meanwhile, Harlow (Jemma Donovan) is still upset about Jesse’s (Cameron Robbie) spying on the Lassiters group.

While a week has passed, when she sees him, it’s clear that the wounds are still fresh.

Ordering him off Lassiters property, she tells him that she will organise for his belongings to be delivered to him. She doesn’t want to see him ever again.

However, she’s shocked when she learns that the Quill Hotel Group has purchased the dodgy block of land that is unusable, the one Paul wanted to trick them into buying.

Realising that Jesse knew the truth, but must have still told his family to buy the dodgy land regardless, she’s confused. She contacts him and wants to talk.

He’s quick to open up, telling Harlow he wants nothing to do with his family and is happy to watch them fail.

Harlow is forced to question herself and her beliefs to this point. Is Jesse really as bad as his mother and step-siblings, or is there something more at play?

Keep an Eye Out

Producers of Neighbours made a sneaky little change to the opening credits from Thursday’s episode.

With Nicolette out of the picture, Leo has replaced her in a shot with Chloe.

Whether of not this is a permanent fixture (a la Cassius) remains to be seen!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 16th August (8667)

Chloe escapes to work where Leo is more than happy to be a supportive ear while the vino flows.

Karl and Jane are both excited about the local talent category for the Shorts and Briefs film festival, but Karl is thrown when he realises Jane and Clive are streets ahead with their entry.

Chloe begs Aaron and David to lie to Nicolette, saying she’s staying at their place.

Tuesday 17th August (8668)

Nicolette’s getting the vibe that something’s off between Chloe, Aaron and David, and when evidence of the lies Chloe’s been telling lands in her lap, it’s only a matter of time before the explosive truth comes out.

Chloe wakes up alone in the vineyard, surrounded by evidence of the alcohol-fuelled night before, wearing only Leo’s jacket, and a hazy memory where she can’t rule out that she slept with Leo.

Wednesday 18th August (8669)

Nicolette is devastated when Chloe confesses about her drunken night with Leo, and hurt even more when she learns that David and Aaron had been lying to help Chloe.

When Paul finds out about going on, he takes it out on Nicolette, making sure she knows she is still expected to follow through on the original plan with the baby.

Thursday 19th August (8670)

Shock sets in as Ramsay Street realises Nicolette’s disappeared, and tension is running high between David, Aaron and Chloe.

Amy’s bitterly disappointed when Levi has to cancel on their date as he’s helped in the search for Nicolette.

Friday 20th August (8671)

After a confrontation with David, a wounded Leo packs his bag and moves into No. 22.

When Harlow learns that the Quills bought the dodgy land, she tracks down Jesse who admits he wanted to find a way to apologise for what he did, setting his family up for the fall.

Aaron unleashes his rage and disappointment on a vulnerable Chloe, who leans on Leo for support, resulting in him making a big move.

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