Neighbours Spoilers – Jesse is revealed as Julie Quill’s son!

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Roxy and Harlow grapple with the realisation that Jesse is the Lassiters leak!

These episodes will air from Monday 2nd August.

Jesse Porter (Cameron Robbie) is hiding an explosive secret.

Ever since being hired as bartender at the Flamingo Bar months ago, the ditzy brunette has befriended many around Erinsborough, including Harlow (Jemma Donovan) and Roxy (Zima Anderson).

In fact, for the last few weeks, he’s been faking a relationship with Harlow in order to get her grandfather Paul (Stefan Dennis) off her back over her relationship with Brent.

However, it seems that this relationship has been mutually beneficial… except Harlow has no idea.

Last week, it was revealed that Jesse was secretly spying on Lassiters for the Quill Group, the rival hotel company in Erinsborough whose name alone brings painful memories for Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

But now, it seems his secret might be uncovered.

It all starts when Roxy and Harlow confront him about his relationship with Curtis (Nathan Borg), wanting to know all the goss. Despite him brushing it off that they are keeping it low key and off the radar, Harlow and Roxy make it known that everyone in Erinsborough tends to know everyone else. Especially considering Curtis’s aunt lives on Ramsay Street!

After Jesse excuses himself, stunned at the revelation of just how close-knit Erinsborough is, Roxy questions his unusual reaction. Harlow puts it down to the fact that he is being mentored by Paul and faking a relationship with his granddaughter.

But it’s long until Jesse sneaks into Terese’s office. On the phone to Shay, he facetiously thanks her, wondering if she purposely neglected to mention the fact that the community knows everything about everyone.

After hanging up, Jesse hears someone behind him. Sprung!

It’s Roxy, and she wants to know what he’s doing and how he managed to get into Terese’s office.

Jesse explains that he took Harlow’s key card to get in and that he is looking for account numbers on Amy’s (Jacinta Stapleton) behalf.

When Roxy questions him on whether Harlow knows he took her key card, Jesse purposely evades the question. Asking whether she is always suspicious of her friends, he’s surprised when she quips back.

Yes, especially when I find them rifling through someone else’s desk.

Jesse decides to leave, styling it out and keeping to his story that he was there on Amy’s orders. But Roxy believes she’s stumbled across something.

Meeting Harlow at the Waterhole, the pair discuss Jesse. When Roxy relays her suspicions, Harlow explains that she believes Jesse’s story as Amy has been asked to submit a new marketing plan.

But Roxy has a different theory – Jesse’s ‘himbo’ persona is all an act.

Backing up her theory with the various coincidences from recent weeks, Roxy tries to change Harlow’s mind. The Quills didn’t just steal their ideas for the film festival. They also stole them for the beach setting, which means that someone has been spying on Lassiters for months. Since around the same time that Jesse started.

Needing to uncover the truth, Harlow and Roxy use Terese’s computer to snoop on his employment application, but they come away with. nothing.

However, when Roxy notes that the photo he used looks cropped, a simple reverse image search reveals the explosive truth.

Hotel magnate Julie Quill and her son Jossiah Porter at a hot new restaurant, Verde,” Roxy reads the headline to a horrified Harlow.

And the truth is out!

Jesse arrives not long after, giving back Harlow’s key card and apologising for not asking her permission to use it. He notes Harlow’s unhappiness, but she dismisses it, using a phone call as an out.

Later, Jesse visits Shay who berates him for not getting enough information for her.

For the last five years, I’ve been papering over the cracks, trying to give the appearance that I run a fireball business,” she says, revealing that the hotel has been struggling and that they desperately need to win back customers.

Shay assures him it’s time they got their market share back and he needs to start working instead of sponging, otherwise he’ll be out.

It seems that while Jesse is playing both sides, he may not have as much incentive to supplement the Quills agenda as the girls think.

Sure of his deception, Roxy and Harlow rush to reveal the truth to Paul and Terese, but are both shocked when they find that Paul has asked Jesse to dinner. After all, he’s Harlow’s boyfriend and Paul’s new mentee, it’s about time they got to know him a bit better.

Following dinner, Terese farewells Jesse and the girls quickly take the opportunity to reveal the truth to a flabbergasted Paul.

He can’t believe it, but he assures them that they can’t tell Terese. It needs to come from him.

As he mulls over it, some big questions remain – will Jesse get the sack, or can they turn the tables and use him to their own advantage?

More importantly, will Paul tell Terese that the Lassiters mole is the son of the woman who killed her son?

Who is Julie Quill?

Julie Quill (Gail Easdale) is a businesswoman, and at the time of her arrival in Erinsborough, was the CEO of the Quill Hotel Group. She first came to Erinsborough after her company purchased the hotel from Lassiters.

It soon became apparent that Julie held a grudge against Paul, the result of a failed relationship between the pair.

Eventually, Julie began to wreak havoc, trying to ruin Paul’s plans to host the Erinsborough Citizen of the Year award and planning to build a second hotel tower on the existing complex.

Not long after, the boiler at Lassiters exploded, destroying the hotel and resulting in the death of Terese’s son Josh (Harley Bonner).

Although Paul was framed for this, it transpired that Julie had organised for someone to tamper with the boiler to claim the insurance money. She was charged, and later sentenced to ten years in prison.

Offscreen, Gail Easdale is the wife of Stefan Dennis.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 2nd August (8657)

Still angry after being fired, Hendrix tries to warn Chloe that Leo still has feelings for her, but Chloe doesn’t believe him.

Leo apologises to Paul about their blow-up over the vineyard, asking him for help with a dubious business matter.

Roxy’s suspicions about Jesse mount when she discovers him in Terese’s office.

Tuesday 3rd August (8658)

Still hoping to make things work with Amy, Ned’s is left gutted when she shuts him down again.

Harlow and Roxy decide to tell Paul about Jesse being a spy, but Paul has a plan of his own.

An innocent night of roasting marshmallows with Amy by the fire pit quickly turns racy for Levi.

Wednesday 4th August (8659)

Yashvi’s home for hospital but doesn’t seem herself, resulting in her making a life-changing decision.

Amy’s excitement about her night with Levi soon turns into to concern as she realises Levi is the same age as her son.

Thursday 5th August (8660)

When Chloe and Leo arrive late to the baby show, Aaron confronts Chloe wanting know what’s going on.

Confused by Amy’s rejection, Ned quits the Flamingo Bar, wanting space from the situation.

Friday 6th August (8661)

Chloe admits to Aaron and David that she is having doubts about her relationship, leaving the couple shocked and worried about the potential fallout.

Harlow begrudgingly agrees to the next step in Paul’s plan, even though she’s uncomfortable with the deception.

David catches Leo in an unguarded moment of gazing at Chloe, realising that Hendrix might be right.

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