Neighbours Spoilers – Yashvi and Levi’s lives on the line after car crash

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Yashvi’s life hangs in the balance after she and Levi are caught up in a dramatic car crash. Meanwhile, Jesse has an explosive secret!

These episodes will air from Monday 26th July.

It’s been weeks since Levi Canning (Richie Morris) first began his surveillance of two of the men that beat him up when he was a child – Mitch Foster (Kevin Hofbauer) and Nelson Ryker (Rhys Mitchell).

He’s faced endless arguments with his loved ones over whether or not he should continue his quest. What’s more, his search has put those closest to him in danger, with both Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Sheila (Colette Mann) finding themselves at the receiving end of threats from the two crims.

Sheila even resorted to confronting Mitch and Nelson outside the police station, but it was clear they weren’t going to listen to her pleas. However, Levi has persevered with his investigation, and finally this week he finds something of substance.

After being contacted by Mitch, Levi and his police partner Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) meet him in the bushlands.

Naturally, the pair are both surprised when Mitch admits that Sheila’s urgings made him realise he can’t continue to be a criminal.

When he admits he’s going to dob Nelson in, they are both taken aback.

You think Nelson’s just going to let me walk?” he asks.

Neither Levi nor Yashvi understand why he’s contacted them, but Mitch explains that he needs protection. He has children and doesn’t want them to turn out like him. He needs to get out of the game, and the easiest way to do that is to work with the police.

Unable to believe him, Levi walks away. However, Mitch announcing that Nelson has another job lined up is what seals the deal for him, and Levi has no choice but to listen to what his attacker has to say.

The police pair listen and decide to pursue Mitch’s claim. The soon to be former criminal gives them a few caveats – they don’t get the other police involved and they don’t let anyone else know their location.

Unfortunately for them, back in Ramsay Street, Sheila (Colette Mann) brings up the issue of Levi’s surveilling once again. His vague response leaves her full of questions, unsure whether to believe he’s truly stopped.

That afternoon, Levi and Yashvi head to the docks, where they find Mitch and Nelson removing boxes from a shipping container and loading them into their van.

Noting the logo on the boxes, ‘Sky Zero’, Levi and Yashvi soon learn that they are high end drones reported stolen from a truck months before.

This information leads to a shocking realisation – Mitch and Nelson had already done the robbery before Levi began his surveillance. As a result, the pair have the proof they need to make an arrest.

When the van moves, they begin their pursuit. Levi wants to call it in, but Yashvi believes that this could result in them losing precious time and wants them to go after them together.

We go silently,” he compromises.

However, when the van pulls up at a level crossing, Mitch realises that Levi and Yashvi are behind him. Tension builds as the lights continue and the bells ring, but as soon as the train has passed, Mitch floors it.

It’s confirmation enough for Levi and Yashvi – this was planned and he was involved.

On go the sirens and the police pursuit begins. As they race through the country roads, Levi edges closer to bringing the van to a halt.

After calling for police assistance, Yashvi orders Levi to pull in front of the van. Knowing what he has to do, Levi pulls into the right hand lane.

Unbeknownst to them, Sheila has decided to track Levi’s phone and is on her way to meet him, wherever he is. Unfortunately, as she drives towards them, she has no idea what she’s getting herself in for.

As Levi, Yashvi, Mitch and Nelson hit a bend, Levi continues attempt to overtake, just as Sheila comes around the other corner.

Unable to break in time, the cops’ car goes over the top of Sheila’s and flips, leaving the two officers dangling upside down.

Fortunately, Levi is able to escape in time to pursue Mitch and Nelson.

However, by the time Yashvi is able to escape, she’s in a bad way. In Sheila’s lap, being comforted, Yashvi fights for life.

Will she survive?

Meanwhile, there’s a mole in the ranks of Lassiters.

After it was revealed that the Quill Hotel Group had created their own urban beach setting, it was believed they were just riding Lassiters’ coattails.

However, When Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) learn that the rival hotel has won the contract for the film festival using a very similar pitch to that submitted by Lassiters, they realise that there must be a leak amongst them.

Although it seems as though there’s multiple candidates, all is revealed when Jesse (Cameron Robbie) is left alone in Terese’s office.

Taking the opportunity when presents itself, he takes images of a plan for a drive-in movie night that Harlow has put together.

Soon after, he meets with Shay Quill (Yasmin Kassim). Though he is happy with himself, the Quill CEO berates him for the information that he has.

I want to see budgets, financial, long term contracts – things we can really hurt them with,” she tells Jesse.

Although he is adamant that his girlfriend can’t access that, Shay is adamant.

Well, find a way without her!

How is Jesse going to keep up the ruse? And more importantly, what ties Jesse to the Quill Hotel Group?

However, it seems that him being the leak isn’t the only secret he’s keeping.

Later in the week, Jesse runs into Curtis (Nathan Borg) who is upset that he has been ghosted for the last few days. Realising he isn’t making as much effort as he should, Jesse offers to spend the afternoon with his teacher lover.

It’s not long though before the pair are spotted getting a little too close for comfort…

…by Roxy.

Jesse has a lot of explaining to do!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 26th July (8652)

By the time Nicolette is found in the vineyard, she is in danger of losing the baby.

Roxy discovers that The Quill Group submitted an identical pitch for the short film festival and won.

Amy sets Ned up on a blind date, but quickly realises how jealous she is when she sees them together.

Tuesday 27th July (8653)

Kyle and Toadie set up a neighbourhood watch and soon get carried away with the comings and goings on the street.

Roxy discovers Jesse making out with Curtis and breaks the news to Harlow.

Levi and Yashvi are thrown when Mitch approaches them to make a deal in return for immunity.

Wednesday 28th July (8654)

Dipi rushes to the hospital where Yasvhi has been admitted with serious injuries as a result of a frightening accident.

Levi hunts down Mitch and Nelson through the bush, which provides a perfect opportunity to enact his revenge.

Ned is tempted when Amy admits that she likes him and is up for a bit of fun, but news of Yashvi’s accident complicates things.

Thursday 29th July (8655)

Amy is doubting whether she and Ned can continue their uncomplicated fun.

Chloe enlists Aaron and David to take over caring for Nicolette, and their overbearing efforts to help drive Nicolette to the point where she’s desperate to escape.

Friday 30th July (8656)

A protective Hendrix gives Leo a clear warning to back off, only to have it backfire.

Aaron and David’s overbearing concern for Nicolette, eventually causes her to snap.

Sheila decides to come clean to the police about Levi’s childhood attack.

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