Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette discovers Chloe spent the night with Leo

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Chloe’s drunken actions are discovered by Nicolette, setting off a chain reaction that sends the mother-to-be into a downward spiral.

These episodes will air from Monday 16th August.

After months of lies, deceit and betrayal, the relationship between Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) and Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) finally reaches breaking point next week, resulting in a move that will have ramifications into next year.

At the end of this week, Nicolette and Chloe’s engagement party takes place. Although it is supposed to be a happy occasion for all involved, Chloe feels overwhelmed, and sneaks off into Ramsay Street, where she bumps into Leo.

Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) catch the pair locked in a comforting embrace, and are quick to question them about it, but they assure them that there’s nothing untoward going on. Whether the married couple believe them or not is an entirely different question…

However, as next week begins, it becomes clear that Chloe’s still not 100% convinced that marrying Nicolette is a good idea.

Asking her brothers to back off, Chloe explains that she just needs to be left alone. She wants to get through the night without having a panic attack and having them follow her every move isn’t helping that happen.

At the end of the night, David explodes at his husband, voicing his concern.

Your sister changes her mind so fast and so often I’ve got whiplash,” he says of Chloe’s flippancy.

In fact, in David’s mind, there’s nothing more important than looking after Nicolette – the mother of their unborn child.

When Leo arrives, David can’t help but let rip. There was absolutely no reason for him to show up at the engagement party, and even less for him to be caught with one of the brides-to-be in his arms.

Leo assures him that it is simply because he is the only person that she can turn to. If David and Aaron weren’t blinded by the upcoming birth, maybe they could see the growing rift between Chloe and Nicolette.

The next day, David and Aaron head over to No. 24 to find Nicolette rising.

They learn that Chloe left early and headed to the winery, leaving them with cause for concern – they’re all too aware that Chloe is intentionally ignoring Nic, and is choosing to spend time with her ex instead.

To keep Nicolette’s spirits up, the pair ask her to spend the day with them. As a result, they escort her to her antenatal class where she is given a special herbal tea by Maya (Christina O’Neill) to help her sleep.

Meanwhile, at the winery, Chloe and Leo debrief about the night before. Stressed by the speed of her engagement, Chloe needs a night away. To help her achieve this, Leo suggests that the pair fake a function so that they can have an excuse to be late home.

She agrees; however, as the wine stars flowing, morning becomes afternoon and afternoon becomes night. Next thing they know, it’s late and they have consumed far too much wine to even contemplate driving home.

Realising that there is only one way of getting her backside covered, Chloe calls Aaron and asks for a favour. She’s wondering if she can crash there for the night. Aaron can’t believe she’d ask that, especially considering she’s drunk, which mean she’s lied to both him and Nicolette.

When she asks if Aaron can tell Nicolette that she’ll be staying at No. 32, David puts his foot down. They won’t be doing her dirty work! However, Aaron supports his sister and agrees to lie to Nic.

David can’t believe what he’s hearing. He lays out the circumstances in front of Aaron to prove a point. They are exes. One of whom has feelings for the other. The other has doubts in her relationship. On top of all this, they’re drunk. He doesn’t believe it’s a recipe for success.

Aaron is quick to defend Chloe, pointing out that she would never do to Nicolette was Pierce (Don Hany) did to her.

But over at the winery, Leo makes a revelation to a drunken Chloe that shocks her. He has feelings for her. In fact, he believes that if she were honest, she’d admit she had feelings for him too.

The next morning, Chloe awakens, wrapped in Leo’s jacket. With two bottles of wine in front of her, and with very little memory of the night before, she knows things don’t look good.

She heads straight to No. 32 where she receives a lecture from both David and Aaron.

However, a telling off is the least of Chloe’s concern, as she reveals to Aaron what she woke up to this morning. When she reveals she was wearing Leo’s jacket, she adds an extra detail to clarify things.

Only Leo’s jacket,” she reveals, guiltily.

She confesses that she thinks she slept with Leo, but can’t be sure!

But later that day, the secret is uncovered by Nicolette.

Whilst doing a favour for her mother, she edits footage that was taken at the winery as part of Jane’s entry to the Erinsborough Film Festival.

However, as she watches it, it becomes clear to her that not only did Chloe and Leo lie about the function…

… but they also spent the night together at the winery.

When Chloe finally returns to her, Nicolette is clearly deflated. But when she begins asking questions about why her car stayed at the vineyard overnight, Chloe is overwhelmed. Nicolette wants to know what’s been going on and why she’s been lying to her face.

When Nicolette’s probing gets all too much, Chloe blurts out the truth.

I think I slept with Leo.

After hearing this, Nicolette self-destructs.

She blasts Chloe, David and Aaron and then Hendrix. She’s been hurt by everyone that she thought was on her side!

However, when Paul visits her and drives home how worthless she truly is to the residents of Ramsay Street, Nicolette makes a drastic decision that could change the futures of everyone who cares for her.

She’s leaving!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 16th August (8667)

Chloe escapes to work where Leo is more than happy to be a supportive ear while the vino flows.

Karl and Jane are both excited about the local talent category for the Shorts and Briefs film festival, but Karl is thrown when he realises Jane and Clive are streets ahead with their entry.

Chloe begs Aaron and David to lie to Nicolette, saying she’s staying at their place.

Tuesday 17th August (8668)

Nicolette’s getting the vibe that something’s off between Chloe, Aaron and David, and when evidence of the lies Chloe’s been telling lands in her lap, it’s only a matter of time before the explosive truth comes out.

Chloe wakes up alone in the vineyard, surrounded by evidence of the alcohol-fuelled night before, wearing only Leo’s jacket, and a hazy memory where she can’t rule out that she slept with Leo.

Wednesday 18th August (8669)

Nicolette is devastated when Chloe confesses about her drunken night with Leo, and hurt even more when she learns that David and Aaron had been lying to help Chloe.

When Paul finds out about going on, he takes it out on Nicolette, making sure she knows she is still expected to follow through on the original plan with the baby.

Thursday 19th August (8670)

Shock sets in as Ramsay Street realises Nicolette’s disappeared, and tension is running high between David, Aaron and Chloe.

Amy’s bitterly disappointed when Levi has to cancel on their date as he’s helped in the search for Nicolette.

Friday 20th August (8671)

After a confrontation with David, a wounded Leo packs his bag and moves into No. 22.

When Harlow learns that the Quills bought the dodgy land, she tracks down Jesse who admits he wanted to find a way to apologise for what he did, setting his family up for the fall.

Aaron unleashes his rage and disappointment on a vulnerable Chloe, who leans on Leo for support, resulting in him making a big move.

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