Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette proposes as Yashvi says goodbye

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Nicolette proposes to Chloe, while Yashvi bids farewell to Erinsborough.

These episodes will air from Monday 9th August.

Last week, while recovering from her car crash under the watchful eye of her mother Dipi (Sharon Johal), Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) made a big decision – she was going to move to Sydney to be closer to the rest of her family.

Next week, it’s time for Yashvi to say goodbye after four years on Ramsay Street, but it seems that her impending departure has given her a licence to treat people badly.

Firstly, she berates Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) for trying to help her pack. Then, when Levi (Richie Morris) arrives, he gets the exact same treatment. It seems she wants to spend her final hours in Erinsborough in solitude.

Realising how upset Mackenzie and Levi are that their friend seems to have lost any interest in them, Toadie (Ryan Moloney) calls out Yashvi’s behaviour.

Feeling terrible, she calls Levi back over and he gives her a leaving present.

Opening it, Yashvi is chuffed but slightly bemused to find a mug donning her face, with the text ‘World’s Best Partner’ on it. It’s certainly not the best photo – it’s her staff photo which Levi pulled from the police database – but Levi insists that it has to have pride of place on her new desk in Sydney.

She’s touched by the gift, and glad to have had a warm farewell with her fellow officer, but she can’t shake the bad feeling she still has over her behaviour towards Mackenzie.

When she can’t get in contact with her best friend, she worries. But when Toadie (Ryan Moloney) takes her to the nursery, she realises why she hasn’t been able to contact her…

Surprise! Yashvi realises that all her loved ones, including Mackenzie, have gathered to say goodbye at her farewell party.

Yashvi is overwhelmed. Not only by the surprise, but the fact that it is at the nursery.

It’s like Sonya can say goodbye too,” she says to Toadie.

Giving her cousins Nell (Scarlett Anderson) and Hugo (John Turner) some final life tips, Yashvi reminds them to hide the remote when Toadie is watching too much wrestling and find his secret stash of snacks when he won’t give them more food.

Toadie pulls her aside, telling her to stop revealing all his secrets. Then, the pair share a special moment of their own.

You were like me when you first came to Erinsborough. You were a ratbag with too much energy and not enough sense,” he says, as she fights back tears.

Toadie declares his pride at how happy he is that she, like he, has found her passion in life.

As her uncle heads off, Ned brings over a gift. A blue towel, exactly like the one that he had when she saved him in the sauna… the day their love story began.

From a little sweat came big dreams,” she says.

However, Ned reminds him that they still have big dreams, just not together.

In response, Yashvi asks Ned to promise her something. She wants him to follow his dreams and never let anyone stand in his way. After all he’s been through, he deserves good things.

Sharing one last embrace, Yashvi says goodbye to her ex-boyfriend.

As Yashvi gives Mackenzie and Nell one final hug, Dipi prompts her that they have to leave.

Heading off, Yashvi looks forward to the future that she is right in front of her. With one final backward glance, the young police officer leaves for Sydney.

Bon voyage, Yashvi Rebecchi!

Elsewhere, it seems that while Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) is having ever-growing doubts about her relationship with Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), the mother-to-be has a very different ideas about where their relationship is at.

Heading out for lunch at the Waterhole whilst Jane (Annie Jones) works on a surprise for the pair, Nic and Chloe discuss plans for the future.

It seems that Isla Fay is the frontrunner for the Brenaka baby name. While Nic loves the name, she comments that it’s a shame as she would have loved to have used those names for her and Chloe’s child. When they get around to having them, of course…

The mention of children is a shock to Chloe.

When she questions it, Nic explains how she sees the future. Chloe would be the corporate wife and make the money, while Nic would be a stay at home mother and look after their two children – Isla and Grover.

The second name is welcomed with a smirk from Chloe, but it’s clear that the discussion of such a committed future is weighing heavily on her mind.

Heading off, Chloe downloads to Leo (Tim Kano) about her feelings and explains that she really does love Nicolette, despite her recent concerns. She would just be a little bit happier if the pair slowed things down!

As such, Leo suggests that perhaps she could push Nic towards taking up David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) offer of staying with them at No. 32 until the baby is born. That way, Chloe will get some much needed time alone.

Chloe agrees, believing it could be exactly what she needs.

However, it seems Nic has different plans. Calling Chloe down to the lake, Nicolette reveals what he mother has been working on.

The gazebo has been decked out, and a bottle of champagne is on ice!

It’s clear that Leo knows exactly where this is going, but Chloe is in the dark. That is, until Nic gets down on one knee.

Chloe Brennan, will you marry me?” Nicolette asks her stunned girlfriend, smiling from ear to ear.

What will Chloe say?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 9th August (8662)

With Paul and Roxy pushing her on, Harlow feeds false information to Jesse with the hope it will get back to the Quills.

Nicolette’s talk of future plans over a romantic brunch triggers another freak-out from Chloe.

Leo confesses to Paul that he does have feelings for Chloe.

Tuesday 10th August (8663)

Toadie brings Yashvi to the Nursery for one last surprise – a farewell gathering.

Although stunned, Chloe accepts Nicolette’s proposal but is worried she has made another huge mistake.

Wednesday 11th August (8664)

After Amy’s weekend away, both Ned and Levi appear at her house at different times wanting to pick up where they left off.

Harlow is unsure how to keep the ruse up when Hendrix and Mackenzie learn that Jesse is with Curtis.

Thursday 12th August (8665)

Harlow’s unnerved by the close call with Terese, telling Paul they better act fast against the Quills.

Ned wrestles with his hurt when he learns about Amy and Levi’s hook up.

A curious Terese is on a mission of her own, edging even closer to uncovering the truth.

Friday 13th August (8666)

Terese is appalled by Paul and Harlow’s deceit.

During their engagement party, Chloe feels suffocated, fleeing into the arms of the one person she trusts will understand – Leo.

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