Home and Away Spoilers – Will Justin’s collapse make him see sense?

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, Justin ends up back in hospital after his shock collapse. Can Leah finally convince him he needs help?

Despite Justin’s belief that he doesn’t have a problem, it’s clear to Leah that he’s addicted to his pain medication. She recently discovered a huge stash of medication in his suitcase, and it was clearly far more than he needed for their trip to Melbourne. While he brushed it off by claiming that he was in pain every day, this was far from an explanation for the sheer volume of pills he’d been hiding.

Considering he recently hit up Christian (Ditch Davey) for a prescription for yet more meds, it became clear that he was building up a large collection of medication.

When Leah confronted her boyfriend about the stash, he turned defensive, shocked at the idea that she would even consider that he was addicted. “You think I’m a junkie?” he exclaimed, his temper building, as he began to shove countless packets of pills down the sink.

Sadly, Leah thought that confronting Justin about the issue was enough, and believed him when he told her that he would be going cold turkey on his painkillers. In reality, he turned to the internet, sourcing pills from an online pharmacy and ordering them to the garage.

At the end of this week, Justin collapses just hours after taking the pills, with Leah finding him passed out on the floor in scenes reminiscent of when his growing spinal cavernoma caused him to collapse last year.

Justin collapsed at Summer Bay Auto last September

As we rejoin the action next week, Justin has been rushed to hospital. Tori treats him in emergency, but has no idea what has happened.

When he has a seizure, it’s clear that something is seriously wrong. Finally, Leah opens up about Justin’s recent painkiller issues, explaining to Tori that he double dosed a few weeks ago but that they’ve got on top of everything.

Tori, knowing these aren’t the symptoms of someone coming off medication, is convinced that he must have taken something and insists that Leah head to the garage and search for any extra pills.

When Alf and Leah head to Summer Bay Auto, it isn’t long before they break open a cabinet and find what they’re looking for – bottle after bottle of medication! Justin had been lying to Leah after all.

Tori can’t believe it. After everything they went through with Brody, how could Justin be so stupid? And to order pills online! While the active ingredient in the pills he bought may be the same, the fact that they’re from an unknown online source means “they could be cut with anything” – and it’s that anything that has landed him in hospital.

While Lean remains sympathetic, Justin’s sister definitely isn’t. She lays into Justin as he lies helpless on the hospital bed, berating him for his actions.

As she presents him with the bottles and asks him why he was taking pills that could’ve killed him, she loses control of her emotions. “What were you thinking, just grabbing any random pills you could?!”

Alf and Leah are forced to pull her away as her anger takes over. Justin, meanwhile, still can’t get the extent of what’s happened. He orders Leah out of his room, and just wants to be alone.

However, he has a fight on his hands. When he tells Tori that he wants to discharge himself and go home, she threatens him with calling the police. It’s clear she’s serious, and would do anything if it meant she didn’t lose another brother and Ava didn’t lose her father.

“Can you just stop and acknowledge how close to the edge you are? If Leah hadn’t found you before, you would be dead right now,” she insists. “You need to start being honest! I need you to start dealing with the fact that you’re an addict.”

“I’m not an addict.” Despite a brush with death, Justin is still completely and utterly in denial. “I am not addicted.” He tells Tori that he’s removing her as his doctor, and refuses to let her have anything more to do with his treatment.

With Tori no longer able to treat Justin, Christian heads to his room to try to talk some sense into him. Unsurprisingly he doesn’t have any luck either.

Justin justifies his purchase, explaining that he bought painkillers online perfectly fine the first time; it was only the second batch which didn’t agree with him. He puts it down to a bad batch, unable to see that he in fact made an incredibly dangerous decision.

Justin even tries to convince Christian to write him out another prescription, explaining that the pain keeps on coming back in waves. Obviously, Christian has no choice but to turn him down.

Not long after, Justin tries to make a break for it, but collapses, and his girlfriend, sister and her fiancée are forced to bring him back to his hospital bed once again.

A few days later and it’s time for him to be discharged. Yet while Leah is looking forward to having him home, her good mood doesn’t last for long.

She’s forced to take control of his pain meds, with the hospital giving her strict instructions on when he’s able to have each dose. Justin isn’t happy with the lack of control, seeing it as an unnecessary intervention, and it isn’t long until he starts acting up.

He’s constantly clock-watching, checking when his next medication is due. As the pain and withdrawal sets in, he struggles with the wait more and more. When Leah comes home to find him rummaging through the drawers in search of the pills, it’s clear this is going to be a struggle.

“Where are they?” he begs.

Yet when he finally figures out that Leah is keeping the pills hidden on her person, Leah starts to feel unsafe around her own boyfriend. That night, when Justin struggles to wait the final half an hour until the next dose, she finds herself locked in the bathroom, hiding away to stop her boyfriend from forcibly taking the pills off her.

Back against the door and in tears, as Justin bangs on the door from the other side, she knows she can’t put up with this much longer.

Will they survive?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 12th July 2021 (Episode 7575)

Chloe confides in Ryder. Ari and Mia have a hard time convincing Chloe. Justin’s cold turkey comes home to roost.

Tuesday 13th July 2021 (Episode 7576)

Justin struggles with his reality. Christian makes a bad choice. Roo and Marilyn rally around their friend.

Wednesday 14th July 2021 (Episode 7577)

Nikau becomes obsessed with his image. Christian makes a devastating decision. Tori’s world is shattered.

Thursday 15th July 2021 (Episode 7578)

Nikau’s party kicks off. Bella confronts Allegra. Mac makes a fool of herself.

Friday 16th July 2021 (Episode 7579)

Mac hits rock bottom. Justin’s addiction pushes his relationship to the edge. John hides his secret conversations.

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