Neighbours Spoilers – Yashvi says goodbye to Erinsborough

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, just months after the rest of the Rebecchi family left Erinsborough for Sydney, Yashvi makes a huge decision – she’s leaving as well.

These episodes will air in Australia from Monday 12th July, and in the UK from Monday 9th August.

Yashvi, played by Olivia Junkeer, first arrived in Ramsay Street in 2017, alongside her parents Shane and Dipi, sister Kirsha, and aunt Mishti.

Her brother Jay remained at boarding school in Sydney, but eventually turned up in Ramsay Street in late 2020 for a brief but eventful visit, before returning to Sydney at the start of this year.

Yashvi struggled when her parents departed for Sydney earlier this year, in search of a new start after Dipi’s affair with Pierce Greyson.

She initially considered joining them, and was accepted for a transfer to a police force in the New South Wales city, but eventually decided to stick around in Melbourne to be with Ned (Ben Hall).

However, when she discovered that Ned had developed a close emotional connection to Sheila Canning #2 (Shareena Clanton), she realised that she and her boyfriend were on very different pages, and they broke up just a few weeks ago.

Last week, Yashvi found herself hospitalised after being involved in a dramatic car chase. She and Levi (Richie Morris) chased down thugs Mitch (Kevin Hofbauer) and Nelson (Rhys Mitchell), but their car flipped over after Levi swerved to avoid Sheila’s car.

She was left in a bad way, needed urgent surgery for a tear in her spleen, and has spent the past week in the hospital.

Dipi rushed back to Erinsborough from Sydney after hearing the news, and reuniting with her mother for the first time in months has been just what Yashvi needed.

This week, she’s released from hospital, but isn’t herself. She’s got a lot on her mind, and makes a huge decision – she’s ready for a fresh start of her own and is leaving Erinsborough behind for good.

Fans have been speculating on Olivia Junkeer’s departure from Neighbours for some time, but her exit was finally confirmed in an interview in Australian TV magazine TV Week.

She is leaving the show after a little over four years. When asked what prompted her departure, Junkeer explained that she wanted a change, and that after the rest of the Rebecchi clan left, it felt like time for her to do the same.

“I’ve been working on Neighbours since I left school, so I think I need to experience something different,” she told the publication.

Her departure will leave the path open for her return to Erinsborough. When asked whether she would consider a future return to the show, she told TV Week, “Of course. I don’t think I can ever properly say goodbye to Ramsay Street.”

“A part of me would have loved some extremely dramatic ending, but I like that it’s open-ended.”

Junkeer recently starred as Mia in Why are you like this?, an ABC comedy which premiered in Australia in February of this year.

Yashvi’s departure is expected to air on Tuesday 13th July, and in the UK four weeks later on Tuesday 10th August.

Also next week… Chloe and Nic get engaged!

Chloe excitedly says yes to Nicolette’s proposal… but instantly gets cold feet. Elsewhere, Jesse’s plan unravels.

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Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks in Australia:

Monday 5th July (8657)

Still angry after being fired, Hendrix tries to warn Chloe that Leo still has feelings for her, but Chloe doesn’t believe him.

Leo apologises to Paul about their blow-up over the vineyard, asking him for help with a dubious business matter.

Roxy’s suspicions about Jesse mount when she discovers him in Terese’s office.

Tuesday 6th July (8658)

Still hoping to make things work with Amy, Ned’s is left gutted when she shuts him down again.

Harlow and Roxy decide to tell Paul about Jesse being a spy, but Paul has a plan of his own.

An innocent night of roasting marshmallows with Amy by the fire pit quickly turns racy for Levi.

Wednesday 7th July (8659)

Yashvi’s home for hospital but doesn’t seem herself, resulting in her making a life-changing decision.

Amy’s excitement about her night with Levi soon turns into to concern as she realises Levi is the same age as her son.

Thursday 8th July (8660)

When Chloe and Leo arrive late to the baby show, Aaron confronts Chloe wanting know what’s going on.

Confused by Amy’s rejection, Ned quits the Flamingo Bar, wanting space from the situation.

Friday 9th July (8661)

Chloe admits to Aaron and David that she is having doubts about her relationship, leaving the couple shocked and worried about the potential fallout.

Harlow begrudgingly agrees to the next step in Paul’s plan, even though she’s uncomfortable with the deception.

David catches Leo in an unguarded moment of gazing at Chloe, realising that Hendrix might be right.

Monday 12th July (8662)

With Paul and Roxy pushing her on, Harlow feeds false information to Jesse with the hope it will get back to the Quills.

Nicolette’s talk of future plans over a romantic brunch triggers another freak-out from Chloe.

Leo confesses to Paul that he does have feelings for Chloe.

Tuesday 13th July (8663)

Toadie brings Yashvi to the Nursery for one last surprise – a farewell gathering.

Although stunned, Chloe accepts Nicolette’s proposal but is worried she has made another huge mistake.

Wednesday 14th July (8664)

After Amy’s weekend away, both Ned and Levi appear at her house at different times wanting to pick up where they left off.

Harlow is unsure how to keep the ruse up when Hendrix and Mackenzie learn that Jesse is with Curtis.

Thursday 15th July (8665)

Harlow’s unnerved by the close call with Terese, telling Paul they better act fast against the Quills.

Ned wrestles with his hurt when he learns about Amy and Levi’s hook up.

A curious Terese is on a mission of her own, edging even closer to uncovering the truth.

Friday 16th July (8666)

Terese is appalled by Paul and Harlow’s deceit.

During their engagement party, Chloe feels suffocated, fleeing into the arms of the one person she trusts will understand – Leo.

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