Neighbours Spoilers – Chloe and Nicolette get engaged

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Chloe is stunned by a marriage proposal from Nicolette. While she says yes, the doubts immediately set in. Is she doing the right thing?

Despite everything Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) have been through in the past few months, Nicolette thinks that the pair are in a great place.

In her eyes they’re the strongest they’ve ever been – so much so that she makes a huge decision, and asks Chloe to marry her!

Caught up in the moment, a stunned Chloe says yes.

However, while she seems excited, she quickly realises that she’s rushed into the decision.

“The engagement catches Chloe off guard,” April Rose Pengilly explained in the latest edition of TV Week. “She loves Nicolette, but is overwhelmed by the pace of the relationship.”

It’s not long before Chloe realises the magnitude of what she’s just done – she’s only been divorced from Pierce (Don Hany) for a matter of months, and, after her ex-husband’s recent return, she had already begun to worry that she only fell into her relationship with Nicolette out of grief. Now she’s found herself engaged yet again.

Before she has time to talk to her new fiancée about her doubts, she finds herself in the middle of a surprise engagement party, organised by Jane (Annie Harris) and filled with her friends and family.

She has no choice but to put on a brave face, but inside she feels completely overwhelmed and suffocated. As soon as she has a chance to escape, she turns to the only person she feels she can open up to – Leo (Tim Kano).

Leo’s recent return to Erinsborough took Chloe by surprise, and she’s found herself increasingly drawn to her old flame. They understand each other, and she’s really enjoyed rebuilding their friendship in recent weeks. However, while she only sees him as a friend, Leo has clearly wanted more, and has been doing his best to get closer to her.

Hendrix (Benny Turland) has been suspicious of Leo’s feelings ever since he returned, but has failed to convince Chloe that her ex has an ulterior motive. This week sees Hendrix lose his new job in the vineyard kitchen after he confronts Leo about his feelings for Chloe, and next week he’s finally about to get some backup.

Aaron and David spot Leo give Chloe a hug, and they too begin to suspect that something is going on.

However, they’re concerned about far more than just Nicolette’s feelings and the potential heartbreak if anything were to happen between Chloe and Leo. They know that Nic is carrying their baby, so any decision Chloe makes has the potential to unravel their plan for a co-parenting relationship once and for all.

Will they tell Nicolette about their suspicions? And will Chloe tell Nic that she isn’t ready to be engaged again?

Elsewhere, Jesse (Cameron Robbie) has been secretly working with the Quills, the owners of one of Lassiters’ main competitors. He’s been feeding them information about Lassiters in an act of corporate espionage, with the Quills then stealing their rivals’ ideas for their own hotel.

When he was presented with the opportunity to be in a fake relationship with Harlow (Jemma Donovan), he jumped at the chance. It meant he could get close to Harlow, using her to gain the latest Lassiters insider gossip, but it also acted as a cover for his relationship with Erinsborough High’s newest teacher Curtis Perkins (Nathan Borg).

Roxy figures out that Jesse is the mole this week, when she finds him in Terese’s (Rebekah Elmaloglou) office. When she reveals the news to Paul, they convince Harlow to feed him with false information. The hope is that it’ll get back to the Quills and they can play them at their own game.

Next week, however, both Paul and Jesse’s plans begin to unravel in spectacular fashion.

Jesse decides to break things off with Curtis, but doesn’t give him any explanation. Curtis has only recent come to terms with his feelings for Jesse, so to have it suddenly come crashing down leaves him deeply hurt.

However, things are about to get a lot more complicated.

Curtis turns to an unusual source of support, opening up to Hendrix about the end of his relationship. Of course, as far as Hendrix knows, Jesse is dating Harlow – so when he suddenly has his teacher opening up to him about his own breakup with Jesse, Hendrix becomes convinced that Jesse has been messing Harlow around.


Hendrix tells Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) that Jesse has been cheating on Harlow, and it doesn’t take long for the news to get back to Curtis. Now Curtis believes it too, and is livid that Jesse would treat him like that.

He had been doubting himself, thinking that he simply wasn’t good enough for Jesse. When he finds out Jesse has in fact been cheating on him (or so he thinks), he lashes out. Confronting Jesse, Curtis pushes him, causing him to fall backwards.

Will he be okay?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 12th July (8662)

With Paul and Roxy pushing her on, Harlow feeds false information to Jesse with the hope it will get back to the Quills.

Nicolette’s talk of future plans over a romantic brunch triggers another freak-out from Chloe.

Leo confesses to Paul that he does have feelings for Chloe.

Tuesday 13th July (8663)

Toadie brings Yashvi to the Nursery for one last surprise – a farewell gathering.

Although stunned, Chloe accepts Nicolette’s proposal but is worried she has made another huge mistake.

Wednesday 14th July (8664)

After Amy’s weekend away, both Ned and Levi appear at her house at different times wanting to pick up where they left off.

Harlow is unsure how to keep the ruse up when Hendrix and Mackenzie learn that Jesse is with Curtis.

Thursday 15th July (8665)

Harlow’s unnerved by the close call with Terese, telling Paul they better act fast against the Quills.

Ned wrestles with his hurt when he learns about Amy and Levi’s hook up.

A curious Terese is on a mission of her own, edging even closer to uncovering the truth.

Friday 16th July (8666)

Terese is appalled by Paul and Harlow’s deceit.

During their engagement party, Chloe feels suffocated, fleeing into the arms of the one person she trusts will understand – Leo.

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