Home and Away Spoilers – Leah’s obsession with finding Susie continues

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Leah continues her hunt for Susie, alienating those around her in the process. Elsewhere, as Nikau gets his first modelling assignment, he and Bella soon learn that his life is under Sienna’s control.

Since Susie (Bridie Carter) skipped town, taking with her Leah and Justin’s hefty house deposit and the surf competition’s fundraising cash, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) has made it her aim to track down the fraudster and bring her to justice.

She has signed up to a fraud spotting website, where armchair detectives share their experiences of being scammed and try to collectively track down their scammers. Over the past couple of weeks, she has found numerous other victims who all seem to have been targeted by the exact same scheme, and suspects that Susie may have been behind them.

However, she has become so focussed on the search that she’s starting to neglect those around her. Just last week, Justin (James Stewart) overdosed on his pain medication in his determination to take part in the surf competition, but while Leah made sure he sought medical treatment, it hasn’t even crossed her mind that he could be developing a serious addiction.

This week, she continues to alienate those around her as she becomes more determined to find Susie. There’s a breakthrough, as someone thinks they’ve spotted someone matching Susie’s description close to Summer Bay.

She wants to take matters into her own hands and track her down, but both Justin and Irene (Lynne McGranger) warn her that she needs to be careful. After all, Susie tried poisoning Irene twice, once successfully, so who knows what she’s capable of! Brushing off their concerns, she talks John Palmer (Shane Withington) into coming with her to hunt Susie down.

John is up for it, still not quite able to believe what Susie did. She was so convincing at making him feel wanted, so to find out it was a scam has left him completely dejected. Part of him still hopes there’s been a mistake and that she really had fallen for him.

Talking to Australian magazine TV Week about this week’s search, Shane explains, “at first, John is quite happy to go with Leah to track down Susie, because he still doesn’t believe she robbed him”.

However, the two are forced to return to Summer Bay empty handed, with Leah’s lead going nowhere. To John, that’s the end of it – they tried, they failed, it’s time to just leave it behind them. But Leah won’t hear it and lays into John for wanting to give up so easily!

While it was initially Justin who was angry at what had happened, now it’s Leah whose anger is coming out. Her boyfriend tries to calm her down after she has a go at John, but she just turns her attention to him, chastising him for not helping with her investigation.

Meanwhile, Justin keeps popping the pills… will Leah be able to put the search aside and realise she’s not the only one hurting?

Also this week, Nikau gets his first modelling assignment, but quickly realises the truth about the cut-throat world of modelling.

Things almost got too much for Nikau last week, as he got his first experience of the modelling industry shooting portraits with Emmett Ellison (JR Reyne) for his “comp card” – essentially, the model equivalent of a business card, and hugely important in attracting clients.

He initially stormed off set after feeling uncomfortable, only coming back when Bella took the directing reigns.

Now, this week, he gets his first big assignment. He and Bella find themselves picked up in a stretch limo, their first taste of the industry’s glitz and glamour, and are driven to a big warehouse where the shoot will take place.

Nik’s partner for the shoot is Allegra (Laura McDonald), the beautiful blonde model who Bella briefly met last week, when she found herself in the middle of another portrait shoot with Emmett. The two models are set to get up close and personal for the important shoot, leading to more uncomfortable moments for Nik.

It was hard enough when he was shooting alone; now he’s got to fake chemistry with a girl he doesn’t even know, and one who has a lot more experience than him!

It’s exhausting but he gets through it… but the day isn’t over just yet. Sienna tells Nik that he’s got to attend an after party, which is the last thing he and Bella want to do.

Bella protests, but ruthless Sienna very quickly reminds her that there’s a contract in place. He has to do exactly as he’s told!

“You make it sound like you own him,” protests Bella.

“I do,” responds Sienna, with a smirk and a nod.

This doesn’t seem like it’s going to end well!

Also next week… Amber says goodbye, as Dean admits he still loves Ziggy

Amber confronts Dean about his feelings for Ziggy, leading to an emotional goodbye, while Ziggy reacts to Mackenzie makes a move on Tane.

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Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 3rd May 2021 (Episode 7548)

Mac loses her cool. Chloe learns the real reason for Mac’s recent behaviour. Tane’s doubt sets in.

Tuesday 4th May 2021 (Episode 7549)

Amber can’t deny her insecurities. Tane confesses his love. Ziggy confronts Mackenzie about her behaviour.

Wednesday 5th May 2021 (Episode 7550)

Amber and Dean admit the truth to their situation. Leah is hellbent on finding Susie, no matter the cost. Ziggy and Amber make amends.

Thursday 6th May 2021 (Episode 7551–7553)

Ziggy’s stunned when Dean reveals the reason behind Amber and Jai’s departure. Ari and Mia struggle to talk. Justin’s dependence on his pain-killing medication begins to grow.

Leah’s determination to find Susie causes problems with her relationship. Can Ari and Mia get past their baby reservations? Dean rallies behind a pained Mackenzie.

Sienna lays down the law to Nikau and Bella. A drunken tarot card reading goes awry. Justin’s on a dangerous path.

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