Home and Away Spoilers – Summer Bay deals with the fallout from Susie’s exit

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Susie’s scheming has left a trail of destruction across Summer Bay, as Alf, John, Leah and Justin try to pick up the pieces.

Last week saw Susie McAllister (Bridie Carter) leave Summer Bay, taking with her Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin’s (James Stewart) hefty house deposit and $50,000 of surf club fundraising money. She has been slowly but surely working on a plan to scam the residents of the town for months, and it worked perfectly. Now that the dust has settled, the town rally together to work out out a way forward.

At the Surf Club, Alf (Ray Meaghere) is trying to figure out the damage. It turns out that Susie successfully raised tens of thousands of dollars of fundraising from businesses in Summer Bay and beyond, and, as Roo (Georgie Parker) comments, did a great job of making them all look legit.

Now that she’s pocketed the cash, and Alf has unofficially reinstated himself as Surf Club president, it’s on him to contact the local businesses and let them know that the money they donated is gone. He knows it won’t be an easy job, but it’s worse than imagined, and it’s not long until some of the donors start threatening legal action against the club.

Gus, the owner of the hardware store and their biggest donor, reckons they’ve been misappropriating funds.

When Alf speaks to his lawyers, it’s not good news. Their legal team think that if they end up in court, “we’ll get smashed.” They have two choices – either they get the money back, which isn’t a likely option, or they put on the surf competition anyway. That way, at least they fulfil their obligation to the sponsors.

Yet with the surf club funds frozen, nobody has any idea if there’s enough money in the account to put the competition on. The only other person who can help is the one person who they can’t get hold of – John (Shane Withington)!

Marilyn (Emily Symons) steps up, knowing she may be the only person who can talk her ex-husband into coming back to face the music. She calls Jett, but is shocked when she finds that John has already left his Sydney apartment, without telling his son where he was heading.

In reality, John is back in Summer Bay, sitting in the dark at home and wallowing in self pity. In an unlikely turn of events, it ends up falling to Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) to drag him out.

He’s heading to Saxon Avenue to drop Bella off at the Parata house, so Alf asks him to swing by John’s place. Alf has told him to expect his car to be there, but warned him that the man himself probably isn’t home… but Dean suspects otherwise.

He pulls up outside John’s place, and, within 30 seconds, John does exactly what Dean expected. He twitches the net curtains in his living room, unable to resist checking out what’s happening outside. Bingo!

Now knowing that John is inside, Dean has a grand plan to get him out. When there’s no answer at the door, he hits the side of John’s car, setting off the alarm.

Unsurprisingly, John can’t resist turning it off. Dean hits the car again. Again, John turns the alarm off. It’s a battle to the death, as Dean continues to hit the car, triggering the alarm, and John continues to silence it.

The game goes on, and on, and on, until eventually John can’t take it any more. Much to Dean’s delight, John ventures outside. “What is your problem mate, can’t you just leave a man in peace?”

Yet Palmer’s anger soon fades as he accepts defeat. “Outsmarted by Dean Thompson. Could my life get any worse?”

Turning to his unlikely confidant, John finally unloads to Dean about how he got caught up in Susie’s web. It’s a cathartic experience, as Dean reassures him that everyone messes up; all he did was trust the wrong person. Better still, now he can help fix it; he’s the only one who knows exactly what Susie did.

And, after Dean’s helping hand, John is back in action! He turns up at the Surf Club, ready to make up for what his supposed girlfriend put everyone through. But will his friends forgive him and accept his help, or simply blame him for the mess Susie made?

If there’s one person not ready to forgive John, it’s Justin Morgan (James Stewart).

When he sees John at Salt, he lays into him straight away. He demands to know how he couldn’t see Susie for who she really was, considering she was living with him! Justin isn’t thinking clearly and is unable to realise that he fell for Susie’s lies just as much as John did.

Leah is nothing but apologetic to John, and tells Justin that he can’t blame him for what happened. “Then who do I blame?!”

“Susie and…” Leah stops herself before saying something she regrets, but it’s already too late. Justin realises that Leah blames him for what happened!

Storming out of the Surf Club, he needs an escape. He grabs a randomer’s surf board from the beach and runs into the sea, ignoring Leah’s pleas for him to calm down and come back.

It’s only his third time back in the water after his back surgery, and within minutes, disaster strikes.

Justin is hit by a huge rogue wave, knocking off his board. Shocked by the force of the wave, his back seizes up, and the experienced surfer is unable to keep his head above the water! He goes under again and again, and it’s clear he’s in serious trouble.

All Leah can do is shout from the shore as she watches her boyfriend struggling in the waves.

Will he be okay?

Elsewhere, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Chloe (Sam Barratt) are blissfully happy in their new relationship. Last week they overcame the hurdle of telling Bella (Courney Miller) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), but that’s nothing compared to the challenge that lies ahead… telling Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams).

Although he’s a gentle giant at heart, Ryder is terrified of Ari Parata and his intimidating stature, and has no idea how he’ll react to the news that he’s dating the girl Ari considers his daughter.

He turns to Nikau for some advice – “dude, you gotta help me!” – but with Nik still struggling to come to terms with their new relationship, he may not be the best person to help!

The mischievous Kiwi comes up with a plan to win Ari around. He suggests that Ryder write a speech in māori asking for Ari’s permission to date Chloe. A great idea, and although Ryder struggles to learn the pronunciation, Nik reassures him that Ari will get the gist even if he makes mistakes.

When the moment comes, Ryder makes a confident attempt to get the words out, reading clearly from his note cards. He gets off to a great start as he successfully asks Ari how he is, but things quickly take a turn as the speech progresses.

It turns out Nikau hasn’t quite forgiven Ryder for lying about his and Chloe’s relationship, and the translation may not be quite as the poor teen intended.

Confessing to Ari that he is a bad person who lies to his friends, he admits that he isn’t worthy of Chloe and that he will accept any punishment Ari may send his way!

Poor Ryder!

Thankfully, Ari sees the funny side. He has no problem with Ryder dating his daughter and gives the new couple his blessing – his only words of advice: don’t ever trust his nephew!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 3rd May 2021 (Episode 7525)

Mackenzie’s life hangs in the balance. Tane’s offended when Ziggy misjudges him. Lewis gives Jasmine an ultimatum.

Tuesday 4th May 2021 (Episode 7526)

Mac is rushed into hospital. The truth comes as a shock to Mia. Alf battles the aftermath of Susie.

Wednesday 5th May 2021 (Episode 7527)

Ryder attempts to ask Ari if he can date Chloe. Ari and Mia reminisce about the life they lost. Dean becomes the most unlikely confidant.

Thursday 6th May 2021 (Episode 7528)

Justin blames John. Bella feels lost in the chaos. Roo learns about Ryder and Chloe.

Friday 7th May 2021 (Episode 7529)

Dean performs a dangerous rescue. Christian’s boredom sets in quick. Willow wonders what her future looks like.

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