Home and Away Spoilers – Susie’s exit leaves Summer Bay in tatters

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, it’s the moment we’ve all been dreading – Susie McAllister puts the final part of her plan into action, skipping town with thousands of dollars of Surf Club funds, and Leah and Justin’s savings!

The shockwave is set to affect Summer Bay for weeks to come.

The deal is done. Last week, Leah and Justin handed a cheque for $90,000 over to real estate agent Susie, which she used to secure their perfect home… or so they thought. “Congratulations,” she told them as they gave her their life savings. “You are officially home owners.”

Even if it was all legit, there would still be weeks of paperwork to be done before the house was officially theirs, but as we rejoin the action next week, that doesn’t stop Justin from excitedly planning for the big move.

He has a surprise in store for Leah, and wants to get the keys early so he can install a brand new kitchen bench before they moved in.

Yet when he calls up the real estate company, he’s in for the shock of his life. He calls Leah and gets her to meet him on the pier, where he sheepishly reveals some pretty bad news. The agency didn’t know his or Leah’s names!

“What do you mean?” questions Leah, having no idea what he’s on about. “We’ve bought the house!”

“The house has been sold,” explains Justin. “Just not to us. It never was!”

More than a little concerned, they head into the Diner to tell Marilyn and Irene, one of whom is less surprised than the other. Irene has had her suspicious about Susie for weeks, and now it seems she might be proven right.

Once the loved up couple have left to investigate further, Irene expresses her concerns to Marilyn. “I am telling you, she has got her grubby mitts all over the surf club money, and now the house deposit!”

When Justin tries to get hold of Susie, she ignores his calls. She thinks he’s just excited about the house settlement, which isn’t for weeks, and has no idea he’s on his way to discovering her secret! She’s still busy occupying herself with fundraising for the surf competition, getting together thousands more dollars which she has no intention of ever giving to the Surf Club.

When Irene allays her fears about Susie being a con artist, they jump in the car and head straight to John and Susie’s, going in all guns blazing.

However, Susie’s good, and has an answer to each of their questions. It’s just a simple misunderstanding, she reassures them, and is “totally outrageous”. She calmly explains that the house is definitely theirs, she witnessed the paperwork herself, and that it’ll just be some incompetent person at the agency who’s made a simple mistake.

Leah and Justin have a hard time believing her, but when she tells them she’ll make it her business to sort things, they have no choice but to take her at her word and hope Irene is overreacting.

Yet as we know all too well, Irene is the only one who’s been right about Susie all along.

With Leah and Justin close to discovering the truth, she decides the time is right to make her getaway. She fills a bag with thousands of pounds of cold hard cash donated by local businesses, packs up all of her belongings and prepares to leave.

She also logs onto John’s bank account, pocketing an additional $50,000 of surf club fundraising money that had been paid into his account.

As she rushes around getting everything set, she gets one last call from John. He’s with a panicked Leah and Justin, looking for an update, but Susie reassures him that she’s on her way back from Yabbie Creek, having just sorted everything out.

Aside from one last phone call, she also gets one final visitor. With a little help from Willow, Irene has figured it all out. While Susie may still have John fooled, Irene knows there’s too much evidence proving that Susie is a con artist.

Willow couldn’t find a trace of a Susie McAllister anywhere on the internet; normally, when you Google someone, you at least get something, she explains to Irene. More importantly, there’s no record of a real estate agent called Susie McAllister anywhere in Western Australia.

Doing a little bit more creative Googling, Willow stumbles across another identity, another supposed real estate agent by the name of ‘Imogen Simons’, using a photo of the woman we know as Susie.

It looks like ‘Susie’ has done this before, switching identities each time as she moves from town to town scamming people out of their hard earned cash.

Irene rushes to John’s place, wanting to make sure she doesn’t get away with it. When she confronts her – “I know that you swindled my best friend and her fella out of their entire life savings” – Susie doesn’t try to deny things for long. As Irene throws all of her evidence at her, Susie heads back to her bag, sneaking out a brown bottle and dabbing some of its noxious contents onto a cloth.

Then, as she turns back, she stops with the games. “Okay, you got me, guilty as charged.”

However, she has no intention of going down without a fight. As soon as Irene turns to get her phone, ready to call the police, Susie grabs her from behind and shoves the chloroform rag in her face. A few seconds of struggling later and Irene is out cold!

With her only nemesis knocked out, there’s nothing else standing in her way. The con artist makes her getaway, driving over her phone in the process, and leaves Summer Bay and the ‘Susie McAllister’ identity behind for good.

By the time Leah, Justin and John arrive at Saxon Avenue in search of her, it’s too late – their money is long gone!

The news of Susie’s crimes cause shockwaves throughout the town.

When they debrief, Roo discovers that Susie was doing a great job of raising sponsorship – with some donations as high as tens of thousands of dollars. Alf rightly has his suspicions that it’s not just Leah and Justin who’ve been screwed over, and it comes as no surprise when they find out she’s run away with the club’s sponsorship funds.

The sponsors aren’t happy, and it’s not long before they begin to threaten legal action against the club.

It also means the end of the surf competition – the same one that Amber was counting on Dean winning. It had the grand prize of a trip to Movie World, and would have been a great first family holiday for the newly loved up family.

How will they tell Jai that the comp is off?

John Palmer also flees town shortly after the news is uncovered, embarrassed to have fallen so hard for her cruel tricks and unwilling to face the music. When Marilyn finds an empty bottle of whiskey on his living room table, it’s clear he isn’t coping well.

It’s safe to say Susie’s actions are going to affect the residents of Summer Bay for a long time to come.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 26th April 2021 (Episode 7520)

Justin and Leah discover all is not as it seems. Bella drops her guard. Chloe and Ryder confess their feelings.

Tuesday 27th April 2021 (Episode 7521)

Justin and Leah discover some unsettling news. Ari finds out the truth about Mia. Willow and Bella reconnect.

Wednesday 28th April 2021 (Episode 7522)

Dean prepares for the surf comp with Jai. Ryder and Chloe continue their undercover relationship. Mia and Ari turn a corner. Susie makes her getaway.

Thursday 29th April 2021 (Episode 7523)

Alf unearths a scandal that could rock the Bay. Sparks fly when Chloe pushes Ryder to tell the truth. Is Dean and Amber’s perfect life too good to be true?

Friday 30th April 2021 (Episode 7524)

Christian struggles to deal with his patient’s death. Mackenzie comes to a decision about her pregnancy. Concern grows about John’s wellbeing.

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