Neighbours Spoilers – Brent is arrested after Paul betrays Harlow

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Brent is arrested after Harlow manages to track him down… but could an unlikely source of help be the key to his freedom?

Brent Colefax (Texas Watterston) skipped town last week, after his attempted robbery of The Hive went badly wrong. He and gang leader Holden (Toby Derrick) were planning on stealing the power tools that were meant for the Erinsborough High Year 13 project, but when they were interrupted by Nicolette, their plans came to an abrupt end.

Nicolette’s loyalty to Brent and Emmett landed her in danger

Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) was left fearing for her and her baby’s life, after Holden knocked her to the ground when making a run for it. He shoved Curtis (Nathan Borg) to the side too, damaging the teacher’s cochlear implant and leaving him unable to hear Nicolette’s shouts for help.

Brent is laying low, with both Holden and the police after him

With his actions having caused so much pain, Brent decided the best option was to lay low, and now he hasn’t been seen for weeks.

This week in Australia, Harlow (Jemma Donovan) offers to make peace with Paul (Stefan Dennis), but only if he uses his PI to find Brent. When Paul refuses, Harlow’s only option is to try and track down her boyfriend herself.

Harlow surprised herself when she began developing feelings for Brent. Now she’ll do anything to protect him.

Despite all he’s put her through, she misses him and wants to talk things though. She does all she can to get in touch with him, but with him not returning her calls and texts, she doesn’t have much to go on.

Then, next week, she overhears that somebody has been accessing the school’s Year 13 course material remotely, and she thinks she knows exactly who it could be!

Suspecting that Brent is still passionate about his studies enough to access the portal, she heads to the school and sends him a private message. To her delight, she gets the reply she was hoping for – it’s Brent!

Hendrix puts his feelings for Brent aside for the sake of Harlow

Knowing she needs to keep Brent’s location a secret, she turns to her ex boyfriend Hendrix (Benny Turland) for help. Despite his chequered history with Brent, he agrees to go along with things, and covers for her at work so that she can escape for a few hours to meet him.

She organises to meet up with him in secret, and when the two see each other again, any resentment Harlow felt towards Brent disappears. It’s clear her feelings for him outweigh any negativity over his criminal ways.

Yet despite Harlow and Hendrix’s best efforts, they don’t manage to keep Brent’s location secret for long, and Paul quickly figures out what’s going on.

He hands the info over to the police, who quickly swoop on Brent’s hiding place and arrest him. Harlow can’t believe it, and she feels terrible when she pays Brent a visit in jail – if she’d just left him alone like he wanted, he wouldn’t have been caught. Yet she’s also fuming with Paul, and can’t believe her grandfather would hand her boyfriend into the cops without speaking to her first.

Yet the bigger shock is yet to come, when she discovers that her grandfather has actually hired Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) to defend Brent. Why would Paul have any desire to help Brent? Harlow suspects that there’s more than meets the eye… does her grandfather have an ulterior motive?

Why would Paul want to help defend Brent?

Talking to TV Week, Jemma said “Harlow doesn’t trust Paul any more, so she struggles to understand why he would do something like that. She feels there’s more to this than him just wanting to help.”

These scenes will air in Australia from Monday 26th April, and in the UK four weeks later from 24th May.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 26th April (Episode 8607)

When Harlow learns that an anonymous user has been accessing the Year 13 info portal, she sneaks into the school to find out if it’s Brent.

Ned learns that Sheila #2 has agreed to pay more for The Hive that she previously stated, and he’s convinced something else is at play.

Throwing herself into the podcast, Bea realises it might be time for a career change.

Tuesday 27th April (Episode 8608)

A concerned Hendrix offers to cover for Harlow at work so she can go try and find Brent.

Finally face-to-face, Harlow and Brent are unable to deny their attraction for each other.

After Mackenzie tells Karl of her suspicion that Toadie is seeing someone, Karl is determine to find out who it is.

Wednesday 28th April (Episode 8609)

Emmett decides to go with his mum to New Zealand, getting an emotional Ramsay Street goodbye.

Harlow confirms with Hendrix that she has found Brent, begging him to keep the secret.

Under the misguided assumption Hendrix and Harlow are back together and hiding it from Mackenzie, Toadie worries that their deceit will end up hurting her.

Thursday 29th April (Episode 8610)

Jane returns from Mildura to the tension between Chloe, Nicolette, Aaron and David, and decides to throw an impromptu intervention.

Before Brent turns himself into the police, he and Harlow finish the toy he has been making for Aaron and David’s baby.

Paul grows increasingly suspicious of Harlow’s behaviour, finally finding the evidence that confirms his hunch that Harlow has been speaking with Brent.

Friday 30th April (Episode 8611)

Paul surprises everyone when he hires Toadie to be Brent’s lawyer.

Hurt to learn that Hendrix was keeping Brent’s whereabouts a secret for Harlow, Mackenzie can’t help but suspect that Hendrix still has feelings for his ex.

While decorating Aaron and David’s new nursery with Chloe, Nicolette accidentally smashes a lamp that may have been a family heirloom.

This week… Toadie and Melanie embark on a secret relationship!

On this week’s Neighbours in Australia, Toadie and Melanie struggle to keep their workplace romance a secret, while Bea is fired from the garage. Read more…

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