Neighbours Spoilers – Toadie and Melanie embark on a secret romance

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Bea is fired from the garage after snooping on a client’s private files, while Toadie embarks on a secret romance with Melanie Pierson!

These episodes air in Australia from Monday 19th April, and in the UK from Monday 17th May.

You probably don’t need a recap of the disaster that has been Toadie Rebecchi’s (Ryan Moloney) love life over the past two years, so we’ll keep it brief. His beloved wife Sonya died in March 2019 after a battle with ovarian cancer, and Toadie has struggled to move on. He briefly reunited with Dee Bliss (Madeleine West), who was discovered to be alive after going missing in 2003, but the pair eventually decided that their lives had moved on and that the time wasn’t right for a relationship.

Since then, his love life has been somewhat of a disaster, with brief encounters with Susan’s nemesis Angela Lane, his new PA Rose Walker, and lottery ticket thief Audrey Hamilton all ending badly.

When Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) arrived in town earlier this year, the pair hit it off and Melanie soon joined Rebecchi Law as Toadie’s replacement PA. There was a brief moment of embarrassment on both sides when Toadie invited her for a meal on Valentine’s Day, oblivious to what day it was. When Melanie took the invite as a date invitation, she struggled to find a way of letting the Toad down gently, and it took some straight talking from Kyle to reassure both parties that neither was interested in anything more than friends.

Fast forward two months, and it seems they were interested in more than friendship after all! Next week, Mackenzie is surprised when she notices tension between Toadie and Melanie in the offie of Rebecchi Law, and thinks Toadie is being too hard on his new assistant. She pulls him up on his behaviour, with no idea that the tension between them is actually for a very different reason.

The two have given into temptation and begun seeing each other in secret. Talking to TV Week about his new romantic endevour, Ryan Moloney says “The pair have something they can’t deny any longer.”

They’re making the most of every moment of alone time in the office, which makes it tricky to keep it a secret from Mackenzie. “Because [it] begins in the workplace, Toadie and Melanie choose to keep it their little secret.”

It seems Toadie is really enjoying himself for the first time in years, with Ryan explaining that “the thrill of sneaking around is part of the fun.”

But with Mackenzie clocking on to their weird behaviour, will he be forced to fess up so that she doesn’t think he’s treating his employee badly? There’s also a near miss with Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou), cementing the fact that a workplace rendezvous is going to be tricky to keep secret!

Shareena Clayton played Doreen Anderson in Wentworth, and joins Neighbours on a guest role

Elsewhere, Sheila Canning #2 (Shareena Clanton) is making her mark in Erinsborough. The new resident, who coincidentally shares a name with long-term Ramsay Street resident Sheila (Colette Mann), is in town looking to invest in The Hive, and is trying to make sure she’s making a good decision investing in one of Paul Robinson’s businesses.

When she first arrived, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) presented her with a doctored version of the co-working space’s finances, in an attempt to make the venue seem a more worthwhile investment than it actually is. While he initially suspected Sheila #1 and Roxy of trying to sabotage the deal, it emerges that it was actually Ned who sent Sheila #2 the original non-doctored finances, giving her the real truth of the space’s finances.

This coming week, Sheila #2 begins to plan her future in town. Yet car trouble gets in the way, and she takes her car in for a service at the garage. When Bea (Bonnie Anderson) checks the inside of the car, she’s shocked when she discovers a folder with Ned’s (Ben Hall) name on it.

She has no idea why the newest resident in town would have a folder with Ned’s name, but she instantly fears the worst. Considering Ned’s history with stalker Scarlett, she’s worried that history is repeating itself and he’s attracted himself another obsessed Fandangle fan.

Bea has had plenty of problems with Levi recently, and he’s about to cost her her job

Next week, in episodes airing from Monday 19th April, Bea decides to open the file. It doesn’t matter that it’s in a client’s car and is private – she decides her friend’s security is more important. When she opens the folder, she’s far from reassured. Inside she finds a whole profile of Ned, his employment history, private information, and even details of his Fandangle past. It’s just what she feared, he’s got himself another stalker! Or has he?

When she’s confronted, the truth comes out – Sheila was planning on asking Ned to manage The Hive, and just wanted to check out his history before she made the offer. All seemingly above board.

Bea is distraught. She snooped on a client’s private belongings when she was entrusted with their car, and it’s certainly not good for the garage’s reputation.

She goes to see Lucas (Scott Major), the long-time owner of the garage, planning to confess what she did and beg for his forgiveness. However, by the time she gets to him, he already knows what happened – and the person who told him: Levi! Her boyfriend decided it was in her boss’s best interests to know the truth, but had planned to explain Bea’s side of the story with the aim of getting her off the hook.

Unfortunately, Levi’s (Richie Morris) plan backfires. Lucas fires Bea on the spot, ending a job that she absolutely loved, her safe space after all she’s been through since arriving in Erinsborough. Just weeks after watching Levi arrest her uncle Karl, he’s now gone and ruined her career as well.

Surely there’s no way back for the troubled couple now?

It’s already been announced that Bea will be leaving Erinsborough later this year, as Bonnie Anderson bows out after three years. Could her dismissal spell the beginning of the end for her time on Neighbours?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 19th April (Episode 8602)

Inside Sheila #2’s file, Bea finds a comprehensive dossier on Ned, including Fandangle pics.

Noticing the tension between Toadie and Melanie, Mackenzie confronts Toadie about his harsh treatment of Melanie in the office.

Tuesday 20th April (Episode 8603)

Harlow agrees to a reconciliation with Paul if he hires his PI to find Brent, but Paul refuses.

Toadie and Melanie can barely keep their hands off each other, with their secret romance almost uncovered by Terese.

Wednesday 21st April (Episode 8604)

Nicolette gives David and Aaron an ultimatum – Emmett or their baby.

After a rendezvous during work hours, Toadie returns to the office looking satisfied and his dishevelled appearance piques Mackenzie’s suspicions.

An uneasy Chloe is torn between her brother and her girlfriend.

Thursday 22nd April (Episode 8605)

Emmett is thrilled to see that Jenna has been working hard to get her life back on track, but Aaron and David remain unsure that she can be trusted.

Bea braces herself to reveal to Lucas about the breach of privacy with Sheila #2, but Lucas already knows the truth.

Frustrated that Aaron and David were so quick to blame her for Jenna’s arrival, Nicolette feels Jenna’s proposal could be the solution to all their problems.

Friday 23rd April (Episode 8606)

Ned gets the two Sheilas together, resulting in Sheila #2 opening up about the loss of her grandmother and the impact it has had on her life.

Bea is enraged at Levi for telling the truth to Lucas, which ultimately leads to her getting fired.

Terese learns that Ned was the one who leaked The Hive’s financials, intent on telling Paul.

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