Neighbours Spoilers – Bea Nilsson is leaving the show

It’s been announced that Bonnie Anderson is leaving Neighbours later this year, spelling the end to Bea Nilsson’s time on Ramsay Street.

Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper broke the news this morning in an interview with the star, in which she discussed her time on the show, and her future plans.

Bonnie Anderson plays Bea Nilsson, and first arrived in May 2018

Bea first arrived on Ramsay Street in May 2018, as the half-sister of Elly Conway, and Susan Kennedy’s niece. At the time of her arrival she was dating a man she knew as Patrick, a wheelchair-bound man who turned out to be Finn Kelly.

Finn had prayed on Bea as a way to get weasel his way back into Elly’s life, and had taken on the alter ego of Patrick so as to not arouse suspicions.

Finn dominated many of Bea’s storylines until his death in March 2020

Finn Kelly went on to dominate many of Bea’s storylines in her first two years on the show.

After he was pushed off a cliff by Susan Kennedy, he awoke with no recollection of the past few years, and the manipulative Finn was seemingly gone forever. He and Bea eventually rekindled their relationship, and the residents of Erinsborough slowly began to warm to the newly calm and friendly Finn.

Yet his memory gradually returned, bringing the evil Finn Kelly back with it. Bea’s involvement with Finn culminating in him attempting to murder her on Pierce Greyson’s island, before he himself eventually died of a head injury.

Levi and Bea finally got together at the Kennedys’ Christmas party

More recently, Bea has struck up a relationship with Levi Canning, and UK viewers are currently seeing her suffer the effects of mushroom poisoning after eating Kyle’s tainted Roo and Mushroom pies.

Bea eats the poisoned roo pie, which ends up causing organ failure

Talking about her 3 years on Neighbours, Bonnie said: “I was like a pig in mud at that place. Neighbours really changed my life for the better in so, so many ways.”

“I have overcome a lot, I have grown and I am proud of the way I live my life. It was really good to have that structure and now after 3 1/2 years on that show I have decided it is time for me to continue challenging myself and create space to focus on my music and songwriting and more acting.”

Bonnie has been forging a music career well before her time on Ramsay Street. She was the first winner of Australia’s Got Talent back in 2007, but turned down a record contract to carry on with her studies. She released her debut single, “Raise the Bar”, in 2013.

She signed a new record deal in 2019, and released the single “Sorry”, which featured heavily in Neighbours. In 2020 she won the second series of The Masked Singer Australia, in which she performed as the Bushranger. She also provides the vocals for the current Neighbours theme tune.

“It was an honour to be asked to do this, honestly I got quite emotional.” said Anderson, speaking about her involvement with the new theme tune last year. “I get a bit nervous singing this song because it’s been around for 35 years.”

“I know there are so many fans out there, so I hope to do you proud and that my version grows on you. I am very grateful for this opportunity.”

As she leaves Erinsborough behind, Bonnie plans to further her music career, as well as explore other acting opportunities.

“I do want to try different things, I don’t want to stick with just one thing,” Bonnie told the Herald Sun. “First up, it is going to be nice to get into the studio and write some songs and put them out there.”

Bonnie’s final scenes as Bea Nilsson are expected to air mid-2021.

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