Neighbours Spoilers – Susan agrees to tell her side of the Finn Kelly story

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On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Susan Kennedy contemplates agreeing to Olivia Bell’s new project, despite Karl’s reservations. Meanwhile, Roxy Willis has an idea for the future of The 82.

These episodes air in the UK from Monday, 22nd March.

2020 was a shocker of a year for the Kennedys. Not only did it see the climax of Finn Kelly’s reign of terror, but the aftermath pushed their marriage to breaking point. When they should have sought comfort in each other, they found it in other channels.

Notably, Karl found solace in an ex, Olivia, who provided a shoulder for him to cry on.

However, what Karl didn’t realise was that while she was listening to everything he had to say, and was comforting him, she was using him, intending to use the material as fodder to write a novel.

And thus The Devil You Know : The Story of Finn Kelly was born.

It’s been in circulation almost a year now and has been a roaring success across Australia. Under the guide of wanting to write a follow-up book, Olivia is back in town.

Last week, she asked Susan to be a part of the new book she was writing – and proposed that they write it from her perspective.

However, it didn’t take long for Susan to learn that Olivia had a hidden agenda for wanting to re-write the book – the initial version couldn’t be published overseas due to a legal battle, but a new one telling a different perspective could. Naturally, Susan declined the offer, but it’s been playing on her mind ever since.

In fact, Susan has gone so far as to buy a copy of Olivia’s book and has taken to annotating it. For Susan, it’s a way of catharsis, of leaving the past behind. However, when Karl stumbles across the book, abound with sticky notes, he doesn’t see it that way.

When he confronts Susan, she attempts to explain. She’s targeting every lie and every story so that she can truly understand her own feeling before she shares her truth.

Karl’s shocked – so she’s contemplating Olivia’s offer? While she doesn’t outwardly say it, the implication is there.

For Susan, this is an exercise is reconciling the past and trying to take back some of the control. Strangers are reading the book and making their own minds up about what happened, and perhaps accepting Olivia’s offer could help Susan reclaim what she feels she’s lost.

And Susan’s not the only one contemplating it. David has also been approached and is considering involvement, but only with Karl and Susan’s approval.

Bea poses a good question – why doesn’t David write his own book about what happened? But he concedes that doing so would only inflame the situation. It becomes a he-said-she-said. Olivia already has the fanbase, so coming through her makes it look less fictitious.

With all cards on the table, and a few days having passed to think, Olivia tries contacting Susan again. However, Karl isn’t having a bar of her presence. Although Susan stands her ground firm, that she won’t be pressured into making a decision, it’s clear that she’s seriously considering Olivia’s offer.

Soon after, Susan finally make the call that Karl’s been dreading. The next day, Karl finds Susan in their living room with Olivia, who’s in the middle of explaining to Susan that nothing will be published without her approval. Karl cannot believe what he is hearing.

Susan tells him that she has agreed to help Olivia.

And Karl is less than impressed…

Elsewhere on Ramsay Street, Kyle is lamenting how it’s been almost a year since Gary was killed. Having just lost The 82, the anniversary is going to be particularly hard for him.

He’s worried about his future and unsure about what to do – he can’t go back to working under someone having been his own boss for so long.

However, it seems there’s an opportunity waiting in the wings. With Amy Greenwood having left town, Karl has some good news for Kyle – he’s happy to give him the lease to the Tram back.

Kyle couldn’t be any more excited, until he hears Roxy’s idea. They should go into business together! She’ll run a boutique clothing shop and he can run a café – similar to Shane and Amy’s plans.

Despite all that’s happened, Kyle thinks it’s a great idea. Roxy spends the afternoon scrummaging the houses of Ramsay Street to find the perfect outfits and put forward a proposal for Karl.

Karl is less than impressed when he sees Roxy’s plans, worried that the tram will become about ‘smut’. And when Roxy goes to wash the tram with the wrong chemical, Karl is forced to put his foot down.

He can’t let Roxy be involved with the business. Kyle can run the tram again, but only on his own!

Meanwhile, Shane and Dipi go on their first date since reconciling their marriage. Grabbing a coffee, the couple move towards the greenway and discuss Yashvi’s involvement in their ‘date’, and how they needed their daughter to bring them back together.

With conversation freely flowing, Shane brings up that he thinks it’s time he made his return to university. Dipi worries about the idea, questioning if it is the right move.

However, Shane has come out of the other side of his addiction a stronger person and while he knows his wife is worried about him, ignoring the process isn’t going to work.

Dipi’s all smiles. If Shane feels he’s ready to return, Dipi trusts him.

It’s a small step for them, but a big one in the right direction.

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 22nd March (8558)

Susan gives Jane the go ahead for Year 13, and Jane is optimistic that the trial will be a success.

Fay thinks the awkward dynamic between Chloe and Nicolette is romantic chemistry, not realising what has gone down between the pair.

The Year 13 initiative goes down well with Hendrix and Brent, with Hendrix keen to get involved with a cooking program and Brent focusing on textiles.

Tuesday 23rd March (8564)

Susan is having a hard time ignoring the opportunity Olivia has offered her to set the record straight.

Frustrated by Brent and Harlow growing closer, Hendrix suggests to Paul that they team up to taken Brent down.

Brent comes up with an idea to create blanket for homeless people out of Ned’s discarded advertising materials.

Wednesday 24th March (8565)

Harlow tells Paul about a genuine moment that she shared with Hendrix, causing Paul to reveal Hendrix’s proposal.

Roxy suggests that she and Kyle go into business, just as Karl offers Kyle the Tram back.

Karl thinks rehashing the past would be dangerous for Susan’s mental health.

Thursday 25th March (8566)

Yashvi is overly invested in the success of her parent’s reunion, with Ned telling her to let them work it out on their own.

Kyle is excited to return to the Tram, suggesting that he and Roxy take on the Tram together.

Susan decides to be involved with Olivia’s new book, despite Karl strongly urging her to change her mind.

Friday 26th March (8567)

Kyle struggles with Karl’s ultimatum – Kyle can lease the Tram providing Roxy isn’t involved.

Fay asks Nicolette to organise a secret meeting at Toadie’s office. Yet when Toadie hears about what Fay has requested, he’s disgusted that Nicolette would have helped organise the meeting.

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