Neighbours Spoilers – Kyle Canning becomes a life model for Fay

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On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Fay Brennan ticks the first item off of her bucket list with a little help from Kyle Canning. Meanwhile, Jane Harris’ Year 13 initiative gets off to a slippery start…

These episodes air in the UK from Monday, 22nd March.

Fay Brennan arrives in Erinsborough.

Fay Brennan’s return to Erinsborough has brought up a lot of feelings for her family. Deep down, Chloe and Aaron know she’s moved back to be close to them before she ultimately passes away. However, neither of them care to admit it.

But before she moves on from this world, she has a bit of unfinished business that she wants to work on, and it seems one of her plans is happening faster than she could’ve anticipated.

Upon her return, she made it clear that she didn’t want to burden either of her children with the prospect of taking care of her on a full-time basis. She wanted only one person by her side – Nicolette. However, with the animosity between Fay’s daughter and the red-headed mother-to-be, it was clear from the get-go things were going to be awkward.

This week, it’s clear that Chloe is taking a big step out of her comfort zone as she agrees to let Nicolette not only look after her mother but move into No. 24 with her and Fay. When the news is broken to the residents of No. 32 though, there are some questions asked.

David and Aaron are concerned about Chloe’s feelings and Jane is curious as to whether Nicolette is only helping so Chloe will forgive her. However, Nic is quick to quell their concerns stating that if Chloe doesn’t hate her, it’ll be a bonus, but it isn’t her agenda.

Soon enough, Nicolette is fully engrossed in the care of Fay, and that includes being involved in her bucket list plans. Despite Chloe’s continuing hesitance to discuss the topic, Fay is adamant about getting the ball rolling.

Fay is all smiles as her children process her request.

And the first thing on her list is life drawing.

Thrown, Aaron is quick to question the choice of activity. However, Fay can appreciate, and has an admiration for, the male form and it’s something they have in common.

With it being one of her dying wishes, her children oblige. But it’s not long after Chloe books the life model that the plans come crashing down.

She’s saddened to learn that the model has double booked and despite her best efforts to find a replacement, it’s to no avail.

Nicolette believes she might have an idea and rushes off to Harold’s where she finds Kyle. Earlier in the day, he’d told Fay that if there was anything he could do for her, just to let him know. Nicolette believes now is the perfect time to call in that favour.

Kyle is shocked by Nic’s request.

In the morning. The backyard of No. 32. In the nuddy.

Chloe can’t thank Nicolette enough for saving the day, and Fay makes comment about what a great team the pair make. It’s clear Nicolette is touched by the commentary, but Chloe is uneasy. The raw emotion she still feels towards her is obviously still on the surface.

Kyle’s peachy keen to help Fay out.

But the mood doesn’t stay sullen before long. Kyle quickly traipses out with his cowboy hat on, tackle out and plonks himself down in full view of mother and children.

Kyle worries about how much of himself is on display in front of Fay.

The cavalry is shocked by his decision to go completely starkers, thinking he may have preferred something to keep his modesty intact. Kyle immediately backtracks, querying Fay on whether she’d like him to retrieve a fruit bowl.

We didn’t get you here so I could draw a pineapple,” she quips.

As the Brennans begin to draw, it’s clear that they are making the most of this time to be with their mother, as her date with mortality etches closer by the minute.

Meanwhile, Jane’s idea for a Year 13 initiative is given the go ahead this week by Susan who believes it’ll service the students of Erinsborough High quite well.

Their plan is to put it in a Home Economics classroom. That way, it can service Brent’s textiles skillset as well as Hendrix’s love for all things culinary.

There’s only one challenge they now face – convincing the two boys.

Surprisingly, Brent is very open to the idea and takes it in his stride. Hendrix is another story.

The Erinsborough High principal pitches it to the young adult as the independent learning program that it is, with its own schedule, no uniform and flexibility as some of the perks. But when Hendrix queries why she is specifically targeting him, Susan reveals the truth and Hendrix doesn’t want a bar of it. He can’t think of anything worse than having to spend anymore time with Brent.

It’s the mention of Brent that has Susan fed up. She’s sick of hearing Hendrix making excuses.

I can’t believe you let someone you barely know have so much power over you!” she says, berating him for his childish attitude towards his nemesis.

Hendrix takes this as food for thought and changes his mind. Despite their differences, he’s willing to give the Year 13 initiative a crack.

On their first day, it’s clear that things aren’t going to get off to a great start. The insults are flying and when Brent resorts to tampering with Hendrix’s over and ruining his project, Hendrix loses his temper once again.

He unleashes, throwing his soufflé dish at Brent. It misses and smashes all over the ground. As Brent labels him a psycho, Jane enters to find out what all the commotion is about. However, her heel catches on the soufflé strewn across the floor and she goes sliding.

Will Jane be okay?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 22nd March (8558)

Susan gives Jane the go ahead for Year 13, and Jane is optimistic that the trial will be a success.

Fay thinks the awkward dynamic between Chloe and Nicolette is romantic chemistry, not realising what has gone down between the pair.

The Year 13 initiative goes down well with Hendrix and Brent, with Hendrix keen to get involved with a cooking program and Brent focusing on textiles.

Tuesday 23rd March (8564)

Susan is having a hard time ignoring the opportunity Olivia has offered her to set the record straight.

Frustrated by Brent and Harlow growing closer, Hendrix suggests to Paul that they team up to taken Brent down.

Brent comes up with an idea to create blanket for homeless people out of Ned’s discarded advertising materials.

Wednesday 24th March (8565)

Harlow tells Paul about a genuine moment that she shared with Hendrix, causing Paul to reveal Hendrix’s proposal.

Roxy suggests that she and Kyle go into business, just as Karl offers Kyle the Tram back.

Karl thinks rehashing the past would be dangerous for Susan’s mental health.

Thursday 25th March (8566)

Yashvi is overly invested in the success of her parent’s reunion, with Ned telling her to let them work it out on their own.

Kyle is excited to return to the Tram, suggesting that he and Roxy take on the Tram together.

Susan decides to be involved with Olivia’s new book, despite Karl strongly urging her to change her mind.

Friday 26th March (8567)

Kyle struggles with Karl’s ultimatum – Kyle can lease the Tram providing Roxy isn’t involved.

Fay asks Nicolette to organise a secret meeting at Toadie’s office. Yet when Toadie hears about what Fay has requested, he’s disgusted that Nicolette would have helped organise the meeting.

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