Neighbours Spoilers – Finn Kelly is back as Susan faces her demons!

Finn Kelly makes a shock return to Neighbours next week, as Susan conjures up his image in an attempt to get over the mental trauma that continues to haunt her.

Yes, a year after drowning in a watery grave on Pierce’s private island, Finn Kelly is back on Ramsay Street, with actor Rob Mills having filmed brand new scenes for the show. These episodes air in Australia from Monday 1st March, and in the UK four weeks later on Monday 29th March 2021.

Susan (Jackie Woodburne) has struggled to put the memory of Finn Kelly behind her, ever since his death in March 2020.

She pushed the evil teacher off a cliff back in 2018 after he cornered her, Elly, Bea and Xanthe, and the fall resulted in him suffering amnesia. Suddenly the evil, manipulative Finn Kelly who had terrorised the Kennedy family was gone – he’d forgotten the last decade of his life, and saw himself as a 19-year old university student living in 2007.

With medical tests proving his retrograde amnesia to be genuine, the newly pacified Finn slowly gained the trust of the residents of Erinsborough. Susan spearheaded the move after she changed her statement at Finn’s hearing, believing him to be a completely changed man from the man who spent years hurting them.

Finn terrorised Xanthe, Bea, Susan and Elly for years before eventually drowning in a hole he’d dug to bury Susan in

In a bizarre move, Finn ended up moving in with the Kennedys at Number 28, and eventually rekindled his past romantic relationships first with Bea, then later with Elly. Unfortunately, Finn’s memory eventually returned, bringing with it the jealous, manipulative and murderous Finn of the last decade.

A number of the Ramsay Street gang headed to Pierce’s private island for Elly’s 35th birthday, and Finn was invited along after Toadie agreed to act as his guardian. It’s on the island that he put a plan in place to kill Bea by pushing her down an abandoned mine shaft – in his eyes, the only way that he could be with Elly was with her sister out of the way.

While he didn’t succeed in killing Bea, he did shoot and kill Gary Canning (Damien Richardson) with an arrow, and left many of the street deeply traumatised.

After Gary’s death, a devastated Sheila blamed Susan for letting Finn back into their lives, and when Karl admitted that he too partly blamed Susan for Finn’s actions, she was left guilt-ridden and felt completely ostracised from her friends and family.

Olivia came to Erinsborough and rekindled her friendship with Karl, but was secretly using him for gossip for her Finn Kelly book

Things took an even worse turn when Olivia Belle arrived in Erinsborough. Olivia had a number of dates with Karl eight years previous, when he and Susan were separated, and upon her return Karl ended up using her as a sounding board for his recent marital problems. Little did he know, Olivia was writing a book all about Finn, entitled ‘The Devil You Know‘, and using Karl to get the insider gossip.

A year later and Susan has been firmly on the road to recovery – that is, until Australian viewers saw Olivia return to Ramsay Street a couple of weeks ago. She is planning a sequel to ‘The Devil You Know‘, and wants Susan’s side of the story. When Susan realises the only way her version of events will be heard is if she gives into Olivia’s demands, she agrees to help out with the book.

Susan and Sheila were both left traumatised after Finn Kelly’s reign of terror, and Sheila blamed Susan for Gary’s untimely death

Next week, as part of her research, she watches the video diaries that Finn recorded before his death. When they just stir up more feelings of guilt, Susan turns to David to get his advice. He suggests that she use a visualisation technique to confront her feelings – if she visualises Finn, she can ask him her unanswered questions and get the truth about why she fell so badly for Finn’s manipulation.

She does ahead with the unorthodox treatment, and visualises Finn, with powerful effects. Talking to him as if he’s there in the room with her, she comes to realise that she’s simply a very nurturing person, and that being too trusting is just a price she has to pay for wanting to have rich relationships with people.

Yet unfortunately, the visualisations are a little too powerful. Initially Finn only appeared when she conjured up his image directly, but it’s not long before he starts to appear in her mind unannounced, and feeling very real. She feels like she’s losing her grip on reality, and confides in Karl for his help in getting rid of Finn from her mind forever.

Finn won’t just feature in flashbacks of his and Susan’s past interactions. Rob Mills actually reprised the role of Finn Kelly for his brief return, heading back to the Neighbours set to film brand new scenes alongside Jackie Woodburne.

Talking to TV Week about his ghostly resurrection, Rob Mills said: “I loved bring back on set with everyone. There wasn’t much going on in 2020, so it was nice to see people. And it was fun to play around in Finn’s dark mind again.”

Rob also divulged a little about the role to Aussie newspaper The Herald Sun. “It’s just a short resurrection, no witchcraft involved,” Rob said of his return. “It was so good, the way it was written and shot. Finn has some unfinished business.

Will talking to Finn finally give Susan the closure she so desperately craves, or will she end up stuck with his figure haunting her?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 1st March (Episode 8568)

Brent confesses to Harlow that it’s her belief in him that’s responsible for the improvements  in his life.

Nicolette confirms that she had no part in Fay’s request to put her name in the will, coming clean to Fay about all her past sins.

Toadie makes it up to the Brennans by organising a dessert experience for Fay, an item on her bucket list.

Tuesday 2nd March (Episode 8569)

Susan finds it confronting watching Finn’s video diaries, and David suggests that she use visualisation to process her feelings.

Harlow pulls back from her kiss with Brent, unsure if she should act on her attraction to him.

Wednesday 3rd March (Episode 8570)

Paul tells Roxy that he was never seriously considering her second-hand store idea, leaving her feeling shattered.

Harlow reads Brent’s personal file and finds herself drawn to him even more.

Susan’s visualisations prove to be a surprisingly beneficial aid.

Thursday 4th March (Episode 8571)

While cleaning Sheila’s gnomes, Dipi accidentally breaks one, with Shane helping her to piece it back together.

Toadie is concerned about Susan when she tells him about her visualisations, but she is adamant that she’s in complete control.

Dipi and Shane are shocked to find an injured Roxy at the university.

Friday 5th March (Episode 8572)

David insists Fay get a check-up, with Clive delivering some devastating news.

Susan tells Karl everything and both realise it’s time to close this chapter of their lives for good.

Fay acts as though all is well, but David isn’t convinces and calls Clive for answers.

Also… Bea Nilsson is leaving!

Finn dominated most of Bea’s storylines for her first two years on the show, but it’s now been confirmed that Bonnie Anderson, who plays Bea, is leaving the show in search of new opportunities.

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