Neighbours Spoilers – Kane is arrested as Harlow is kidnapped

Next week on Neighbours in the UK, Kane is arrested after Hendrix finally admits the truth. Yet as Harlow goes missing, has Kane gone to extreme measures to get him to repay his debts?

There’s major drama on Ramsay Street next week, as Hendrix steals a gun from one of the blackjack players. His plan is to use it to protect himself when Kane comes looking for him, but when Jay finds out what he’s done, he quickly comes to his senses.

The boys quickly try to hide the weapon, but opt for the Kennedys’ pizza oven, with disastrous consequences. The gun explodes when the oven is turned on, and a flying bullet hits Shane’s leg, landing him in hospital. More on that drama in our other Neighbours Spoilers article here…

With Shane in hospital, and the police revealing that they found the remnants of a gun, the boys have no choice but to fess up. Yet their troubles are far from over.

Harlow wants nothing more to do with Hendrix after his latest escapades

When Harlow discovers the mess that Hendrix is in, she doesn’t even stick around to listen to his explanation. She wants nothing more to do with him, and storms out of Number 24. He later bumps into her at Lassiters and pleads with her to listen to him, but she doesn’t want a bar of him. She tell him that he’s deluded if he thinks she’ll stick by him, and breaks up with him.

Even with everything out in the open, Hendrix still has Kane’s threats hanging over his head. It’s not long until he gets another text – if he doesn’t hand over the keys to number 24 then he’s a dead man. Chloe demands that they go to the police, but Hendrix knows confessing to stealing the gun and hosting the poker nights could land him in serious trouble, or even jail.

He just wants to finally open up to Pierce and get him to pay his debts, but Chloe refuses. They need to sort this properly.

Kane demands that Hendrix meets him at Number 24. He heads there, and tells Kane he has to leave. Kane refuses, and tells Hendrix that he wants the keys and paperwork sorted now. Yet Hendrix finally admits the truth – he can’t give him the house, it’s not his, it belongs to his stepmum.

When Hendrix tells him that Chloe knows everything, he goes to attack him – but Chloe walks in just in time to stop him. She tells him the police are on the way and he scarpers.

Hendrix pleads with Yashvi to find Kane before he comes after him once again

With the truth out, the police get involved. Hendrix has no choice but to tell them about the illegal gambling ring, and about Kane’s death threats. He fears for his life, and knows that by going to the police he risks further retribution from Kane, but he’s been left with no choice.

He just needs to hope that the police can catch Kane before he finds out that he dobbed him in.

Harlow breaks up with Hendrix after discovering the truth about his gambling

Yet it seems like Kane has found another way to get to Hendrix. After Harlow dumps him, she goes for a walk on the outskirts of Erinsborough to clear her head.

As she wanders, a white van drives slowly behind her. Suddenly it speeds up, pulls up beside her and the door opens. Before she has a chance to run, someone steps out and grabs her, and she screams as she’s pulled inside!

Someone kidnaps Harlow… has Kane gone to extreme measures to scare Hendrix into repaying his debts?

Has Kane finally found a way to get Hendrix to pay him, by going after the person he cares for the most?

Yet it might not be as simple as that…

The police trace Kane to a lockup, and quickly place him under arrest

Yashvi tracks Kane down to a car park on the outskirts of town, after the police trace the location of his burner phone. Some impressive moves by Yashvi and he’s knocked to the ground, winded and ready to be arrested.

Kane confesses to trying to scare Hendrix, but has no idea who Harlow is!

He reluctantly admits to running the gambling ring, and to sending the bullet to Hendrix – though claims he only did it to scare him into paying him what he owed him. Yet when Yashvi questions him about the disappearance of Harlow, he claims to have no idea.

He has absolutely no idea who she is, and gives them an alibi to his whereabouts at the time of her kidnapping.

So, if Kane didn’t do it, who did…?

Family feuds as Amy meddles

Meanwhile, Jay is also forced to confess everything to his parents, with a little encouragement from Ned.

Ned tells him that he’s been suss to him for a while, and has never thought that he’s as straight-laced as he made out. He convinces him to tell his family the truth, explaining that he’s been in a few sticky situations of his own in the past and has always managed to get through them.

Ned knows that Jay’s family will be there for him, having managed to win over the Rebecchis despite his own dodgy past.

Shane needed a blood transfusion after his gunshot wound, but they’re expecting him to make a full recovery.

Jay, with his tail between his legs, goes to visit him in hospital. He confesses everything to his parents and Yashvi, who reminds him that he’s facing serious charges.

Jay contributed to Pierce ending up in hospital

He’s completely honest with them, and denies that Hendrix forced him into it, admitting that it was his idea to count cards. Everything else comes out as well – his involvement in spiking Pierce’s tea, the staged break in at Harold’s, and how he helped Hendrix steal the necklace.

His parents can’t believe it. “It’s so frightening how easy it was for Jay to deceive us,” Dipi tells Shane. “It’s like I don’t know who he is any more.”

Dipi offers to move back home, just temporarily, so she can help keep an eye on Jay. She blames herself for being so wrapped up in her own issues, but both parents admit they both dropped the ball in recent months.

Amy decides to give Jay advice, but has she overstepped the mark?

While Shane and Dipi may be on the same page regarding their son’s behaviour, it doesn’t take long for things to turn sour. Amy, who’s felt pushed to the sidelines as the Rebecchis have rallied around Shane, decides to dish out some advice of her own.

She bumps into Jay in Harold’s. She explains to him that she thinks that his parents are just scared that they can’t fix things, that they don’t have all the answers – but thinks she knows how he can win them over.

She believes she already knows Shane well enough to know he’s a solutions man. He responds best to people who can own up to their mistakes and work through them – so if Jay can show Shane that he’s taken responsibility for his actions, it’ll help gain his respect back.

It’s solid advice, and Jay plans on using it. But when Dipi discovers that her love rival has been giving advice to her own son, it doesn’t go down well. Not at all. Yet more sparks are set to fly between Amy and Dipi…

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