Neighbours Spoilers – Gunshots on Ramsay Street as Shane is shot

Next week on Neighbours in the UK, Hendrix resorts to desperate measures to get Kane off his back, but a freak accident leaves one Ramsay Street resident hospitalised.

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 8th February.

Hendrix’s run of bad luck continues next week, as he struggles to get rid of Kane (Barry Conrad) from his life. The show’s resident criminal, and now almost Ramsay Street resident, continues to enjoy his hold over Hendrix as he pressures him into handing over the keys to Number 24.

Of course, as we all know, Number 24 isn’t Hendrix’s to give away. He still refuses to tell Pierce what’s going on, despite his father’s ability to bail him out in the click of his fingers. He won’t go to Chloe or the police for fear of retribution, so he’s forced to continue hosting the illegal gambling games until he can come up with a better suggestion.

As Kane holds yet another blackjack game on Ramsay Street next week, he tells Hendrix he has 24 hours to hand him the house.

Hendrix claims it’s just a paperwork issue, that the matter’s with the lawyers and that conveyancing takes forever. However, Kane doesn’t believe a word – “if you don’t sort it by tomorrow, the next bullet you get won’t arrive by mail. And there’ll be no witnesses to that.”

Poor terrified Hendrix thinks he’s come up with a great plan when he spots a gun in the handbag of Tally (Karrin Kose), one of the blackjack players. At least he’ll be ready when Kane comes from him. In a now all too characteristic moment of madness, he snatches the gun and hides it in a tea towel.

When Hendrix shows Jay what he’s done, Jay explodes at him – “Are you crazy? Whatever trouble you think you’re in right now, you use that and your life will get so much worse.”

“I panicked, alright?” Hendrix tells him, agreeing that they need to get rid of it. Unfortunately, Jay’s explosion of anger at Hendrix isn’t the explosion of the day.

Jumping from back garden to back garden over the fences, a panicked Jay tries to find somewhere to stash the weapon. He ends up in the Kennedys’ garden, and spots their pizza oven. He manages to stash it in there just in the nick of time, as Levi and Bea walk around the corner seconds later.

This leads to another problem – the pair are planning on cooking pizza, using the very same oven in which Jay has just stashed the weapon. Oh dear.

The boys do their best to convince Levi and Bea to have takeaway instead, narrowly avoiding a disastrous discovery. Yet as they head inside to discuss their dilemma, Dipi and Shane come over looking for them. They’ve realised that something’s up with Jay, having been tipped off by Ned, and they’re searching for him.

Bea offers them to stay for food, and turns on the pizza oven. As it quickly warms up, it heats the bullets inside the gun, causing an almighty explosion!

Inside Number 28, Hendrix and Jay are discussing how to get the gun back, when the explosion rings out. Distraught looks on their faces, they know that the worst has happened!

The pair run into the garden as the dust is still settling, to find Dipi, Bea and Shane collapsed on the ground. Thankfully Dipi and Bea are just shell-shocked from the explosion, but Shane is in a worse way.

One of the bullets exploded from the oven and straight into his thigh. He’s been shot!

It takes a little while for everyone to realise what really happened, with everyone but the boys initially presuming that the problem lay with the pizza oven.

Yet Nicolette quickly realises that something else is going on. She challenges Hendrix, knowing the explosion had something to do with him. She tells him he can choose the moment, but the truth has to come out either way.

At that point, Bea gets word from the hospital that Shane’s injury was caused by a bullet, and she rushes to the garden to stop anyone touching anything. When the police announce that they found the remains of a gun in the pizza oven, it seems the boys can’t hide the truth for much longer!

When Harlow hears the news that a gun was found in the oven, she tells Chloe and Nicolette, who are both stunned. Chloe and Harlow have no idea why the Kennedys would be stashing a gun – are Ramsay Street’s longest serving residents really criminal masterminds?

Nicolette decides that she can’t keep quiet any longer and, with Hendrix powerless to stop her, she starts explaining the whole Kane story to them. The gambling ring. How they were using Number 24. How Hendrix bet the house, and lost that too.

“Is this true?” asks Harlow, gobsmacked. All Hendrix can do is nod.

He’s in serious trouble with the police, and risks losing those closest to him. How will he come back from this?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 8th February (8533)

Des and Sheila stage a fake relationship to try and uncover the truth about Clive’s feelings for Jane.

Fearing for his life, Hendrix steals a gun from one of the blackjack players, with a petrified Jay hiding it in the Kennedy’s pizza oven.

Shane and Amy try their best to date without offending Dipi, but when Ned reveals his concerns for Jay, Shane puts his family first.

Tuesday 9th February (8534)

After the sudden explosion, it’s revealed that the bullet shot through Shane’s leg and when Jay confesses, Shane and Dipi are unsure about who their son has become.

Amy is thrown to find out about Shane’s injury but finds herself on the outer as his family rally around him.

Hendrix comes clean to Harlow, Chloe and the police.

Wednesday 10th February (8535)

Nicolette is paying the price for getting involved with Kane’s illegal activities, leaving Aaron and David frustrated by her lack of judgement.

Hendrix frets for Harlow, who hasn’t been seen or heard from by anyone all morning.

Thursday 11th February (8536)

Kyle learns that the judge for the Best Dish of Erinsborough has been poisoned, soon realising that Roxy picked death cap mushrooms for his dish.

Paul and Hendrix butt heads as Nicolette decides to talk to the blackjack gamers to see if anyone knows anything about Kane and Harlow.

Friday 12th February (8537)

Sheila feels terrible for her part in the breakdown of Des’s friendships with Jane and Clive.

Dipi withdraws her nomination for Best Dish of Erinsborough when she learns that Kyle’s dish is a tribute to Gary.

In an attempt to offer her support, Amy gives Jay advice about facing his mistakes, which backfires when Dipi finds out about the conversation.

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